Minutes – September 2018


Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on September 11th 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Chris Harris, Stephen Coke, Jill McAvoy, Angela Reckitt, Allan Maddern, Jonny Kitson, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

5 members of the public attended

Apologies: Graham Marchant, Tessa Bott and TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the June Meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by SC

Declaration of interests – none declared

  1. Matters Arising

Footpath 13

Originally contact was made to Mr Langdown who replied that this path was not on his land.

Contact was then made with Mr Cross and Mr Newman who both said the footpath was not part of their land. During the period of organising the path to be cut back, it was cut back by persons unknown. Therefore, the matter is closed for the time being.

  1. IL Introduced David Rumble from the Watercress and Winterbournes Headwaters River Trust

David was invited by CH to give a brief talk on the project and its impact locally

  • The trust groups were set up nationally in 2012 by the Environment Agency
  • National Lottery money has become available to enable further bids for up to 2.2 million pounds.
  • This funding will allow research into the very sensitive habitats and factors which affect them.
  • Action following funding will focus on the headwaters in north Hampshire including Pill Hill Brook, work will include reconnecting waterways and working with farmers and producers to control diffuse pollution.
  • The project will include local groups and school children, an example would be setting up surveys for river flies .
  • Landowners would be encouraged to control pollution run off.
  • This is a hearts and minds project to include local people in the future viability of their local waterways.

JM and IL asked how to get in touch and details of Maggie Shelton – maggie.shelton@hiwwt.org.uk were given out, IL suggested Wil Hawkins Byass as a potential interested party.

IL further suggested a drone film of the local waterway would be useful.

David was thanked by IL and then left the meeting at 7.55pm.

  1. INRG Solar funding update

AM – has heard nothing from TVBC concerning the CIL funds. ZB to follow up

JK – Kate Cavalier’s work has led to funding from TVBC, 50% of the full amount for the first stage of the play area refurbishment as agreed at the last meeting will be provided, a total of £10,746.

This along with the £5,000 from the solar fund gives a total of £15,746 towards the full total of £16,580 for phase 1.

Gemma Pearce from the School PTA asked if the PC would support further items on the Green for the KS1 group of children- those under 7 years old.

IL – stated that there was nervousness in the village that this was too much too soon, he suggested that Phase 1 should be completed and the project revisited thereafter.

GP – said there was massive support with 120 signatures in favour of the pavilion and the new play equipment.

CH – said he has received comments expressing concern about the pavilion and felt the matter of the pavilion needed more consultation before going ahead.

GP – said a bell tent could be erected so that people can get an idea of the impact.

IL – said he felt it was important to get the design right to mitigate the impact

GP – said she would put information up on the Green to canvas opinion and seek to redress any concerns.

AR – visualising the pavilion is part of the problem but could provide the solution.

AM – felt the term pavilion is misleading, it is simply a shelter.

The final location of the items in phase 1 has not been agreed.

NH – the look of the pavilion may be the issue.

JM – asked what the pavilion was for.

GP – said it was a meeting point for all.

JM – was worried that youngsters may congregate there, making noise and leaving litter.

IL – said the matter of the pavilion needs looking at carefully, the further consultation should be on the website and locally around the Green to ensure all had a voice.

Responses must be encouraged before the 9th October so that a final decision on the placing of the pieces in Phase 1 can be made at the next meeting

IL thanked Gemma for attending and she left the meeting at 8.20pm.

  1. Reports


Colin Kirby and John Rooke were attending the meeting to express their concerns over the millennium footpath.

In March the footpath was ploughed and went from being a grassy path to part of the ploughed field.

CK and JR were looking for an assurance that the path would not be ploughed up again this coming year. They also had concerns that the steps down onto Sarson Lane were unsafe and needed attention.

IL said the PC would contact the Lengthsman to get some remedial work done on the steps to improve safety.

The footpath was a more difficult issue with both sides resorting to legal advice.

IL asked both CK and JR to provide evidence of any further breaches and he will endeavour to find a workable solution for all involved. He felt the local Farmer should be kept on side in this matter and an amicable solution found.

IL thanked Colin and John for attending the meeting and they left at 8.40pm.

A second cut will be undertaken of all footpaths in Sept – JM

The Green and Fen

  • The drainage ditch vegetation will now be cut back to ensure rain water can flow freely into the brook. The main drainage entry point near the phone box will not be dug out this autumn until Highways have approved the work, the head of the ditch where 2 pipes from under the road enter the ditch is getting larger and closer to the road. Part of the surround of the ditch is falling in and this could represent a hazard to road users. Highways to inspect
  • JM is ordering the daffodils for planting on the verge as approved at a previous meeting, these will be planted in October.
  • CH asked for approval to spend £60 on turf to repair under the swings and the 2 goal mouths – this was approved by all.
  • CH stated that the proposed bridge needs planning permission, CH proposes getting a rough design and approaching TVBC for advice.
  • A working party needs to be organised for the Autumn to help with the continued clearance in the fen. CH
  • The information concerning the riparian ditches and watercourses will be displayed and a note delivered to all appropriate landowners clerk


The Speed watch project is ongoing and AM has circulated the instructions to the group interested in running the device in East Cholderton.

