Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on March 20th 2018 at 7.30 pm in the

Amport and Monxton Village Hall


Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Angela Reckitt, Jonny Kitson, Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Jill McAvoy, Allan Maddern, Graham Marchant and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent


 Apologies; TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks

No members of the public attended

  1. Declaration of interests – none declared

The minutes of the February meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by SC


  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
  • Broadband – No definite news, but work continues in the Village, residents can check on the HCC website and Openreach.
  • A completed user form from the fitness instructor has been received
  • JM reported that she felt there were enough snowdrops on the Green, Bluebells would not grow as the area is too wet. The PC approved spending of £100 for a thousand wild daffodil bulbs to be purchased and planted in the Autumn.                               JM
  • At the end of the February meeting correspondence from Hampshire Highways was shared with Councillors. This described a plan of works to improve drainage along Wiremead lane in the next financial year.
  • Tessa Bott has been in contact with the PC and has let IL know that she is willing to join the PC, Tessa will attend the next meeting of the PC.
  1. Principle and Process

SC reported that the consultation period on new boundaries was coming to an end and an update should be available soon.

  1. Website

Mark Barrett is taking over from David Preston as the host of the website.    AR&JM to action

It is anticipated that updates of general information will happen once a month, agendas etc. will be displayed directly.

IL thanked JM and AR for their work on the website alongside Mark Barrett

  1. INRG Solar Funds and further expenditure

JK provided an update on the dissemination of funds

The School, Cricket club, Amport and Monxton Village hall and the Church heating fund have all received the funds decided upon by the sub-committee.

The play area on the Green upgrade is currently under discussion.

An initial quote for 5 pieces of equipment was studied, it was felt that 2 pieces in particular were not suitable for siting on the Green. After discussion JK stated that he would seek 3 quotes from Gemma Pearce for the 3 remaining items, one of which were the picnic benches.

The PC has put aside £5000.00 towards the project but further funding will be needed. A current estimate for the project is approximately £12,000.

It is hoped that the section 106 monies held by TVBC could be used for the play area upgrade.  JK/GP/AM/Clerk

Quotes have been received for work on the additional graveyard, relations of people buried in the churchyard generally keep the area tidy but currently this is not the case.

In light of this the PC has offered to help clear the churchyard, after an initial major clear up it is hoped that volunteers might continue the maintenance.

Costs were considered and the following expenditure was voted on and approved.

The PC will cover the cost of 1 hedge cut at £120 and one strim at £100.

In addition to the expenditure on clearance the PC approved up to £650 to be spent on the purchase of a small mower. GM/JK

The annual budget will be updated to reflect this expenditure.                AM/clerk

PCSO Catherine Williams has organised for speed monitoring to be installed along Wiremead Lane in East Cholderton outside Monks Cottage. Once the results have been evaluated AM will consider proposals to purchase/share speed monitoring equipment of the type which lets motorists know how fast they are traveling. These systems are not without cost or drawbacks, so a report will follow the investigations                                                                                            AM

  1. Reports

The Green +Fen

Carl Cafferty has cut down the unsafe trees on the Fen, he has made no charge, instead Kurt Morton is moving his manure heap for him. The PC expressed their thanks to Kurt for his willingness to help the community.

CH felt the Green was generally in a good condition, currently there are no problems with moles and grass cutting will recommence as and when the weather allows.

The seats to be placed in the Fen were discussed, it was felt that 2 of the members of the old village hall committee might like to be remembered for their input in purchasing the Fen for the Parish.

AM will contact Andrew Clark and David Wilkinson to see if they would like to be involved.

CH introduced a photo of a bridge which he would like the PC to consider putting at the far end of the Fen. The purpose of the bridge would be to allow access from the northern end of the Green into the Fen, creating a more inviting access route through the Fen. The cost of the bridge was £1850 from a local joinery. In light of the budget update, the project subcommittee could then look at the bridge idea and decide on what funds are available from the capital fund.

More quotes could be obtained and this matter will be discussed again at the next meeting.


JK will contact the two land owners where fallen branches have created access problems , otherwise most footpaths are in good condition if a little muddy .


IL repeated the news that Hampshire Highways have described the planned works for Wiremead Lane and

identified three areas for improvement to drainage, it is hoped that this will be undertaken early on in the next financial year.  It is not known when the other areas of concern, notably the erosion on the Green and drainage ditch will be addressed. The PC will continue to push for improvement works in these areas.

  1. Planning Applications

18/00365/FULLN   Proposed drive and bin store -12 Sarson Cottages Monxton Rd

No Objection

18/00490/CLEN    Certificate of existing lawful use of the mobile home as a dwelling house

Mobile Home at Middlecot stables

Objection -The PC considers that the mobile home has not been legally used for some considerable time

18/00553/FULLN   Conversion of stables to form single dwelling house and installation of package treatment plant Middlecot Stables Middlecot Quarley

No objection but concerns expressed over the vehicular access along Footpath 6(Thruxton) and the lack of a clearly defined and accessible footpath 23 (Amport). Establishing this should be a condition of permission

  1. Planning results17/03317/FULLN Extension to plant sales area and car park Rosebourne Garden Centre


  1. Finance

The following cheques were signed at the meeting by IL, CH or AM – all were approved by the council.

  • SA Hoare March                                            £280.50
  • Vouchers for the Hawk Inn                            £100.00
  •  Felix Hammer bus shelter cleaning                £25.00
  •  Mr Bushnell bus shelter cleaning                   £48.00

12 months administration costs + Green day refreshments £188.27

  • SSE on the Green                                             £23.11
  • Amport Cof E   School INRG Donation         £3,500.00
  • Amport Cricket club            INRG donation   £1,000.00
  • Amport PCC    INRG Donation                      £5,000.00
  • Amport & Monxton Village Hall INRG Donation £4,750.00
  1. Chairman’s Report
  • Litter picking was discussed and Dot and Malcolm Paice’s efforts to keep the slip road clean at East Cholderton should be recognised, IL to send at thank you note on behalf of the PC.
  • The dates of the Autumn meetings were discussed, the clerk needs to move the October meeting forward to the 2nd Tuesday, the dates affected will be sent to AR to check the village hall availability and will be confirmed at the next meeting,
  1. AOB                                      

The clerk reminded everyone that the next meeting was the Annual Parish meeting

It is hoped to get PCSO Williams to attend and Jo Stewart from the Neighbourhood Watch, the School has been invited in the past but have not attended.

CH asked if anyone would be available to talk on planning matters.

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm – Date of next meeting April 17th

Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm

Ordinary meeting thereafter.

The May meeting will be the AGM





7. Finance

Invoices and Cheques for signature

2014-15 budget- setting the precept

8. AOB and correspondence

Dates for January and February meetings

    PERMISSION subject to conditions & notes 9.