Minutes September 2019


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on September 17th 2019 at 7-30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Allan Maddern, Angela Reckitt, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Jill McAvoy and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood, TVBC Councillor David Coole
and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes
Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent,
4 members of the public attended
Apologies; None


  1. Welcome IL welcomed everyone back after the summer recess including the visitors tonight;
    Martin and Sally Baker, Elizabeth and Abby Bray.
  2. Declaration of interests None
  3. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by SC and seconded by CH

• The problems with ditch erosion alongside the Green – still no contact from HCC ZB to follow up
• The repair needed on the junior swings was reported TVBC. Their department made the repair at no cost to Amport due to a delay in completing the job.
• The gazebo and stall at the summer fete was deemed a success and will be repeated next year. The PC should consider sponsoring an activity or game to support the event.
Thanks, were expressed to T H-B for her work on this.

  1. Solar funding and Capital Projects.
    Nothing to report AM
  2. Principle and Process
    Nothing to report on this topic SC
  3. Planning
    • IL decided at this point to change the agenda to discuss planning issues which were current and to involve 2 visitors to tonight’s meeting.
    IL had received a letter from Mrs. Bray who owns a piece of land near Mullenscote Park. North of the A303.
    The 5-acre site currently falls outside the permitted development boundary for planning consideration. Mrs. Bray would like to see the site developed principally for social and affordable housing for young families who have a connection with the area. She is very aware that local people find it very difficult to buy locally as property prices are high.
    IL said that the PC could only comment on applications as they came before the committee and that they held no special sway with the planning authority. Land offered under the SHELA scheme only suggested that owners would like to develop the land it did not mean that TVBC would automatically grant planning on the site.
    Cllr Flood repeated the principles as IL had stated them, saying that each application would be subject to the same scrutiny and would need to fall within local and national guidelines. These principles would apply however worthy the application was.
    IL summarised saying APC would look favorably at supporting local people whenever it was appropriate.
    • The PC was made aware of problem with planning applications in general.
    The Environment Agency and Natural England were in conflict with each other and were awaiting a European Court judgement, this concerns the leeching of nitrates into the soil during the building process and any pollution that might result.
    Until that is resolved applications will be held up, MF to pass on any current information as it arises from TBVC

Two visitors left the meeting

6a Planning applications
19/01486TREEN Fell 5 conifer Woodside House PSC No objection subject to aboricultural approval
19/01441/FULLN Erection of dwelling No Objection PSC comments as before
A majority decision – No objection with concerns on traffic and access on Keepers Hill and further concerns on ‘piggyback development’. On a positive side the plans were in keeping with the VDS.
19/01528/FULLN Single storey side extension to form annexe comprising living room, kitchen, utility, bathroom and bedroom Pitswarren Cholderton RD
PSC No Objection
19/01962/VARN Variation of layout at 2 Amesbury road Weyhill Andover
PSC No Comment
19/02039/FULLN Single storey rear extension to provide extended kitchen /dining room utility and w.c House Martin Amesbury rd . PSC No objection
19/02078/FULLN 10/02078/FULLN addition of 2 roof lights and chimney to outbuilding (retrospective) Bramley house Dauntsey Lane Weyhill PSC No objection

6b Planning results
19/01486TREEN Fell 5 conifer Woodside House PERMISSION
Application no: 18/00490/CLEN
Site: Mobile Home, Middlecot Stables, Middlecot, Quarley
Decision Type: Pending
Appeal Decision: Dismissed
19/00916/FULLN Erection of a conservatory, swimming pool, and carport, and insert roof light – The Firs, Furzedown Lane, Amport REFUSE
Re-ordering of ground floor accommodation to provide boot room, snug and extended garage with first floor extension to provide additional accommodation –
Longacre, Dauntsey Lane, Weyhill PERMISSION
17/00204 Alteration and refurbishment of the staddle stones barns to be used as ancillary accommodation and the erection of a three bay cart barn – The Old Farm, The Green, Amport REFUSE

  1. Website
    AR reported all was going well with the website
    T H-B reported that she is going to produce a new draft website layout using WIX software.
    T H-B would also like to produce a monthly newsletter, the success of this would depend on the number of people happy to allow the website to use their e mails addresses.
    Clerk to ask Richard Waterman how other local parishes deal with this.

8 Communication
T H-B was still keen on the idea of a business engagement day within the parish. A date suggested was March 21st 2020 – this would give time to prepare as T H-B would like to visit and involve all local businesses.
CH discussed the Walk -Talk idea – this involves visiting parts of the Parish where communication and engagement with residents is not easy. A leaflet drop would inform residents that Parish Councillors would be in the locality for about an hour should they have any issues to discuss.
Areas to be visited could include Weyhill, Elmstead Park,Quarley and Mullenscote.

9 The Green and Fen
• A request has been received to hold a wedding on the Green next year. Councillors have considered that matter over the summer break and have agreed that the event should be allowed to go ahead.
The wedding has a connection to the local vicar and emphasis has been placed on noise consideration
i.e music stopping at 11pm and the proper provision of parking.
• Mr Welch as continued cutting the grass through the summer and all looks well.
• The superb new signs have been completed by Di Darbyshire at the cost of a minimal donation
• Mr Pearce will be asked to mend the picnic bench on the Fen
• In October Gary Benton and fellow colleagues from the Hawk Conservancy will undertake to clear the top end of the Fen.
• The moles have returned to the Green and will be dispatched as the soil hills make mowing very difficult.
• 300 native daffodils will be planted on the banks of the ditch on the Green this Autumn JM
• The Watercress and Winterbournes need letters of support for their project
CH will distribute a draft letter on this and IL will put it up on Facebook to aid publicity, these are very important to help promote a successful bid for funding , letters must be in by the end of September.

