Minutes December 2019


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on December 10th 2019 at 7-30 pm in the
Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood,  Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent, Floyd Cooper –Southern Water   No members of the public attended
Apologies; TVBC Councillor David Coole and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes

1. Welcome IL welcomed everyone to tonight’s meeting

2. Declaration of interests None

3. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by SC

• The ditch erosion alongside the Green – The HCC contractors came back and laid soil and grass seed on the hardcore verge, with the wet weather this was almost immediately sprayed out onto the road surface by vehicles passing over it. This has made the road conditions worse than they were before. Photos will be taken and this issue addressed as a matter of urgency at the next meeting. The road alongside the Green is a mess and a solution to this problem needs to be found.

• A delay in processing planning applications at TVBC is occurring because of an impasse between the Environment Agency and Natural England. No solution has been found to this problem and MF will pass on any information as and when it becomes available.

• The maintenance work on some drainage ditches in the Parish will be undertaken on the weekend 14-15 December
The Lengthsman scheme hours are being used to replace the footpath steps leading down onto Sarson lane from the Millennium footpath. This will take place on Friday 13th December.

• The tree blocking footpath 13 has been cleared by Carl Cafferty and the stile at the start of Footpath
4 has been replaced, a finger post advising the route of footpath 4 has been requested from HCC.

4. Presentation by Floyd Cooper of Southern Water.
A handout provided by Floyd Cooper has been scanned and attached to these minutes.
Floyd Cooper started by introducing himself as the County Customer Services Manager saying that a copy of the current Infiltration Reduction Plan was available on the Southern Water Website.   This details the plans for the management and reduction of water infiltration into the sewage system from Kimpton down through our parish to Abbotts Ann.The infiltration of ground water into the sewerage system produces a problem at the pumping sites and excess dilute sewerage is commonly taken away in tankers.
IL commented that this has been an ongoing problem in the Parish and a concern for local residents.FC said Southern Water has lined 369 meters of sewerage pipe in an attempt to limit the infiltration of the ground water. Last winter was quite dry so this improvement has yet to be tested.If the whole sewerage system were to be lined there would not be a problem, however this would be too expensive an option.The summer ground water level is measured locally as 77meters, its current level is 81meters and drainage by tankers to reduce the level is initiated at 84 meters. Constant monitoring is therefore essential to predict problems.A stakeholder bulletin is planned for the website to update local people on immediate problems, it is intended to be updated every 7-14 days.Residents are encouraged to report problems as Southern Water is committed to solving the issues locally.AM asked why the tankers were necessary.FC answered that flooding would occur at the pumping sites if this were not to happen. An alternate option currently undergoing trials would be to filter the water at the site and allow clean water back into Pill Hill Brook, easing pressure on the pumping site.CH asked if the drivers of the tankers could be more considerate with regard to noise and pollution.
IL thanked Floyd for attending and councillors joined this response stating that they had found his presentation very useful. 

Mr. Cooper left the meeting at 8-30pm.

5. Solar funding and Capital Projects
Nothing to report AM

6. Principle and Process
Nothing to report on this topic SC

7. Website
T H-B is to meet with Mark Barret with a view to improving the website. T H-B will explore options for the current website and report back to the PC

The walk -talk communication proposal has been postponed until next year.
T H-B will start talking to local businesses after Xmas and progress the Communication Open day in the Parish.

9. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees
It was agreed that IL would contact Toby Wyles to ask if he would join a sub-committee
AM had produced a schedule (attached to these minutes) to provide for a start next Autumn, there is a considerable amount of work to undertake before then.
The sub -committee is planned to include Simon Chessire, Toby Wyles, Allan Maddern and Chris Harris.
The funding will comprise of £5000 for the INRG fund £5000 from a local charity
A donation from Simon Chessire +Possible grant from the Hampshire Wildlife Trust.
Matched funding will hopefully be available in support of a scheme whereby parishioners can sponsor,  buy a tree.
MF commented that the TV Community Fund may provide some funds – she will investigate the criteria.
This is an exciting project which the PC is committed to help reach a successful outcome.

10 The Green and Fen
The PC has decided to plant a disease resistant Elm tree on the Green near the site of an old willow. A quote of £95 for a ball rooted tree has been received and Will Hawkins Byass has offered to help CH plant the tree. Expected delivery is December 17th.
The moles on the Green will be attended to.

Highways – The Waterloo bridge damage has been reported to ZB.
The pot hole near the White Horse has finally been repaired.
Footpaths – The landowner has been informed of the planned improvements to the steps down onto Sarson Lane.

19/02767/FULLN Single storey glass link between house and garage; extension to the bathroom at first floor onto existing balcony – Middlecot House Middlecot Quarley No Comment

19/02632TREEN Fell 1 scots pine Red Gables – Monxton Rd. No objection

19/02643 TREEN Fell 1 horse chestnut, crown reduce 1 willow – Flagons Monxton Road. No objection

11. Finance cheques/payments

Green Service Table repair  1504 23/11/19  Mr  Pearce Amount in £ 60.00
Trees Removal of tree 1505 02/12/19 Carl Caffery 75.00
Areas Bus shelter cleaning 1506 10/12/19 Shelley Kellers 48.00
Areas Bus shelter cleaning 1507 10/12/19 Imogen Hammer 25.00
Administration 1508 10/12/19 Suzanne Hoare 364,85
Footpaths 1509 10/12/19 Clive Hutchinson 800.00
Services Electric DD NOV Kinex
Services Electric DD 10/12/19 Kinex 6.12

Payments were approved at the meeting and the cheques signed by CH and AM
At the budget meeting held on October 2nd a financial risk assessment was undertaken and a budget setting report produced. This is attached to the minutes, AM invited questions from the council before a vote was taken to keep the precept the same for next year 2020-21 i.e £11,500 per annum.
This has been the same since 2011-12.

12. Chairman’s report
• A complaint about the new fencing next to a footpath has been received, IL will contact the owner to check no infringement on public land has taken place.
• The PC will respond to the application for a large solar farm at Cholderton – the comments will concern the lack of wildlife provision and suitable screening.
• Information has reached the PC that Amport House will be sold by sealed bids in February.
• The subject of Rural poverty was raised by CH and IL felt that a response was needed, he would like someone to co-ordinate this. The role would be to liaise with the School, Neighbour care and transport providers locally. This will be on next month’s agenda.
• 2 residents locally have expressed an interest in joining the PC , both will be invited to the January meeting – 2 further councillors are still required, please come to a meeting if you are interested in joining the pc.

13. AOB
JM advised the PC that the daughter of a previous long-serving Vice Chairman had lost her battle with cancer- the PC expressed its sympathy to all the family and condolences were sent
SC mentioned the TVAPTC initiative on unauthorised travellers – Amport was not thought to have a problem.
MF informed the PC that the incinerator (near Longparish) planning was at the pre-application stage and urged a response before the closing date.
Andover will host a French themed market this week.
AM asked if there was an update on the Monxton and Amport Village Hall. IL has no news

Dates for next year

FEB no meeting
No meeting in July or August.

Meeting closed at 9-50 pm

DATE OF NEXT MEETING January 21st 2020