Minutes – May 2018


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on May 15th 2018 at 7.30pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Graham Marchant, Chris Harris, Angela Reckitt, Stephen Coke, Jill McAvoy, Allan Maddern, and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

Apologies; Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Jonny Kitson, Tessa Bott, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks and TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown

No members of the public attended

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting and the April Ordinary Meeting were proposed by JM and seconded by SC

Declaration of interests – none declared

  1. Election of Officers

CHAIRMAN –The clerk called for nominations for the post of Chairman for the next 12 months.

IL was nominated by CH and seconded by AM – All other members in favour

The chairman then called for nominations for the following roles;

  • VICE CHAIRMAN — In the absence of NH this item was deferred to the June Meeting
  • FOOTPATH OFFICER – JM was nominated by SC and seconded by GM – All other members in favour
  • COMMUNICATIONS –AR and JM nominated by IL and seconded by AM as joint communication officers -All other members in favour
  • THE GREEN AND FEN – CH was nominated by IL and seconded by AM – all other members in favour.
  • PRINCIPLE AND PROCESS –SC was nominated by Il and seconded by JM – all other members in favour.
  • SCHOOL LIAISON OFFICER –AR was nominated by IL and seconded by SC -all other members in favour.

The planning sub-committee will remain comprising of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and local member to the application.

The finance sub-committee will meet 3 times a year to oversee budgetary control, risk analysis and set the following years budget. – Members AM/IL/Clerk

The INRG sub-committee will remain in place to oversee distribution of the remaining funds and any project expenditure which may arise – Members JK/AR/AM

  1. Principle and Process

SC reported on the TVBC review of the CGR on boundaries.

Quarley PC have indicated that they feel a large area of Amport Parish which runs west towards Cholderton should become part of their Parish. This can be seen on the TVBC website.

The PC discussed this issue and felt due to Quarley only having a population of 160, that in fact their Parish could easily be absorbed in Amport Parish.

IL will consider this matter at length and will respond to TVBC on the suggestion made by Quarley.

The PC were unanimous in rejecting the proposals made by Quarley. IL

  1. Website JM -AR

AR/JM said they intended to put more local stories on the website, an article forwarded by Bill Gore on the war memorial at Sarson Lane will be included as will news of the 2 local weddings to be held in the Parish this summer.

An article about Rob Jones and his new Parish business with some photos will also be included.

The PC is keen to support local business and activities without official advertising. JM/AR

  1. INRG Solar Funds and further expenditure
  • In the absence of JK, AM was not able to update the council on the new play area project fully.

Some other quotes have been received to put forward for CIL funding.

The PC expressed concern over the items which will be included in the revamp of the play area.

At the March meeting 2 new pieces were approved along with picnic benches. Any other large pieces of equipment or a building such as a pavilion would go very much against the current ethos for the village Green and were not sanctioned at that meeting.

It is hoped that JK will meet with Gemma Pearce and Kate Cavalier to clarify the position and report back at the June meeting. JK

  • The strimming of the graveyard has been undertaken by Clive Hutchinson and he has been briefed to cut back the surrounding trees, this will mark the end of the PC ‘s involvement in the maintenance of the second graveyard at the current time. Support for any future working parties would be willingly given.

  1. Reports

The Green and Fen

  • 22 June School sports Day
  • 25 June Reserve sports day
  • 07 July – VILLAGE FETE
  • 01 September – Wedding
  • September Village Fundraiser

Mr Welch has recently cut the Green again and with the drier weather the Green is looking good.

He is trying to avoid the after-school clubs but grass cutting is always at the mercy of the weather.

A bench is being provided at cost price by Rosebourne and will be placed on the Fen shortly, the expenditure of £120 was approved by all present.

The proposed bridge on the Green over Pill Hill brook may require permission from the Environment Agency, this is currently being investigated by CH.

The butterfly board has been refurbished and will shortly be placed back on the Fen once a method of protecting it from the weather has been decided. The cost of £250 was approved by all councillors present.  An image of the new board will be used on a postcard which will be sent to Parish addresses in the future, if there is an issue with an overhanging hedge on the highway. A budget of up to £100 was approved for the cards production. JM


JM reported on 13 tyres which have been dumped in Hook Lane, TVBC fly tipping squad have been informed, posts may now be put in both ends of the lane to restrict vehicles from dumping rubbish in the lane.

JM to organise the first summer cut of the Footpaths in the next few weeks.

The PC discussed the issue of the dog bin in Church path and decided it was satisfactory where it was.

The closing for 24 hours of the ‘permissive path’ at the top of Furzedown lane was noted, the PC still disputes the legality of this claim.


The erosion on the edge of the Green continues to worsen with buses, tractors and school parents parking all playing a part in its destruction. HCC will be made aware of the scale of the problem as genuine fears exist that a vehicle may leave the road and end up in the ditch. IL

  1. Planning Applications
  • 18/01162/VARN Removal of blinds from front and rear elevations Rosebourne Nurseries | No Objection
  • 18/01137/FULLN 2 storey front and side extensions 20 Fairways Weyhill | No Objection

IL and the clerk met with D C Li and a member of the Amport Fields management committee to discuss the creation of a play area at Amport Fields.

A small area of land near the entrance had been left to accommodate a play area, unfortunately it would be on private land and as such the PC would not be able to use CIL money.

The need from the residents themselves was very low, with only 2 children living in the 22 properties.

The dangerous nature of the lane made it an unsafe option for outside users.

Despite a long-standing desire by the PC for a children’s play area north of the A303 it was not felt that this site was suitable.  IL stated that the PC would consider making a monetary donation to the Management committee to purchase a small set of swings if they wished to erect some but that nothing more was viable.

Planning results

  • 18/00728/FULLN Erection of an Office Building Monxton Nurseries Green Lane, Monxton – PERMISSION
  • 17/02997/FULLN Extension at Bungalow Amport Trout Fishery – WITHDRAWN
  • 18/00553/FULLN Conversion of stables to form single dwelling, Middlecot stables – PERMISSION

  1. Finance

The following cheques were signed at the meeting by IL, CH or AM – all were approved by the council.

  • SA Hoare – May | £280.50
  • Mr Welch – April | £193.00
  • Came and Co – insurance | £490.35
  • MJ Startup internal audit | £180.00
  • Amanda Davies butterfly board | £250.00
  • Rosebourne Nurseries | £120.00

The following documents were all reviewed and approved by all councillors present they  were then signed by the RFO and the Chairman

8.1 Approval of the Internal Governance review

Approval of the accounts year ended March 31st 2018 plus report by AM

8.2 Approval of Internal Audit

The audit material will now be sent away for the external audit.

Reaffirmation of pecuniary interests and dispensations was undertaken by all members of the PC.

  1. Chairman’s Report
  • A survey will be undertaken to ensure the PC makes any representations necessary to the Hawk re its plan to put a cabin style marquee on the land opposite the pub. The plan is for the marquee to be in place during August, potential concerns are noise and parking.

IL to meet Hawk management to forward any concerns which arise.

  • There will be a village fundraiser on the Green during September in aid of the village hall

  1. AOB

JM expressed concern that the Millennium footpath was ploughed up and the instatement was not back to the same standard.

Meeting closed at 9.50 pm – Date of next meeting JUNE 19th