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Traffic Monitoring

Traffic through the village continues to be a major community issue. The size, speed and sheer number of vehicles gives us all serious concern for safety, as well as causing delays and disruption.

In some cases homes and property are being damaged by trucks that are too large for our small village roads, originally designed for horses and carts.
Can all villagers please make a note of the lorries coming through the village, including as much information listed below as possible.

If villagers do feel that there is information that may assist the Environment Agency then we would request that they email the name of any alleged offenders to the Parish Council, and the name of any alleged site or venue where illegal activity may be taking place.

The request for specific information as you have detailed will still be relevant, i.e. time, date, registration etc. In reporting information individuals can choose to remain anonymous, the information will then be passed to the EA.

The Environment Agency understands the concerns of villagers and their first priority must be the safety of those individuals.

To combat the problem we need to build a base of evidence about vehicle movements, especially large lorries & trucks. And, if they do cause damage or commit a traffic infringement, catch them in the act!

Please include:

  • Date & time of sighting
  • Direction of travel
  • Registration number
  • Company name or any logos on the vehicle
  • A picture or video

Traffic Management

The Parish Coucil would be pleased to hear your comments/ideas and possible solutions for the traffic issues faced by the village such as:

  • Vehicle Speeding
  • Volume of vehicles
  • Size of vehicles

Possible ideas/solutions so far:

  • Bollards to protect walls, banks and the village green
  • White lines to ‘narrow’ certain roads making them one-lane and also safer for pedestrians
  • Width restriction zone to restrict vehicles over 6’6″
  • Village signs – eg ‘Please drive carefully through our historic village’
  • Entrance ‘gates’ at the village boundary, on either side of the road
  • Mobile Speed Limit Reminder signs/alerting device.
  • Encouraging all local residents (Monxton, Amport & Grateley) to drive more slowly and with due care and attention through our own villages

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