Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 17th April 2018 at 7.00pm in Amport and Monxton Village Hall.

Present:  Ian Long (Chairman), Stephen Coke, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Angela Reckitt and Suzanne Hoare (clerk), Tessa Bott and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes
Apologies: Nicholas Hoare (Vice Chairman), Christopher Harris, Graham Marchant, TVBC Councillor Ben Few-Brown, Jo Stewart Neighbourhood Watch, PCSO Catherine Williams,
In attendance:  Caroline Unwin Village Correspondent plus 1 visitor

  1. Apologies and welcome
    IL introduced the evening by welcoming Tessa Bott who will be co -opted at tonight’s ordinary meeting.
    Apologies have been received from NH, CH and GM plus Ben Few-Brown
  2. Short presentation by ZB on the role as our HCC Councillor
    • ZB stated that HCC has increased the council tax by 5.99% this year, of that 3% is being ring fenced for Adult Social care.
    • ZB informed the PC that she has 2 portfolios, social care where 29 million pounds is spent each year on transporting children to school, most is spent on children with SEN.
    • Highways is the second area where ZB is involved, Hampshire has 4,500 miles of roads with pothole problems, for which it receives £21,000 a mile. Unsurprisingly 150 miles are in desperate need of work, but the bad weather has delayed a significant number of projects.
    • Highways England gets 1.1 million a mile for major roads.
    • ZB attends a substantial number of Parish Council meetings where she is always available to pass on important concerns expressed by local councils.
    • ZB also attends meetings a 4 local schools.

IL thanked ZB for coming to the PC  meetings, the PC felt where possible ZB was very effective in promoting problems and achieving solutions and meetings with officers to discuss local problems.

  1. IL gave Ben Few-Browns apologies and read a short presentation from Ben where he outlined his role in local planning decisions and how he promoted issues dealt with by TVBC.IL extended apologies from the local PCSO and Jo Stewart from neighbourhood Watch. A joint report was distributed and is detailed below.
    Jo Stewart has indicated that she would like to step down from the role of Neighbourhood watch co-ordinator and IL asked if anyone knew of someone willing to take on the role.
  2. Details of crimes reported 2017 – 2018
    Anti-social behaviour
    July – loud music coming from the Green
    September – loud music coming from a residential property
    Fast/erratic driving
    January – motorbikes being ridden on private land
    Burglary non-dwelling
    May – petrol strimmer stolen from stables
    Chainsaw stolen from a garage
    June – offices broken into and keys for Land Rover used to steal vehicle
    Public order
    June – male was abusive and threatening to other residents
    Suspicious incidents
    April – vehicles seen in suspicious circumstances entering farmyard
    May – door to door sales persons who became agitated when services declined
    August – piles of sawdust in various locations. Person reporting felt this may have been linked to crime i.e. dog theft but no further incidents.
    Slow moving van seen in residential area
    November – door to door sales persons
    January – vehicle in suspicious circumstances in rural location
    February – vehicle seen in suspicious circumstances, possibly smoking drugs
    March – torch light seen in rear garden, when checked by officers no persons seen
    May – theft of a PIR light sensor
    June – theft of items from caravan
    December – theft of trailer
    March – theft of electric fencing battery
    Theft from motor vehicle
    January – handbag stolen from within the vehicle
    June – number plate stolen off of carLocal community priorities at this time are non-dwelling burglaries (garages and sheds etc), and road traffic offences. General advice to prevent shed breaks include: ensuring locked and secured, larger items can be attached to anchor points inside the structures. Windows to be blacked out / curtains and alarms can also be fitted to doors and windows.A common issue in the area is also theft from motor vehicles, I do encourage residents and visitors to the area to ensure nothing is left in unattended cars etc. Please do not tuck handbags under seats as parts of it might still be visible or someone may have observed you do this.It’s great to see so many suspicious incidents reported to us, if there are vehicles linked to your report this can build a great picture of who is active in different areas. These bits of information can assist in other incidents and investigations.I have been requested to look into speed of traffic in East Cholderton and complete enforcement. I have requested that the safer roads team assist us by placing speed data recording devices in key areas. Once this information is gathered the Police and the Parish Council can decide the next steps.Apologies I can’t be there this year, I am more than happy for anyone to contact me by email: Please do remember to report crimes on 101 or emergencies via 999.
    New Twitter: @TestVlyRuralPol
  1.  Chairman’s Report
    The annual report is the opportunity to not only summarise the events of the last year, but to assess and feedback the effectiveness of this PC, this process of evaluating the representative work of the PC is completed by answering the question of how well we represented the parishioner, the wider community and how we dealt with issues that challenged us over the year.The issues that arose over the year are wide and varied, some are complete whilst others have been answered but we maintain an overview should matters arise.  The question of use of the Permissive Path behind Amport House provoked considerable reaction through the community and legal advice was sought, after a number of meetings we have established continued use of the path and matters appear to have settled.

