Minutes – March 2019

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on March 19th 2019 at 7.30 pm in the
Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris, Jill McAvoy, Allan Maddern, Angela Reckitt, and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent
No members of the public attended
Apologies; Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Jonny Kitson, TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks

1. Welcome
IL announced that Sheela Putt would no longer be joining the PC due to work commitments, however Allan Maddern had changed his mind and decided to seek election again in May, this was welcomed by fellow councillors with reference to his role on the finance sub-committee.

2. Declaration of interests AR declared an interest in the planning application at The White Cottage.

3. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by AM and seconded by CH
No information on the road monitoring opposite Amport Mill was forthcoming.

4. Solar Park Funding sub-committee
A review will be undertaken to assess how much of the INRG Solar money is left. AM
A final project to consider could be the renovation of gates to the church yard – costs are invited.

5. Principle and Process SC
SC reported via e mail that there were no outstanding concerns.

6. Website
IL reported that the flow of information onto the website was vastly improved and thanked T H-B in her absence
JM/AR had met with T H-B to review progress.
Ideas for additions to the website include a gallery of old photos and items of interest from the parish magazine.

7. Communication
An ongoing item, T H-B will update at the next meeting.

8. The Green and Fen
Tony Darbyshire and Will Hawkings-Byass led a team of volunteers clearing dangerous /dead trees on the Fen on March 2nd.
As a thank you to Tony and his colleague a donation of £119-50 was made towards maintenance costs.
This was approved by all parish councillors present.
The cost of the hire of the chipper through Green Flints will also be met (£250).
The excellent day’s work will save the cost of clearing fallen trees after storms.
3 Volunteers started on a village clear up by collecting litter from Wiremead lane and the Grateley road. IL asked the PC for approval to order 5 more sets of hoops, bags, pickers and high ‘vis ‘vests to enable a larger work party to be organised later in the year.
This equipment will be available for any parishioners who would like to keep their local area clean.
This already happens at East Cholderton where 3 volunteer residents regularly clear the A303 slip roads. Volunteers could make a big difference in the Parish as TVBC and HCC often have little manpower for such tasks.
It has been reported that the slip roads near Quarley are particularly bad near the entrance to the business park – this will be reported to TVBC. clerk

CH reported that Will Hawkings-Byass is hoping to install the walk way across to the Fen on the weekend of 30/3/19. This will improve the Green/Fen environment.

Highways- The recent work at the Amport end of Wiremead lane, with the installation of a kerb is a great improvement. Sadly, it needs to go further in the direction of East Cholderton as this part of the lane is still a narrow muddy mess. The issue of flooding will continue to be monitored and photo evidence supplied to HCC. As part of the work the ditches were dug out again at East Cholderton and the bridge cracks repaired at Waterloo bridge.

A tree is down on the footpath near Nether Cottage, the landowner will be contacted to clear the tree. Clerk
The large tree cleared on the footpath up from Waterloo bridge was removed by Kurt Morton not by Tony Darbyshire as was suggested by the local paper.
The route of the Millennium footpath was considered by members of the PC.
HCC has a backlog of cases for diverting footpaths and it could take years if the new route was not approved by all parties.
The land owner was not in favor of the path being diverted round the northern edge of the field adjacent to the Hawk Conservancy, The PC felt a diversion to the southern edge next to Sarson close would remove the link to the footpath opposite – No 4 going up past Pipers Hill Farm. This would be unlikely to be supported by the ramblers and Open Access.
A compromise suggested by the landowner would be supported by the PC.
The original footpath would stay but an additional fenced in 3-meter-wide grass strip would be set aside on the southern field boundary parallel to Sarson close. This would allow dog walkers a circular route from Sarson close without too much road work. This would not be ploughed and would keep the dogs off the farm crop.
The steps down from the millennium footpath still need repairing, netting will be put in place in the short term, with their replacement being scheduled for the lengthsman next year.

