Minutes – February 2019


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on  February 19th   2019 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Chris Harris, Stephen Coke, Jill McAvoy, Allan Maddern, and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk) TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown , Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

No members of the public attended

 Apologies Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Jonny Kitson, Angela Reckitt, Sheela Putt and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks


  1. Welcome 
  1. Declaration of interests  IL declared an interest as the neighbour to the application for  planning at 4 Sarson barns 
  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by SC and seconded by CH

  • SC stated that he was still trying to get to the site of the footway on Amesbury road to take photos- this is on-going.
  • Notice boards on the Green, held over as SP was absent.
  • Ronwen Walker has sent a message to say she was unable to attend tonight’s meeting regarding Quarley PC boundary.


  1. Solar Park Funding sub-committee

The play area refurbishment is due to start on Monday 25th February.

The section 106 monies have been received from TVBC 


  1. Principle and Process SC

The article on the legal processes involved at PC meetings (from Clerks and Councils Direct) was considered by SC. He reported back that the PC was conforming with all the its legal obligations and the presentation and information included in the minutes was correct.


  1. Sale of Garages and land in Amport by Aster

The proposed auction was held with very little notice and therefore the matter could not be discussed by the Parish Council before it occurred.

The PC was contacted by several concerned residents at both sites, the garages and land at the top of Sarson Close and the garages and land at Mount Pleasant.

IL wrote to the solicitors handling the sale at Sarson close to remind the seller of the footpath.

TVBC planning stated that they could say little until a change of use or permission was applied for but that they would take into account parking within the locality.

The auction took place and the Mount Pleasant site sold for £37,000.

The site at the top of Sarson Close sold for £30,000.

The PC stated that it would do all it could to represent the resident’s interests going forward. 


  1. Website

T H-B stated that she is learning as she goes but that she has been successful in bringing the websites information up to date.

Minutes will appear more quickly along with Agendas and notifications of Parish events.

The new style website is still being worked on.

IL thanked T H-B for her work on bringing the communication issue into sharper focus. 


  1. Communication

The clerk asked if the PC felt she needed to display the current minutes in the local bus shelters.  It was decided that the new website was the correct place for such information. 


  1. The Green and Fen
  • Fen work – a working party day is proposed for March 2nd, please meet at the Green in the morning, coffee and rolls will be provided and a donation to Tony Darbyshire was approved in principle, to be confirmed at the March meeting.                      CH
  • As the boardwalk across the mill stream will be a temporary structure it was unanimously voted to go ahead with this project. Will Hawkings-Byass will be consulted on this project and a budget of £1400 was approved by all councillors present. CH

Highways–      Councillors present were asked to continue taking photos and report will then be sent to Hampshire Highways with the aim to gain more improvements in Wiremead Lane.

Footpaths– The quote from Premier grounds and maintenance to replace the steps from the millennium footpath down onto Sarson lane was £982 plus VAT, to cover the existing steps with chicken wire would be £120 plus VAT.

The route of this footpath is currently under debate, the land owner would prefer a path which went around the field as a pose to directly across it. In consideration of this, the second option of wire to improve safety in the short term was approved by all present.

The issue of moving the footpath will be looked into with regarding cost and time span.        Clerk /TH-B


 10a.  Planning Applications

18/03210/FULLN Form new vehicular access with entrance piers and timber gates Copper Beeches, Monxton Rd.  Objection – difficult sight lines on narrow lane PSC

19/00130/TREEN T1 WILLOW -reduce /pollard up to 5m 2 Lindisfarne Monxton Rd. No objection subject to the arboriculturist PSC

19/00143/TREEN- T1 Silver birch fell, T2 Unknown species -fell The Old Post Cottage Monxton rd. No objection subject to the arboriculturist PSC

19/00259/FULLN Erection of agricultural barn   Land at Lime cottage Dauntsey Lane Weyhill No comment

The Chairman IL handed control of the next application to CH in regard to his declared interest and withdrew.

19/00273/FULLN Single storey rear extension to re -configure ground floor layout 4 Sarson Barns  Objection -Overdevelopment, the roof above the walkway and log stack is considered too high, effectively blocking evening light to the neighbouring property.

19/00267/LBWN Retention of reinstatement and repairs to existing eastern boundary wall Manor Farm House East Cholderton    Support


10b Planning results

18/03197/FULLN Single storey side extension to provide additional living space – Harcourt House, Amesbury Road, Weyhill PERMISSION

18/03333/FULLN Front porch, new first floor front elevation window, new ground floor rear elevation window and internal reconfiguration – 4 Fairways, Weyhill, Andover PERMISSION

19/00040/FULLN Regularisation of agricultural structures as growing tunnels (retrospective) – Monxton Nurseries, Green Lane, Monxton    PERMISSION

19/00130/TREEN T1 WILLOW -reduce /pollard up to 5m  2 Lindisfarne Monxton Rd. PERMISSION

19/00143/TREEN- T1 Silver birch fell, T2 Unknown species -fell The Old Post Cottage Monxton rd. PERMISSION



The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by CH or AM – all were approved by the    council. A budget update was circulated, there were no queries from councillors.

SA Hoare Feb                     £293.15

Carl Cafferty tree work      £225.00

Litter picking equipment    £73.35

Mr Pearce – move dog bin   £100.00

Padlock for the Fen             £43.88

Premier grounds ditch clearance £648.00

Andover Pest Control     moles     £120.00


  1. Chairman’s report
  • L shared with the PC that a number of Councillors had informed him that they had decided to step-down from serving on the PC and that they would not re-apply for service at the May 19 registration.  Two colleagues will be moving abroad with work commitments and a third is retiring.  We will naturally thank them for their service at the April meeting.
  • SP reported that only a small proportion of residents at Fairways have replied about the street lights switch off- this matter will continue to be looked at.                                                                                                                                              SP
  • Vehicle monitoring wires have been seen on the road outside the Old Post Office ZB to be asked if she knows its purpose.                                                       clerk
  • The excellent Primary School SATS results will be put on the website. The school continues to excel and be a credit to the Parish.
  • T H-B has been working on her Engagement Day, further approaches will be made to local businesses and a report made at the next meeting
  • There is a Fun Run being organised for March 3rd – 3,5 and 10K starting on the Green.
  • A Football match is planned for March 17th on the Green.
  • The Church fundraising pamphlet will be published on the website.
  • A village clean-up is planned to coincide with the Fen working party on March 2nd, anyone wishing to help, please come to the Green in the morning- this will be advertised on the website.
  • A sign will be erected to give advance notice of the start of work on the new play area. -Feb 25th

There was no AOB

Meeting closed at 9-10pm

Date of next meeting  MARCH 19TH