Minutes – January 2019



Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on January 15th   2019 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Chris Harris, Stephen Coke, Jonny Kitson, Angela Reckitt, Allan Maddern, Sheela Putt and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

No members of the public attended

 Apologies Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Jill McAvoy, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks and TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown

  1. Welcome 
  1. Declaration of interests  none 
  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

These were considered and proposed by CH and taking into account the comments below, seconded by SC.

  • The draft minutes were altered slightly on the advice of CH to clarify his comments on the ownership of land on Chilbolton Common. This is not the subject of an adverse possession claim.
  • The cable in the ditch on the Green has been identified by Openreach as being an obsolete telephone cable. A separate department within Openreach will visit and remove the cable.

Meanwhile it is safe for the Lengthsman to return and finish clearing the ditch, this should happen around the 24th January. The drainage ditches at the Amport end of Wiremead Lane will be dug out at the same time.

  • SC will take some photos of the footway from Fairways onto the new footpath, it is hope HCC could be persuaded to join the footway (currently grass) to the new tarmac footpath.


  1. Solar Park Funding sub-committee

There has not been a meeting of the committee but IL reported that all is proceeding well.

TVBC have approved the funding from section 106 funds and an official order has been placed.

It is expected that a pre-installation site meeting will take place shortly, with installation hopefully commencing during the last week of February.


  1. Principle and Process SC

An article on the legal processes involved at PC meetings (from Clerks and Councils Direct) will be considered by SC and a report back made if appropriate.

The clerk reminded everyone of the upcoming election and urged them to check the e mail sent out in December. Councillors are bound by these guidelines and must take their applications into TVBC personally. Queries should be answered by the links within the e-mail.


  1. Website

Recent minutes are still missing from the website, AR/JM/TH-B have had a meeting and T H-B is awaiting a response from Mark Barrett regarding a hand over session on the day to day running of the website.

This is urgent as the website is not currently being updated and is not fit for purpose. It is hoped that several councillors will become familiar with adding routine events to the site , this will make it more relevant and a more useful communication tool.                                                              T H-B and others

A further updating of the website will be put on hold until routine use is established.


  1. Communication

T H-B outlined her ideas for a business led engagement day within the Parish.

One option would be to have the event in the village hall with businesses and parish organisations each having a table to promote themselves and answer questions.

It would not be a fundraising event and would be predominantly adult in theme.

Other suggestions were made about having it on the Green and using a marquee and these will be considered.

T H-B felt September would be a good time and she would canvass local businesses to assess interest

This will be discussed further at the next meeting.


  1. The Green and Fen

CH reported that a work day on the Fen is needed, the date will be led by the availability of a chipper form either Tony Darbyshire or Will Hawkings-Byass. E- mail information will come from CH on the date.

The bridge project is progressing and it is hoped to have a drawing soon to present at TVBC.

HCC are happy with the project but TVBC may require planning permission if foundations are required.                                                                                   Ongoing

CH said he was dismayed recently whilst walking on the Green to see so many full pooh bags just left on trees or in the hedge. The signs on the Green are going to be renewed and SP said she would investigate new signs for the Green – politely asking dog owners to clear up and bin dog waste.

The clerk will source a dog waste sign for the large green bin on the Green.

JK suggested the gate on the fen should be padlocked to deter travellers – CH to consider and action



The grips will be cleared next week by the lengthsman in Wiremead Lane.

The verges in Amesbury road alongside the new footway were damaged over Christmas, this was an act of vandalism, fortunately work has begun to tidy up the area and the final coat of tarmac is currently being applied to finish the footpath.

This work has proved very popular with local people, the PC had been asking for this upgrade for at least 10 years. It is gratifying to see it completed.

 Footpaths– A quote is to be sought from the lengthsman for repairing the steps down onto Sarson lane from the Millennium footpath. The PC has used its lengthsman allowance this year but approved spending on this project as it was considered urgent.


9a.  Planning Applications

19/00025/FULLN Single storey side extension to form utility area Canberra, Sarson Lane – Amport No objection

18/02975/TPON Crown clean 2 beech trees Linden House The limes No objection subject to aboricultural  approval

18/03337/FULLN Install additional roof light, change roof slope and reduce floor level in family room etc.   12 Sarson Cottages Monxton Road. Support

18/03333/FULLN Front porch, new first floor front elevation, new ground floor rear elevation window 4    Fairways Weyhill.  No Objection planning sub-committee

19/00040 FULLN
Regularisation of agricultural structures as growing tunnels (retrospective)
Monxton Nurseries Green Lane. No objection subject to no increase in overall lighting at the site  

19/00036/TREEN Tree works as per schedule. Sarson Farm No objection subject to the aboriculturist


9b Planning results

18/03176/TREEN Crown raise 1x Lime by up to 4m Paddock south of 1and 2 Woodside cottages

No Objection by TVBC

18/02951 FULLN Erection of a detached oak framed garage with storage space above

Kimber, Sarson Lane. No Objection by TVBC


  1. Finance

 The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by CH or AM – all were approved by the    council.

SA Hoare Jan                                      £293.15

Mr Bushnell bus shelters                  £48.00

Imogen Hammer  bus shelters        £25.00

SSE The Green                                   £49.24

Mr Bushnell has decided to retire from cleaning the 4 bus stops south of the A303, he has undertaken this task for 12 years and a letter of thanks will be sent to Mr Bushnell.

Shelly Keller from Mount Pleasant has agreed to take on the task for which the PC were very grateful.


  1. Chairman’s report 
  • Ronwen Walker from Quarley had written an e mail to the chairman which was read out at the meeting.

Ronwen was complaining about a lack of response to her petition by the 25 residents in the Quarley area.

Amport PC has not seen the petition which it believes was sent to TVBC.

The petition was in response to the Community Governance review initiated by TVBC last year, this has now been concluded with no changes made to Amport or Quarley’s boundaries.

Amport was not approached by the residents within the time frame of the review therefore their wish to join Quarley Parish was not considered by Amport.

IL stated that he had invited Ronwen Walker to the February meeting of Amport PC to discuss this matter further. Amport Parish Council works hard to ensure all residents’ concerns are identified and acted on wherever possible.

  • The telephone box on the Green had its handset vandalised over Christmas, this was reported and has already been repaired.
  • The fete will be held on the 6th July
  • Night time lighting – the switching off of street lights between 1- 4am is being considered by HCC. SP stated that she will ask residents in Fairways for their views on this decision.
  • Richard Unwin has approached the PC with a request for funds to help with a project to re render the church, the project is costed at £50,000 – £17,000 has been raised already.

IL noted that £5000 was given last year to the heating fund from the INRG solar fund, he asked that a business plan be brought to the PC on this proposal, when further discussion could take place.


  1. AOB

 JK will be leaving the PC in April as his next posting which is in Afghanistan, fellow members wished him well, JK said he would be happy to re-join later if his next posting brings him back to Amport.

JK updated the PC on the problems surrounding the M&A V Hall proposals, it would appear the developer   does not own the sub station , SSE does , and this will need to be clarified before the project can move forward.

Meeting closed at 9.15 pm