Minutes October 2019


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on October 14th 2019 at 7-30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Allan Maddern, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Jill McAvoy and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood, TVBC Councillor David Coole
Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent,
No members of the public attended
Apologies; Stephen Coke, Angela Reckitt and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes


  1. Welcome IL welcomed everyone to tonight’s meeting – IL informed the council that for personal reasons Angela Reckitt had resigned from the Parish Council.
    IL thanked AR in her absence for all the hard work she had undertaken with the website and for her role as school liaison officer .
  2. Declaration of interests None- other than notes in the planning section
  3. Talk by Helen Vass from SSEN
    Helen Vass introduced herself as a customer and community advisor working for SSEN
    Her role is to help make sure vulnerable members of the community receive extra support and help quickly in case of a power cut.
    Helen brought along forms to fill in via online, phone or post to register as a priority.
    In the event of a power cut, vulnerable customers from any supply company get priority help as needed, this may be a generator or help collecting medicines etc.
    Her details are as follows if anyone has any questions or require more forms. helen.vass@sse.com mobile 07876837305
    There is a special number to ring when you experience a power cut 105. You can also download an app to your smart phone called powertrack which allows very easy reporting of power cuts and gives information on supply problems in your area.
    This information will be put on Facebook and the website.
    Helen reported that she is also able to give support and advice in cases of fuel poverty as discounts and grants may be available.
    IL thanked Helen and said that her briefing had been very useful as all the information presented tonight was news to the Parish. Helen Vass then left the meeting at 7-45pm.
  4. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by AM

• The problems with ditch erosion alongside the Green – A telephone call had been received from Hampshire Highways stating that the verge erosion has been noted for work but that they were unable to say when this might happen.
• An impasse has occurred in the planning department at TVBC over the problems of nitrates leeching into water courses due to property being built. MF said that no movement on this issue was forthcoming and had no date when the matter would be resolved. MF to update when information become available.
• The clerk has obtained a form from Richard Waterman about collecting data and T H-B has found a generic one as well, these will be combined to create an Amport form for those wishing to receive e mail information from the PC
• Southern Water Nothing has been received from Southern Water following our questions on investment in this area.

  1. Solar funding and Capital Projects.
    Nothing to report AM
  2. Principle and Process
    Nothing to report on this topic SC
  3. Website
    T H-B is keen to improve the website further and will try and put our website under the Hugo Fox design
    This may take some time and is an ongoing project.
    T H-B is keen to get the newsletter up and running as Facebook has its limitations on usage with older members of the community. Adverts and self-promotion on the community Facebook site are diluting the benefit of using this news medium.
  4. Communication
    T H-B stated that this is ongoing and preparation work is underway for the date in March next year.
    Walk -Talk brief – CH is still keen to get this initiative going, the PC is waiting to hear back from the General Manager at Rosebourne to see if they are happy for this to go ahead.
    It would be good for this to happen before Xmas but if not the project can be delayed.
  5. Tree Legacy
    AM reported that the Woodland Trust mostly dealt with schools and gave out saplings rather than grants.
    The Forestry Commission was also focused on woodland planting with farmers having large areas to plant.
    Next spring is the deadline for applying to the Hampshire and Wildlife trust . The councillors present feel this is a very worthwhile project and will keep working to try and get it to happen. Most councillors felt that individuals would sponsor trees in their own names or as a memorial. This could be a useful source of revenue.
    The school wants to look at planting trees on the fen – this will be pursued.
    It was felt that the PC could also plant a new tree (s) on the Green – CH to look a
  6. The Green and Fen
    CH felt the drains alongside the green needed clearing again this Autumn and it was agreed that a quote would be sought to clear this ditch, the one at Waterloo bridge and the run-off ditch by the pumping station at East Cholderton clerk 300 bulbs are to be planted on the Green JMc and CH to advertise for helpers on Facebook.
    CH asked for approval to get some turf to repair the ground around the play equipment -up to £100 was approved.
    The goal posts are looking scruffy, it was suggested that the school be contacted to see if any parents would be willing to rub them down and repaint then before a contractor for the job was sought. Clerk
    Gary Benton and his team from the Hawk Conservancy will be coming in November to clear up the far end of the fen.
    As ever problems continue with areas of flooding in the Parish and Potholes are on the increase , they seem to be marked but never repaired.
    ZB is helping with the quest of cutting back the hedge on the A303 slip road, this need to be done before litter clearance by volunteers can happen, Thruxton PC seem unhappy about our lack of action. Amport PC will not risk volunteers until the hedges are cut well back
    Footpaths- nothing to report

19/02233/FULLN Erection of replacement dwelling, following demolition of existing dwelling Amport Trout Fishery, Wiremead Lane. Amport
PSC No Objection – (T H-B declared an interest)
19/02346/LBWN Removal of modern chapel military memorial wall, stained glass and wooden architrave; RAF memorial stained-glass window pane in the hall and their relocation to a new base for the Armed Force Chaplaincy Service. Replacement of existing with pained glass version – replacement of 4 chandeliers with standard fittings Amport House, Furzedown Lane. No Comment
A solar company is planning an application just outside our Parish near Cholderton.
IL will try and attend an open meeting on October the 22nd, however as it will not be within the Parish our comments will probably hold little weight.
The PC will further the cause of anyone living within the Parish of Amport should any concerns arise.

  1. Finance
    The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by CH or AM – all were approved by the council.
    Account Service Cheque Number Date Payee Amount £
    Green Grass cutting 001496 14-10-2019 R Welch 260.00
    Footpaths Street lighting 001495 14 10-2019 HCC 83.46
    Administration Salary 001497 14-10-2019 S A Hoare 364.85
    Services Electric DD SEPT Kinex – 2.85
  2. Chairman’s report
    • IL expressed the condolences of the PC on the death of Oliver Sutton during the summer.
    Oliver served on the PC for 5 years and was vice chairman for most of that time, he was involved in local community and will be missed.
    • Please e mail by 31-10-19 proposals for project which might be included in next years budget, the precept will be decided at the December meeting after discussions in November.
    • The need for new Parish Councillors was discussed and everyone was urged to contact potential applicants, everyone seems wary of commitments but the PC does allow local people to promote and improve their community. It helps spread the work if we have a full complement of councillors.

Potential dates for next year – not yet agreed


  1. AOB
    MF -TVBC will come and clear up leaves if there are any problem areas in the Parish.
    MF – Precept-in the future Parish councils may be subject to a cap on increases, this will not happen before 2012.
    DC – David had attended a meeting dealing with the improvements needed at Elmstead Park, the residents rejected a plan for them to pay for roadway improvements etc and the owners are refusing to pay either. TVBC is attempting to mediate in this dispute, the site owners have rejected paying for improvements at other local sites. Therefore, this problem remains.
    Marl Lee at TVBC is pushing for a solution.

Meeting closed at 8-45 pm