Minutes – April 2018


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on April 17th  2018 at 7.40 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Angela Reckitt, Jonny Kitson, Stephen Coke, Jill McAvoy, Allan Maddern, and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk), Teresa (Tessa) Bott -New Member,
HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks, Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent
 Apologies; Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Graham Marchant, Chris Harris, TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown
5 members of the public attended

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    The minutes of the March meeting were proposed by JM and seconded by SC
    Tessa Bott was formally introduced by Il and co-opted onto the Parish Council
  1. Declaration of interests – none declared
  1. Presentation by the Monxton & Amport Village Hall Committee
    • Mike Cleugh, Chairman of Monxton Parish Council and Sarah Dowding, Vice Chair at Monxton Parish Council gave a visual presentation of proposals to move the village hall to a new site (the old black swan car park) and provide a new purpose build village hub there.
    • MC and SD have spoken with the owner of the new site, D C Li and the Head of Planning Paul Jackson. In principle TVBC would support the planning permission of a new hall, car parking and 2 cottages fronting the main street on the old black swan car park now owned by Mr D C Li
    • Permission could also be given for a 3-4 bedroomed house on the site of the existing village hall.
    • MC and SD said plans to refurbish the existing village hall would exceed £400,000, the new project if the land swaps were possible would cost approx. £300,000 without interior fittings.
    • Funds for the major cost of the project could well be available through the Community Infrastructure Levy – this would need a lot of community representation and involvement.
    • The legal issues involved as well as the tax situation would need to be considered before the project advances further.

MH and SD sought questions and views from APC.
Concerns raised were the legal issues around such a land swap and the neighbours’ views on the plans.
The costing of the project was questioned and assurances received that more than one quote would be obtained for the project.
IL was concerned about representation, efficacy and due process.
IL and APC wished the project well and offered support where necessary.

  1. Principle and Process
    AM has prepared along with CH a contract of employment for the clerk. along with a disciplinary procedure.
  1. Website JM -AR
    A meeting was held with Mike Barrat and it was decided to upgrade the website in July/August.
    After this it is hoped that the website will be easier to manage.
  1. INRG Solar Funds and further expenditure
    Gemma Pearce from the PTA has been away so quotes for the new play equipment have not yet been received, this item will be carried over to the next meeting
  1. Reports
    The Green and Fen – report by CH via e mail
    Both the green and fen remain very unseasonably wet. The downsides to this are that the green has only been able to be cut once this year, and tankers have been in regular attendance at the pumping station for several days. It has also been too wet to reseed the goalmouths on the football pitch; and the condition of the verge on the road across the green continues to deteriorate. The upside of course is that we are spending less on the grass-cutting to date this year, but this will not last.Since the last meeting, I was contacted by Maggie Shelton of The Wildlife Trust, which you know about. I spoke to her again recently and she is in contact too with other villages etc. She is hoping to organise a public meeting for us and other communities (including schools) to explain her ideas when she has enough support – so watch this space. This will be followed by local workshops.

    I have spoken again to Sovereign Joinery about their quote for the bridge. They have taken on board the need to put the bridge on blocks at the ends to minimise the risk of rot; and will address the need to provide some anti-slip measures when it is wet. They can deal also with our VAT requirements. They await to hear if we will proceed. In the interim, I have not been able to find an alternative quote’
    IL asked for other potential providers of a bridge and it was suggested the PC (CH) to contact Will Hawkins-Byass and Five Rivers who have provided similar foot bridges at Charlton Lake.

    2 requests have been received from Rob Jones who lives opposite the Green

    • What surface should be used on the Green which serves as a driveway to his property? The PC discussed this and would like all future work on driveways to be completed using the grasscrete type of hardstanding. This allows the mowing contractor to cut the north side of the village Green without the problems associated with loose gravel.
    • Rob Jones asked for permission to promote his new business, utilising marketing material and surveys on the Green a couple of times a month. The PC refused this request due to reluctance to sanction commercial work and concern about precedence.

It is hoped that the butterfly board would soon be back on the Fen.
AM reported that Andrew Clark thought the seats should not be personalised on the Fen he felt they should just show a connection to the old village hall committee.
Quotes will therefore be sought for 2 new seats inside the Fen.           AM or CH

JL will liaise with TB regarding any work which could be done on the trout lake footpath.

ZB reported that the works in Wiremead Lane are scheduled for May-June, however the recent bad weather may delay this.
ZB will follow up the request for speed monitoring in East Cholderton, this needs completing before a decision to install a speed reminder is taken.

  1. Planning Application
    • 18/00728/FULLN Erection of an Office Building Monxton Nurseries Green Lane Monxton — PSC OBJECTION. overdevelopment in a rural site.
    • 18/00716/FULLN Insertion of windows, fire doorway and escape staircases to west and north elevations. Units 20,21 and 22 Mayfield Avenue Weyhill– PSC NO OBJECTION.
    • 18/00802/FULLN Proposed rear conservatory Middlecot House, Middlecot Quarley  NO OBJECTION
    • 17/03055/FULLN Replacement of all wooden boundary fencing, replacing picket type fencing and front entrance gates install wrought iron gate, refurbish well and install summerhouse at rear of garden NO OBJECTION
  2. Planning results
    • 17/03318/FULLN Demolish integral garage of existing house and build new single storey extensions and replacement double garage, construction of vehicular access and erection of dwelling and detached double garage -The Beeches, Furzedown Lane, Amport       PERMISSION subject to conditions & notes
  3. Finance
    The following cheques were signed at the meeting by IL and AM – all were approved by the council.
    SA Hoare April                                             £280.50
    HCC Street lighting                                      £89.94
    Mr Welch March                                          £87.00
    The accounts will be formalised at the next meeting.
    The Annual Governance statement and the Internal Audit must now be approved before the Accounts.
    All paperwork must be with the external auditor by June 11th.
  4. Chairman’s Report
    There is a rounders match between Monxton and Amport on April 29th
    The dates of the Autumn meetings are as follows. All at 7-30pm in the AMVH
    SEPTEMBER 11th
    OCTOBER 9th
    NOVEMBER 13th
  5.  AOB 
    • JM raised concerns about a marquee which would appear to be being erected on the land opposite the Hawk for the month of August – concerns over noise were raised   JM to investigate further
    • TB was concerned over southern water and the environment agency working on her land , flooding seems to be a problem most springs now in the parish, sadly there never seems to be a permanent solution put in place only endless pumping lorries whilst the problem persists.

Meeting closed at 9.20 pm – Date of next meeting MAY 15th