Please Can You Help!
Important Conservation Work on Amport Church


Amport Church is generally in good condition but on a recent inspection we were advised that the plaster on large areas of the outside walls was in poor condition and needed to be re-rendered. The construction of the nave and much of the south side of the church is a rubble wall, much like a cob wall, and in many places the walls have been patched and the plaster has now cracked or broken away. Re-plastering this is a skilled job using lime mortar which makes it an expensive repair. The cheapest quote received for this work is £48,000 which is far beyond the resources of the church and we are asking for help from the parishioners to enable us to carry out these essential repairs. It is intended to start the work in the spring when the weather should be more favourable.

We have about £10,000 so far towards this work and we need to raise another £38,000 to complete it. We are applying to various trusts and foundations for their help and are hopeful of good results, but these take three to six months to confirm whether or not they can help. They also like recipients to provide up to half of the funds required so we have a challenge in front of us.

If you would like to help keep Amport Church in good condition and could donate something towards it we would be very grateful. We can accept either a cheque made out to Amport PCC sent to the Hon Treasurer, Jules Ursell (Mill house, Amport, SP11 8AF /, or by bank transfer to Amport PCC, sort code 60-01-17, account number 73172421. We can boost your donation by claiming gift aid if you are a tax payer and include your name and address.

Thank you very much in anticipation of your help.

Richard Unwin, Churchwarden