Minutes – June 2018


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on June 19th 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Graham Marchant, Chris Harris, , Stephen Coke, Allan Maddern, Jonny Kitson, Tessa Bott(arrived 7.50pm), HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

7 members of the public attended

 Apologies; Jill McAvoy, Angela Reckitt TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the May Ordinary Meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by SC

Declaration of interests – None Declared

  1. Election of Officers

VICE CHAIRMAN – NH was proposed by CH and seconded by SC | All in favour

  1. Presentation on play equipment and pavilion on the Green

IL welcomed Bernadette Fleet the head teacher of Amport School, Gemma Pearce – Chair School PTA, Kate Cavalier -PTA and Community Charity

JK brought everyone up to date on the position the Parish Council was currently at with regard to supporting an upgrade of play equipment on the Green.

Phase 1 – The PC supports 3 pieces out of 7 proposed for the play area, these are the Jungle Trail, the Tower and some picnic tables. A sum of £5,000 has been pledged from the INRG solar grant.

Phase 2 – The school wishes to increase the use of the Green for year R children, there is a need for them to spend more time outside. A bid would need to be supported by the PC to obtain CIL funding (Community Infrastructure Levy).

GP and KC made the case that the 2 pieces of equipment approved were for KS2 children (over 8) and that more was needed for KS1 – younger children.

The pieces so far selected for younger children, the train for example, were not felt to be right for the environment on the Green when discussed at a previous meeting.

A Pavilion approx. 4 meters square was proposed to provide somewhere for the children to use during school time and for parents and others to meet outside school hours.

KC and GP felt that the whole project should be tackled as a one-off venture.

Funding is being sought from the Community Asset Trust by GP/KC and BF will write a letter of support.

BF explained that year R and Year 1 will be taught separately from September and currently the school did not have a suitable classroom with enough access to outside.

The position of such a pavilion was open for discussion with neighbours and other users of the Green.

Questions were considered from Parish Councillors;

  1. When does CIL funding need to be sought by? | End of June, however the outcome won’t be known until the Autumn.
    Il reminded everyone present that due process has to be followed, a need shown and consultations entered into.
  2. Will any planning permission be needed? | No
  3. How much will both funding streams give? | Both CAT and CIL do not require matched funding and may supply all the funds needed for the whole project i.e. Phase 1 and a pavilion.IL quickly summarised the considerations needed when deciding about the pavilion – “Beneficial to Year R but potentially an eyesore or nuisance to neighbours.”
  4. How many YR children will join in September 2018? | 16

IL then thanked BF, KC and GP for coming to the meeting, he said the PC would consider the matters presented tonight later in camera and report back during the morning of the 20th June as he was fully aware of the time constraints with regard to applying for funding.

BF/KC/GP left the meeting at 8.15pm

AS 3 visitors had attended for a planning application IL proceeded to deal with this application next.


  • 18/01412/FULLN Removal of existing barn and the erection of a detached dwelling and garage plus change of access. Georgia farm Buildings Georgia farm
    Mark Pettet (for the Architects) and Harry Wells presented their thoughts on the change of application at Georgia Farm buildings. A barn conversion already had permission but HW sought to change the conversion to a more standard house. Slight concern was expressed over the increased roof height but at the vote a decision of No Objection was passed by all.
  • 18/01142/FULLN Demolition/removal of existing caravans and stable block, erection of 3 dwellings with associated garages, change access.  The Firs, Sarson Lane Weyhill
    Mark Pettet was representing the Architects on this application as well so it was decided to deal with this application next.
    The proposal to replace 3 temporary dwellings with 3 permanent houses was considered to be overdevelopment of a site unsuitable for multiple dwellings. A decision of  Objection was passed by all.
    Mr and Mrs Wells left the meeting along with Mark Pettet. 8.40pm

Returning to the Agenda

Discussion then took place in camera before the following votes were taken on the play equipment proposals on the Green

  • Proposal A – Should the PC provide the trains and mini sheds along with the phase 1 equipment | Votes 1 in favour, 7 against.
  • Proposal B – Should the PC approve the pavilion style building for use by the school and as a community hub subject to external funding | Votes 6 in favour, 2 against.

