Minutes – November 2018

Amport Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on November 13th 2018 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Tessa Hawkings-Byass (nee Bott), Chris Harris, Stephen Coke, Jill McAvoy, Angela Reckitt, Allan Maddern, Suzanne Hoare (Clerk) and TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown

Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

11 members of the public attended

 Apologies Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Jonny Kitson, and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks


  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the June Meeting were proposed by AM and seconded by AR

IL announced that he had received the resignation of Graham Marchant who has taken on a new role at work and is unable to give fully to the PC, Graham was thanked by the PC.

IL said he was hopeful that a new member a resident from Dauntsey lane would be co -opted in December- Vacancy notices have been posted in the Parish.


  Declaration of interests – none declared  

  1. Matters arising
  • .
  • AM advised that the vocal resident in East Cholderton did not wish to become the speed co-ordinator – the project is currently on hold.
  • Adverse possession – the solicitor acting for Daisy Cottage is currently unwell – situation on hold.
  • The church yard hedge was cut.
  1. INRG Sub -committee

IL started this item by reviewing the history of how the proposed refurbishment of the play equipment of the Green was initiated.

The INRG committee met and ideas and plans were produced for the replacement of some out of date items and the inclusion of some others.

At the June meeting a vote was taken not to include a train and a mini shed for younger children, these were felt to be to solid and obvious for the Green.

A vote was taken by 6-2 in favour of a pavilion style open shelter for parents and possibly the school to use. Subsequently at the September meeting this item was considered again as it was felt likely to impact on the resident surrounding the Green and some councillors wanted further consultation undertaken.

This has since happened and IL shared many of the comments he had received.

The common source of disquiet was the proposed Pavilion, IL reminded everyone that he had received a copy of the petition in favour of the with 104 signatures on it.

The PC was criticised for not publicising the information on the pavilion widely enough, a map displayed on the Green and news in the Parish Magazine was felt not to be enough.

Individual letters were delivered to residents of the Green.

There was criticism of the role of Facebook as a platform for discussion.

Several members of the public then reiterated these concerns.

IL reminded everyone that the PC meetings were open to all, several councillors remarked that very few people attend PC meetings.

A resident of the Green has offered to run an information day annually for all groups in the Parish to present their roles and ideas on enhancing Parish life in Amport.

IL felt the PC was left in the middle of the 2 groups, however the PC needed to follow due process, and listen to all parties. The Parish dynamic is changing and this is reflected by events like Equinox Rocks and the desire for more facilities, this was an emotive topic but he felt a compromise was achievable.

Grants were submitted for the work and the TVBC Community Grant was successful but the CIL

Application was considered a duplicate and was under the £10,000 threshold, therefore the original proposal was looked at again.

3 options were presented to the councillors at the meeting

  • Full original proposal with trains and pavilion cost £22,127.33
  • Amended to remove play train and mini huts £16,852.70
  • Based on additional community consultation – remove the pavilion and replace the K Stage 1 pieces with something more appropriate

The councillors were then shown pictures of a small wooden tee pee and an item called pick up sticks. These pictures were then shown to all members of the public present at the meeting.

The total cost the option 3 was £ 16,890 including security fencing whilst work is undertaken

A vote was then taken

All in favour of Option 3 7-0 This option was approved

The funding shortfall of £3445 will be met initially by the PC to allow the work to start.

An application for Section 106 monies will be made to recover these additional costs.

IL stated that the pavilion idea could be visited again in a year’s time, with a more sympathetic design considered.

The position of the new play equipment will have to be agreed by the Cllr responsible for the Green


IL thanked everyone who attended the meeting and those who had spent considerable time on the project.

The 11 visitors then left at 8.30 pm.

  1. Principle and Process NH

TVBC has decided that there will be no changes to the parish boundaries as a result of the current round of consultations. SC said he will attend the annual meeting of TVPATC on NOV 22nd

He asked that communication be an agenda item in December.

  1. Website AR

JM and AR met recently and are awaiting approval from Monxton to finalize the website upgrade.

It is hoped all will be finished in Dec or Jan.

Mark Barrett has agreed to the do the technical work but the PC needs to take on the updating.

  1. The Green and Fen

CH reported that the ditch alongside the Green will be dug out during a weekend in Nov/Dec.

The lengthsman will be asked to dig out the drainage ditches at the village end of Wiremead lane on the same occasion, whilst the mini digger is being used.

The moles have been reported for removal

The replacement of the front fencing on the Fen has been priced and the work is awaiting a start date.

A tree which was blown down was removed from the fen by Carl Cafferty.

Gary Benton is bringing a team of volunteers from the Hawk Conservancy down to clear excess vegetation form the millstream on the Green on November 19th.

It was felt the PC should seek to challenge Southern Water on their handling of the excess water at East Cholderton, tankering excess away is not a suitable solution to this problem and had been going on for years.

Agenda item for December – Challenge Southern Water


IL felt that thanks should go to Tim Lawton at Hampshire Highways as the flooding seems to be better at the village end of Wiremead lane.                                       This will be considered again in December


  • The millennium footpath is again causing concern on both sides, the landowner is being regularly reported to HCC, who say there is nothing wrong in his actions in ploughing the path . Sadly it is an expensive process to re route the path. PC to monitor this.
  • The new route of Footpath 23 has been finalized – this will be publicized on the website and in the Parish magazine – For further details please see the following link –http://www3.hants.gov.uk/pnadetail?noticeUID=9303
  • TH-B will now take on the up keep of footpath 9 where it crosses their land
  1. Planning Applications

18/02687/LBWN + 18/02686/FULLN Retention of reinstatement and repairs to existing eastern boundary wall   Manor Farm House Wiremead Lane

No Objection PSC

18/02675/LBWN + 18/02674/FULLN Proposed replacement of front porch following demolition of existing front porch   12 Sarson Cottages Amport   Support

7b Planning results

18/02424/TREEN Reduce Ash tree by up to 3 meters    2 Lindisfarne Monxton Road        PERMIISSION

18/02484      TREEN Fell Holly Tree    Sarson Cottage, 15 Monxton road Amport    


18/02548/TREEN T1 Ash -Crown reduce by up to 3m over next door and crown reduce by 2m at Robins, Monxton Road PERMISSION

  1. Finance

The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by CH or AM – all were approved by the    council.

SA Hoare Nov                       £293.15

Carl Cafferty tree work the fen   £275.00

Mr Welch Oct                      £132.00

Gary Light Electrical service on the Green £60.00

Monxton and Amport Village Hall rent    £160.00

Jill McAvoy daffodil bulbs   £107.04

TVATPC assoc. membership      £15.00

AM announced that work was well underway on the 2019-20 budget and if anyone still had projects to be included please could they be sent onto him asap.

  1. Chairman’s report
  • Thanks, were expressed by IL to Graham Marchant for his time spent working on APC
  • AM and T-HB attended the recent planning enforcement workshop at TBVC, they both found it useful and admitted their surprise at how much planning is retrospective.
  • Speeding in Furzedown lane will be dealt with when JK is present
  •    The Village Correspondent was asked to check the accuracy of future reports by reference to the minutes.  The comments reported of the September meeting caused upset as they were a misrepresentation of the position agreed by the PC. Describing comments made by an individual when informing the debate were misleading and unhelpful.
  1. AOB

AR -Sarah Dowling is stepping-down from the AMCC, a discussion followed whether there would be a benefit if a Cllr sought to join.

CH- cautioned that careful and considered planning would be required before proposing a different pavilion style structure.

Meeting closed at 9.40 pm