Awaiting communication from Hampshire Highways re repairs to the verge edge and further improvement works to flooded side edges to Wiremead Lane.


During Augusta tree fell across the footpath and into the river opposite the Hawk – this was on HCC land but to expediate matters it was cleared by Amport PC.

10.Tree planting legacy
AM informed the council that several meetings had taken place with Chris Harris and Simon Chessire a local landowner. AM distributed a report on this item.
SC would like to create an avenue of trees from the water tower down towards the farm yard.
Applications for funding are pending on a final choice of trees. Currently SC would like to see alternate ball planted Beech and Oak, with some Birch closer to the farm.
T H-B asked how much these trees would cost and what size they were
AM quotes from one supplier suggests 12cm trunk trees will cost £200 each.
SC would like to see the trees thrive in his lifetime, fundraising will be needed to help finalise the project.
JMc was worried about the choice of trees, AM stated that Hampshire Wildlife would provide an overview on this project before funding was approved.
AM thought that residents might wish to donate a tree in memory of a loved one.
This is an ongoing item and will be on the agenda next month.

  1. Southern Water
    SC attended the workshop set up by Southern Water and managed a one to one talk on the particular problems in our area with flood waters coming up the drain system. This has resulted in tankers queuing in the Parish to pump away dilute sewage to prevent it running into the roads.
    SC managed to get an e mail address for the manager and hopes to get some answers with regard to future capital projects.
    IL suggested the setting up of a twitter account on this matter and putting this forward as a topic for discussion at the forthcoming TVATPC meeting/ workshop on September 21st .
    This is a perennial problem that needs the investment of time and money to resolve
  2. Finance
    The clerk reported that the external audit had been returned form the Accountants.
    AM stated that some small movements within the budget were necessary and sought approval for these.
    £2400 will be moved from Election Expenses as follows;
    £800 into Discretionary payments
    £600 into Footpaths
    £1000 into Capital
    The accounts were approved by PKF Littlejohn and the necessary notice posted.
    A 3-month spending review (attached) was sent to Councillors previously- there were no questions at the meeting.
    The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by CH or AM – all were approved by the council.
    Account Service Cheque Number Date Payee Amount
    Green Grass cutting 001479 09-7-2019 R Welch 260.00
    Footpaths Footpath cutting 001480 09-7-2019 C Hutchinson 800.00
    Discretionary Gate repair 001481 11-7-2019 Chappell builders 786.00
    Green Grass cutting 001482 13-8-2019 R Welch 238.00
    Administration Salary 001483 13-8-2019 S A Hoare 364.85
    Discretionary Green signs 001484 26-8-2019 C Harris 37.00
    Footpaths Tree removal 001485 26-8–2019 Carl Cafferty 160.00
    Areas Sign repair 001486 02-9-2019 B Pearce 250.00
    Administration Salary 001487 02-9-2019 S A Hoare 364,85
    Administration Accountancy 001488 17-9-2019 PKF Littlejohn 240.00
    Areas Bus shelter cleaning 001490 17-9-2019 Shelly Kellers 48.00
    Areas Bus shelter cleaning 001491 17-9-2019 Imogen Hammer 25.00
    Administration Salary 001492 17-9-2019 S A Hoare 364.85
    Capital Gazebo purchase 001493 17-9-2019 T. Hawkings-Byass148.39
    Services Electric DD JULY Kinex 42.12
    Services Electric DD AUG Kinex 12.99
  3. Chairman’s report

• 2020 is the year of culture at TVBC
• TVAPTC workshop this weekend – can anyone else attend at short notice?, the next scheduled meeting is in November .
• Kate Cavalier would like to put a Christmas Tree on the Green as access via Amport House to the Church is restricted this year – Councillors voted £100 for this project.
• Helen Walker was concerned about the debris left by SSE on the south side of the Green – but this has now gone.
• IL reported that the Neighbourhood plan out for feedback by Charlton PC is very good – please look at it if you are interested.
• Margaret Ruffell has said she would like to build a house on her land to move into , again this is an issue where the PC can only comment, as and when an application is made.
• Helen Vaas an information Officer from SSE may visit the October Meeting.
• Cllr David Coole has been involved with the residents at Elmstead park, TVBC may be able to offer services to the residents and talks are continuing, several disabled residents have mobility issues.
• The fete was a great success this year but the final clear was a bit tardy – hopefully an improvement can be put in place for next year.

  1. AOB
    MF /DC reminded councillors of the grants available to them
    Unity can provide a min bus service to suit peoples needs , this may be of help to the residents at Elmstead park.
    Andrew Pilley could be invited to talk at PC meeting on this and other community engagement issues
    TVBC are hosting a French market in Andover on Friday
    Sunday sees the Festival of Motoring come to Andover town centre – please come along
    AM asked if the hedge alongside the slip road from the west bound A303 could be cut back to allow the clearing up of litter ZB

Meeting closed at 9-15pm