    It was therefore decided to support applications regarding for phase 1 and the pavilion

    1. Matters Arising
    • Principle and Process

    IL has replied on this issue to TVBC stating that Amport PC has no wish to relinquish parts of the Parish to Quarley PC. Amport has always sought representation from the Quarley area and is fully committed to representing any problems and concerns that local residents may have. SC prepared a similar report which all councillors saw and approved mid meetings.

    Councillors expressed their dismay that several neighbouring Parish Councils wished to increase their Parish boundaries at the expense of Amport, indeed if all approaches had been accepted Amport Parish would be seriously diminished. This then prompted a debate about the merits of integrating Quarley into Amport PC: the comparison between the 2 Councils is stark and integration would benefit the community by enhanced efficiency , open and inclusive enragement and would certainly improve representation.

    • AM reported that Matthew Digweed has agreed to be the co-ordinator for a hand-held speed camera project. The cost would be £ 3,000. Other volunteers would help out. This INRG project would be considered again in September.
    • The resurfacing of Wiremead Lane is underway, currently a grit surface has been applied but further works are planned. Concern was expressed that whist a positive move in repairing the road the drainage problems do not seem to have received much attention. The erosion of the verge on the Green is still a major cause of concern – IL to contact HCC
    • Everyone who replied to the questionnaire about the summer marquee at the Hawk was concerned about additional noise and parking. The Brewery have taken these comments onboard.

    JM has taken her personal comments straight to the Brewery.

    IL suggested extra parking opposite the Hawk might be considered, angled parking especially for the larger 4×4 vehicles.

    1. Website JM -AR

    No report as AR and JM absent

    1. Reports

    The Green and Fen

    The new bench has been installed in the Fen.

    The bridge project does not need permission from the Environment agency as it is not the main flow of Pill Hill brook at that point.  HCC have further commented that they do not require to be consulted either. This project can now press ahead. CH

    Clerk to check if the bridge will be in the Conservation area

    Hampshire Wildlife trust have visited the Green and Fen and will make a presentation at the September meeting

    Daisy Cottage – A reply on the Adverse Possession application has been received from HCC.

    The land outside Daisy Cottage on maps is shown to be part of the Village Green, however as the PC is not the registered owner it would be difficult to proceed against the owners of Daisy Cottage. CH is to contact their solicitor for an informal discussion. At this point it is not anticipated that any legal action will be taken but that further sales of property on the north side of the Green should not reflect the frontage in their ownership.

    Footpaths – The first cut is underway and the dumped tyres have been removed from Broad lane

    Highways – Reported above

    1. Planning Applications
    • Alterations to provide 6 bedrooms and a single dwelling at The Firs Furzedown Lane, Amport. | No Objection
    • 18/01456/FULLN – Construction of vehicular access and driveway, 12 Sarson Cottages Monxton Road | Support

    1. Planning results

    Replacement of all wooden boundary fencing, replace picket type fencing and front entrance gates, install wrought iron gate, refurbish faux well, install summerhouse at rear of garden (retrospective) – Meadowside East Cholderton      PERMISSION

    1. Finance

    The following cheques were signed at the meeting by IL, CH or AM – all were approved by the council.

    • SA Hoare June | £280.50
    • Mr Welch May | £260.00
    • Mr Pearce – preservation and repairs | £120.00
    • Felix Hammer – bus shelters | £25.00
    • Mr Bushnell | £48.00
    • Mr Pearce – fit bench | £85.00

    1. Chairman’s Report

    Gary Benton has let Il know that old play equipment at the Hawk Conservancy is available for anyone wishing to collect it.

    A resident in East Cholderton has filled the holes in the track – hopefully this will solve the problem.

    A fund raiser for the village hall is scheduled to take place on September 29th

    1. AOB

    NH – footpath 13 near Bush lane is becoming overgrown from side growth, Clerk to write to the land owner.

    AM – Has the land owner the relevant permission for all the building and tree work currently happening off Haydown Lane and the path at the top of Furzedown Lane | Clerk to check with TVBC

    AM- Open reach have told residents in East Cholderton that fibre broadband will not be brought to the cabinet. Fibre may be available to individual homes

    Meeting closed at 9.50 pm – Date of next meeting – SEPTEMBER 11th