Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on February 20th 2018 at 7.30 pm in the

Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Jill McAvoy, Allan Maddern, Graham Marchant and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

 Apologies; Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Angela Reckitt, Jonny Kitson,  HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks,  TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown,

No members of the public attended

  1. Declaration of interests – none declared

The minutes of the January meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by SC


  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
  • Broadband – information has been received via a link to Openreach who suggest the west end of the village will be connected within 4 months – work has started this week in the village between the Hawk and the Green – no definite information is available as to a connection date.
  • Footway alongside Amesbury Road, Weyhill – TVBC have stated that this work is currently out to tender and the footpaths will be completely re-laid at some future date.
  • The Perspex has been replaced on the Notice board outside the Hawk.
  • A completed user form from the fitness instructor is awaited AR
  • The footpath alongside the trout fishery has been levelled – IL to express the PC’s thanks to Mr Hawkins-Byass
  • The work completed by the lengthsman has been very successful, flooding by Waterloo Bridge and the pumping station has disappeared. Further ideas for tasks as soon as possible please     ALL
  • Fairways – IL to monitor the situation regarding disturbance from the recycling plant.
  • SC to continue to monitor the Train line project between Andover and Lugershall
  • The Neighbourhood Plan – it was agreed that this item will not be pursued at the current time.
  1. Principle and Process

SC had nothing to report and felt all matters needing attention were up to date

  1. Website

JM reported that she felt that only local items should be represented on the website, this was agreed by all councillors present.

Any items for the website to go through JM or AR please.

  1. INRG Solar Project funds

AM – payments have been made to the PCC, the AMV Hall and the Cricket club as agreed at the last meeting .

AM felt the Cricket club to be a very worthy recipient of funds and has encouraged them to think of further project ideas.

The play equipment for the Green is still in the consultation stage and JK has said he will lead this project to finalise a piece of equipment and where it will be sited on the Green.

AM said further work is needed to determine whether section 106 monies can be added to the proposed spending.

The school have been notified of the grant but have yet to ask for the money.

  1. Reports 

The Green +Fen

A very successful work day was held last Saturday on the Green led by Tony Darbyshire.

Multiple unsafe tress were felled and cleared away by volunteers, the wood is available for all to collect.

Refreshments were provided, the coffee being provided at half price by the Hawk Conservancy –to whom thanks were expressed.

It was agreed that Tony and his colleague who gave so readily of their time should be given a thank you voucher for the Hawk, this was approved by all those present.

More work is needed in the short term on trees, assessed as being a potential risk in the fen, quotes will be sought for this work. Finance for this work was approved through the existing budget for tree work.                       CH

The school was informed of the 6 new trees that were planted that need to be left to become established.

The benches at the front of the fen are dilapidated and need an upgrade, CH was asked to look into this and report back – it is intended that they be replaced.

The butterfly board is nearly finished, post restoration it will be replaced on the Fen.

JM will lead a planting initiative on the Green, it is hope to plant wild daffodil, bluebells and snowdrops amongst the trees at the back of the Green.


JM to walk Hook lane which can become overgrown and report back if work is needed. Landowners in the past have been very good at removing fallen trees.


IL reported his extreme frustration despite contacting Cllr Humby at HCC , he will try once more before a more aggressive approach is considered. Wiremead lane is a complete mess currently and several other Highway projects await attention, notably the erosion on the Green verges.                    IL

  1. Planning Applications

18/00036 2 dwellings in the garden and associated works

The Long House Dauntsey Drove

No Objection but concerns over a window in plot 2(privacy) and the neighbours comments about narrow road, rubbish and speeding were all noted. PSC

17/03317/FULLN Extension to plant sales area and car park Rosebourne Garden Centre

No objection PSC

17/03318/FULLN Demolish integral garage of existing house and build new single storey extensions and replacement double garage, construction of vehicular access and erection of dwelling and detached garage.  The Beeches Furzedown lane   OBJECTION

The Parish Council considers this application to be an over-development of the site which fills the curtilage from west to east boundary. This edge to edge design blocks the open rural views which we would like considered as it is next to the graveyard and close to the conservation area.


  1. Planning results
17/0136FULLN Proposed rear conservatory Thornbury Dauntsey Lane      PERMISSION


Appeal allowed


PERMISSION subject to conditions & notes
  1. Finance

The following cheques were signed at the meeting by IL, CH or AM – all were approved by the council.

SA Hoare FEB                                               £280.50

Vouchers for the Hawk Inn                            £100.00

Gemma Pearce bike racks                              £91.96

Living Walls –  6 new trees                             £136.80

Andover Glass -noticeboard                             £96.00

Tree Stakes for new trees                                £43.94

Amport PCC graveyard maintenance grant      £250.00

  1. Chairman’s Report
  • Monies just under £100 were approved to the PTA to provide 2 bicycle racks to be put in the bus shelter opposite the school – for use by school children. £50 was recently gifted by David Cornell to use the village Green for a football match, this will be put towards the bicycle racks.
  • A Resilience day is planned by TVBC – does anyone wish to attend.
  • New member of the PC – IL to contact a potential member.
  • An inter village football match is planned for this Sunday 25th
  • 2-4th March, Great British Clean up – this is probably too close to effect a working party with Thruxton and will be considered at a later date.
  • JK will continue to liaise with the PCC about providing a replacement mower for the graveyard.
  • A working party may be set up to help renovate the additional graveyard, JK will liaise with Richard Unwin about this work , what is needed etc and report back

   11 . AOB

GM asked about the war memorial on the northern end of Sarson Lane, this is in the hedge of the old Harcourt School. It was erected to commemorate those who gave their lives during the  Boer War. it is hoped that this can be cleaned up to ensure preservation and would make a good item of local interest for the website.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm – Date of next meeting March 20th