9a Planning applications
19/00428/FULLN Erection of attached dwelling and construction of vehicular access 4 Fairways Weyhill. Objection – overbearing development with highway concerns due to proximity of road junction and increased car numbers causing parking congestion.

19/00510/TREEN Crown lift 1 Silver birch Bec Cottage Monxton Road
No objection subject to aboricultural approval

19/004337/VARN Vary condition 02 of 17/ 03318/FULLN Demolish existing garage and build new house and 2 separate detached garages etc. at The Beeches Furzedown Lane Amport No objection

19/00421/FULLN Retention for 3 years of temporary porta-cabin (ancillary B.1a office), ports loo, B8 storage container and area of gravel yard plus short gravel track connecting to existing farm track Storage Land, Weyhill Farm -Amesbury road.
No objection on a temporary basis

19/00586/TREEN Fell 3 fir trees Woodside Furzedown house
No objection subject to aboricultural approval

19/00585//TREEN Silver Birch 1x reduction 3 The Eights – Chapel close
No objection subject to aboricultural approval

19/00608/FULLN Erection of dwelling, White Cottage, The Green
A majority decision – No objection with concerns on traffic and access on Keepers Hill and further concerns on ‘piggyback development’. On a positive side the plans were in keeping with the VDS.

19/00611/VARN To vary condition 2 (approved plans) of 18/00036/FULLN to incorporate elevational changes to openings and chimneys
The Long House Dauntsey Drove. No objection

9b Planning results
18/03197/FULLN Single storey side extension to provide additional living space –
Harcourt House, Amesbury Road, Weyhill PERMISSION

18/03333/FULLN Front porch, new first floor front elevation window, new ground floor rear elevation window and internal reconfiguration –
4 Fairways, Weyhill, Andover PERMISSION

18/03337/FULLN Install additional roof light, change roof slope in family room from flat to pitch, reduce floor level in family room and patio area, alterations to retaining walls within patio area and exterior garden staircase
12 Sarson Cottages, Monxton Road, Amport – PERMISSION

19/00025/FULLN Single storey side extension to form utility area –
Canberra, Sarson Lane, Amport PERMISSION

18/02477/FULLN Removal of existing barn, and the erection of a detached dwelling and garage; with associated parking, turning, landscaping, private amenity space, and access arrangements.  Georgia Farm Buildings, Georgia Lane, Amport – PERMISSION

18/03210/FULLN Form new vehicular access with entrance piers and timber gates
Copper Beeches, Monxton Rd. PERMISSION

19/00259/FULLN Erection of agricultural barn Land at Lime cottage Dauntsey Lane Weyhill – PERMISSION

10. Finance
The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by CH or AM – all were approved by the council.
The play area invoice will be processed if possible in this financial year.

SA Hoare Mar £293.15
Litter picking equipment £114.84
Donation to maintenance workers day on Fen £119.50
Carl Cafferty tree work £225.00
Dog bin annual fee for emptying £131.10
Water bill £34.65
Imogen Hammer bus shelter cleaning £25.00
Shelly Kellers bus shelter cleaning £48.00
One years admin expenses including refreshments for the FEN day, welcome packs and security tape £223.60
The electric bill is now paid by direct debit each month- amounts will be published regularly in the minutes.

11 Chairman’s report
• IL has received an anonymous complaint about vegetation being burnt at the cricket club
with smoke blowing onto the road. No evidence was supplied, the PC will make enquiries and scale the problem
• IL felt it was a great shame that vehicles have driven on the new verges next the path on Amesbury road.
• Sheela Putt although resigning will continue to research new signs for the Green.
• TVATPC the current chair is stepping down.

12. AOB
JM asked for the latest information on the Village Hall- IL stated that nothing seems to be happening at present.

– Meeting closed at 9-30pm-

Date of next meeting APRIL 15TH

This will include the ANNUAL PARISH MEETING FIRST AT 7-30