    Similarly, adverse reports were received about noise and light pollution from residents in Fairways concerning the recycling plant Regenthill.  A number of meetings ensued, a survey was completed and we continue to monitor the situation.

    The question of adverse possession of part of The Green has raised an on-going legal search and careful consideration will be needed going forward.

    We are grateful for the receipt of the community grant £25K from INRG Solar due to the establishing of the solar park at Lains Farm.  Applications for grants were invited from the community, a separate sub-committee evaluated the merits of each and on approval of the PC grants have been made to Amport Primary School, Amport Church, Amport and Monxton Village Hall, Amport Cricket Club and we are hoping to renew and provide play equipment on The Green.  Some funding opportunities remain.

    Last year we adopted the shared Lengthsman scheme and in co-operation with neighbouring councils we have used the maintenance services of a Lenghtsman.  Drainage ditches were cleared and drainage channels successfully re-established, thankfully this project will continue.

    The ownership and commercial use of the marquee was considered.  It was decided that the best use of this would be confirmed by transferring ownership to the Parish Church Committee.

    The website continues to be developed as an asset for the community. Mr Mark Barratt, a professional web designer has successfully updated and developed the site, which now links to Facebook and the site will continue to mature and be a real benefit.Highways and the state of the roads continues to be a concern.  Some pot-holes were patched in Wiremead Lane last summer, but flooding and edge erosion continue.  A programme of works has been suggested by Hampshire Highways and we hope that the work will be completed soon.  We have sought advice about the poor state of the village road by The Green, there is considerable edge erosion and there is a risk that the road edge will collapse into the drainage ditch, the request for inspection is outstanding.

    We continue to reach-out to other Parishes and agencies.  There was an interesting review of Parish Boundaries and it was agreed that effective representation would over-ride the desire to re-draw Boundaries. Representation continues at TVAPTC and we are ably supported by our County Councillor Mrs Zilliah Brooks.  Gary Benton and Kurt Morton completed their service this past year, we are grateful for their representation and thankful they will continue links to this PC. We welcomed Jonny Kitson and Graham Marchant on to the PC and are pleased to co-opt Tessa Bott this evening.

    In review, this PC should be proud that it maintains an approachable and effective stance, that the work is completed accurately, effectively and with integrity.  Likewise many in the community respect this and offer and even lead exacting community work days, of particular note is Tony Darbyshire who has run some very effective community projects.

    As always I am grateful for the support of such an able team and I am particularly grateful to rely on the expertise and energy of our highly proficient Clerk Suzanne.

  1. Finance
    The clerk distributed draft copies of the Balance sheet for the year ended March 31st 2018.
    The accounts cannot be approved before the internal audit is completed, this will be ready for the May meeting. A draft copy is attached.
    AM prepared a report which was circulated to councillors, this will be further discussed in May

Amport Parish Council (PC) – Accounts for the year ending March 2018

1 Aim – to keep the precept at £11,500 and to reduce the carry forward figure to a level of one year’s precept
2 Results – the PC received an injection of £25,000 from INRG for expenditure on capital projects for the benefit of the community. The money was received in May2017. A project committee was formed to research and examine ways in which the funds could be spent. To date we have spent £14,250 on projects including Amport Primary School (Refurbishment), Amport Cricket Club (nets), Amport PCC (Heating) and Amport and Monxton Village Hall (Heating). Two further projects are in the process of evaluation, Improvements to Play Equipment on Village Green and possible traffic calming in East Cholderton. These latter projects will utilise at least another £7,000. The balance of the funds will be carried forward to 2018/19 where the Project Committee will continue to appraise suggestions from the community.
This brought forward figure from 2017 was £16,232.03. A further surplus was seen at the year-end leaving a balance carried forward of £28,079.39.
3 Budget 2018/19 – There were delays in capital spend last year as mentioned above on INRG projects by £7,000 which will be undertaken in the next 12 months. There is the question of a new bridge connecting the Green to the Fen which will also come from Capital spend. After minor alteration to the budget following the recent review it is the aim to reduce the carry forward figure to around £13,000 by March 2019.
4 Summary – It is imperative that the funds held by the PC are utilised in support of the community. Cost will increase over the years and these are budgeted for. Capital Projects take time to research and implement and this is an area that we need to concentrate on. Forming a Project Committee has helped but a more formal approach should be adopted. The composition of the committee needs formalising and minutes of meetings produced for Council.

There were no questions on the accounts.

  1. Public Participation
    Richard Unwin asked if further work was planned for the footpath alongside the trout lake, the levelling was a vast improvement but some small hardcore would perhaps improve conditions further, especially in the wet weather. This will be considered at a future meeting , perhaps involving some community work.Richard Unwin expressed the thanks of the PCC for the recent donation to the heating fund and the purchase of a new small mower for the graveyard, plus the promise to pay for some maintenance.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 7.40pm.