Minutes November 2019


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on November 19th 2019 at 7-30 pm in the
Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood, TVBC Councillor David Coole
Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent,
No members of the public attended
Apologies; Tessa Hawkings-Byass and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes


  1. Welcome IL welcomed everyone to tonight’s meeting
  2. Declaration of interests None
  3. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by JMc

The ditch erosion alongside the Green – This work was started in October but left unfinished by the contractors, ZB has been in touch with HCC regarding this and the PC is awaiting the completion of the work. Sadly, the hardcore along the edge of the roadway only seems to encourage cars to drive on it.

A delay in processing planning applications at TVBC is occurring because of an impasse between the Environment Agency and Natural England. The problem of nitrates leeching into water courses when a development takes place is the subject of an EU directive. MF said that no resolution was in sight on this issue and no date was available for when the matter would be resolved. MF to update when information becomes available.

Floyd Cooper from Southern Water is attending the next Parish Council Meeting to talk about investment and improvement plans for the Pill Hill Brook area of the Parish. It is hoped he may shed some light on the annual tankering problem and excess dilute sewage within the Parish. He will be the first speaker at 7-30pm on the 10th December meeting of Amport Parish Council – visitors are most welcome.

A quote will be sought for maintenance work on some drainage ditches
At Waterloo Bridge At the pumping station at East Cholderton The top end of the ditch on the Green -by the Phone Box. This year the Lengthsman scheme hours are being used to replace the footpath steps leading down onto Sarson lane form the Millennium footpath. Next year they will be available for this type of work.

The School were asked after the last meeting to enquire if any parents would be willing to repaint the goal posts on the Green which are used by children. No offers of help were forthcoming and this will now be undertaken in the spring by Ray Hoare and Chris Harris as volunteers.

  1. Solar funding and Capital Projects.
    Nothing to report AM
  2. Principle and Process
    Nothing to report on this topic SC
  3. Website
    Nothing to report as T H-B away
  4. Communication
    The walk -talk communication proposal has been postponed until next year.
  5. Tree Legacy
    Discussions are continuing with Simon Chessire with regard to this project, it is now expected to involve an avenue in excess of 80 trees. A local charitable trust is likely to become involved, offering a grant and matched funding. The other grant applications need to be submitted in the spring. The likely planting schedule will be from next Autumn if the project proceeds successfully. The PC is keen for this project to succeed.
    AM to update at the next meeting.
  6. The Green and Fen
    The PC has decided to plant a disease resistant Elm tree on the Green near the site of an old willow.
    A quote will be obtained and approval sought from the PC – it is hoped to get this planted before Xmas. An amount of up to £150 was approved by those councillor’s present.

Highways – Waterloo bridge has been damaged and bricks knocked off the top. ZB will be asked to report this to Highways.
Wiremead Lane continues to be a mess, the work on drainage undertaken last summer was very successful in one area but this needs to be replicated in several other places. It’s very disappointing that this road does not receive the work needed to make it safe for all users throughout the wet months of the year. ZB to be asked for further help.
Mr Pearce has mended the picnic table in the fen.

Footpaths – Path 13 from Fox to the Quarley road is blocked again, a large tree has fallen across the path. Carl Cafferty will be asked to make the path accessible to walkers.
A stile needs repair at Pipers Hill. JM to ask owners to make it safe.
A finger post is need in the field to guide walkers – clerk to see if HCC can provide one.
The steps down onto Sarson close are on the schedule of work for the lengthsman – this to be followed up

19/02632TREEN Fell 1 scots pine Red Gables – Monxton Rd. No objection subject to aboricultural approval

19/02643TREEN Fell 1 horse chestnut, crown reduce 1 willow – Flagons Monxton Road. No objection subject to aboricultural approval

19/02631FULLN Extension of bird of prey hospital The Hawk Conservancy No objection


The application at the Black Swan in Monxton has been withdrawn.

The replacement house at Amport Trout Fishery has been approved.


  1. Finance
    The following cheques were signed at the meeting or before by CH or AM – all were approved by the council.
    Account Service Cheque Number Date Payee Amount £
    Green Grass cutting 001500 19-11-2019 R Welch 260.00
    Green New turf 001499 19-11-2019 C Harris 27.00
    Administration Salary 001502 19-11-2019 S A Hoare 364.85
    Services Electric DD OCT Kinex 10.61
    Administration Website 001503 19-11-2019 D Preston 98.28
    Green Moles 001501 19-11-2019 Andover P Control 120.00

The budget setting meeting will take place on the 2nd DEC at 2-30pm

  1. Chairman’s report
    – Amport school has once again been very successful in the national tables
    – Johnny Kitson contacted the PC and assured them that parking will still be available on the verge opposite the church.
    – Amport House is up for sale by the MOD it is hoped that any development there will benefit the Parish.
    – The hedges up on the A303 slip road have not been cut back sufficiently to allow safe litter picking by volunteers contact ZB
    -] The solar panels project just outside our parish is immense around 230 acres – it is doubted that our comments will have much influence.
  2. AOB
    SC Further to the visit at the next meeting by Floyd Cooper, he is interested in the Winterbournes project.
    DC Drop in session at the White Hart hotel on December 2nd to see plans for Andover Vision.
    The masterplan can be seen and discussed at 4 bridge street from 10-18 December
    MF Electric charging points are up and running in Andover car parks and the payment machines for parking tickets now accept contactless payment.
    Father Christmas will be in the Chantry Centre on Saturday and Sundays in December, Saturdays only in November.

Parish Council Meeting dates 2020:

FEB no meeting
No meeting in July or August.

Meeting closed at 8-50 pm