Several residents are very vocal on the issue of speed and it is hoped that they will take the project on themselves. – AM to report further at the next meeting.

Speeding in Furzedown lane has been reported, residents will be advised to report any issues directly to JK, who will liaise with Amport House

  1. The Hawk

IL received several complaints about the marquee events, most concerned too much noise and insufficient parking. IL will mention these to the local management.

  1. Proposed new AMVH

IL was approached during the summer recess by a representative of a small group of Monxton residents who felt they weren’t being listened to. JK to take these views to the next VH committee meeting.

  1. Website AR/JM

During the summer the website underwent an update, this has yet to go live.

Several small items have yet to be finalized but the update is expected to be finished shortly.

  1. Principle and Process

Amport completed its response to the second phase consultation. An agenda available for the forthcoming full council meeting suggests any decision on Amport’s boundary changes will be deferred.

  1. Adverse possession update

CH reported on the issue whereby Daisy cottages current owners were seeking to include the land in front of the cottage into their ownership.

The PC has maintained that this is part of the south side of the Village Green.

During the summer HCC agreed with APC that the land in question was part of the registered Green.

Subsequently a witness statement made by the previous owners of Daisy cottage has been withdrawn and CH will write to the solicitors dealing with this, suggesting that the matter is closed.

As Daisy Cottage is for sale it was a timely conclusion to the situation as this clarifies the boundary of the Green and other property owners will be unable to pursue a similar action.

CH was thanked by other councillors for his efforts and persistence in dealing with this.

  1. Planning Applications

18/01137/FULLN | 2 storey side and rear extension to include dropped kerb – amendment

18/01551/LBWN | Addition of air conditioning unit to building within the curtilage Amport Primary School

18/01457/FULLN + 18/01459/LBWN | Proposed internal works in all disciplines electrical, plumbing etc. New dormer windows and associated new thatch roof 12 Sarson cottages

18/01581/FULLN | Demolish garage and carport and construct garage, store and car port Wiremead, Wiremead Lane.

18/01700/TPON | Beech tree- reduce by 2.5-3 meters 4 the limes Amport

18/01687/FULLN | First floor extension over existing flat roof to form bedroom and en-suite dressing room Buckingham house Middlecot Quarley

18/01795/FULN | Extension to increase the size to accommodate a family, creating an additional 2 bedrooms a family bathroom and living/kitchen area Bungalow Amport Fishery

18/01847/FULLN | Construct car parking area at south end of curtilage and install gate and posts Guyatt Cottage Wiremead Lane East Cholderton

18/01500VARN | Vary conditions of 18/00716 insertion of windows at units 20,21,and 22 Mayfield Avenue

18/01894/FULLN – 18/01895/LBWN – 18/01896/FULLN – 18/01897/LBWN | Internal alterations at the Firs Furzedown lane Amport

18/02395/TREEN | Tree work at Amport House and grounds

  1. Finance

The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by IL, CH or AM – all were approved by the council.

  • SA Hoare Sept/July+Aug | £280.50/561.00
  • Mr Welch Aug/July/June | £238.00/£321.00/£101.00
  • Mr Pearce repairs | £100.00
  • PKF Littlejohn External accounts | £240.00
  • David Preston website costs | £76.70
  • Andover Glass butterfly board cover | £76.15
  • Imogen Hammer bus shelters | £25.00
  • Mr Bushnell bus shelter cleaning | £48.00
  • Carl Cafferty fallen tree | £400.00
  • Clive Hutchinson Footpaths and churchyard | £900.00
  • SSE Electrical supply on the Green | £34.73

The external audit was successfully completed with no queries arising from PKF Littlejohn.

The requisite notices and accounts have been displayed within the Parish and on the website.

  1. Chairman’s Report
  • The PC was sad to hear of the death of Tanya Garman a former Parish Councillor.
  • The water tower in the woods above Furzedown lane has again been climbed, whilst the young people of the village enjoy this it must be recognised that this could be dangerous, a rope has had to be removed this summer . Clerk to contact the landowner over the safety issues
  • The young farmers locally enjoyed a BBQ last Thursday
  • Il reported that he made a site visit re the planning application at Middlecot – Quarley
  • A thank you note has been received from Helen Walker after her daughter’s wedding reception was held on the village Green.
  • Equinox Rocks – a fund raiser for the village hall will take place on September the 29th
  • Amport Fields have written to say they are not seeking to install a play area on their residential site.
  • The planned boxercise classes didn’t run on the Green due to insufficient interest.
  • The agreed tree and hedge cutting in the extra graveyard will be organised clerk
  • The estate agents selling the old post office in Sarson lane will be asked to arrange for the cutting back of the leylandii hedge in line with the cob wall. Clerk
  • Could all councillors let IL know of their availability on the night of OCT 9 AND OCT 16
  • As the meeting date is not confirmed – please do so asap
  • There has been an awful smell in the west of the Parish for days due to muck spreading near Fox

Meeting closed at 9.45pm