Minutes January 2020


Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on January 21st 2020 at 7-30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Tessa  Hawkings-Byass Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood, TVBC Councillor David Coole (arrived 8.20pm)
Visitors:  Will Hawkings-Byass and Sue Richardson
No members of the public attended
Apologies; and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent


1. Welcome IL welcomed everyone to tonight’s meeting especially 2 new potential members of the Parish Council, Will Hawkings-Byass and Sue Richardson were attending this evening to become co-opted members of the Parish Council.

2. Declaration of interests None

3. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by SC
• SC reported on the follow up to the Southern Water visit – the wet weather has meant that tankers were again deployed in the Parish. A filtration unit has now been installed at Mullens pond and dilute waste water is being discharged into Pill Hill Brook, this is being monitored by the Environment Agency. SC will keep in contact with Floyd Cooper of Southern Water on this issue.
• The Lengthsman has completed the clearance of the ditches and replaced the steps down from the Millennium Path. Some extra hours were available to Amport so both projects amounted to £624.64 inclusive of VAT, this was felt to be excellent value and it was decided that the Lengthsman would be used to clear all the drainage ditches on an annual basis.
• Concerns were expressed about Highways repairs but as Cllr ZB was absent they will be held over.
• The new Elm tree was planted on the Green just before Xmas a photo is on the website
Thanks to CH and W H-B for planting this.

4. Solar funding and Capital Projects
AM reported that a total of £750 was left in the INRG fund and that he had had a request from the PCC for the remaining monies to be donated to the building repair fund. This was discussed by the committee – a majority decision was made to give the £750 to the PCC.
This means that the entire £25,000 has been distributed to projects within the Parish.
A letter will be sent the Director of INRG detailing how the money has been spent. IL

5. Principle and Process
Nothing to report on this topic SC

6. Website
T H-B is to meet with Mark Barret next week, it is hoped that the resulting new website will be more user-friendly. T H-B feels that the new domain name and website will need some new publicity, this will be looked into.

T H-B has proposed the 21st March for the Communication Open day in the Parish.
T H-B is compiling a list of local businesses and will liaise with other councillors by e mail if any help is needed in the set up for this event.
The fete on the Green this year is set for the 4th July and T H-B would like to host fun stall with the aim of promoting engagement between the PC and the community.
The walk -talk communication proposed by CH is still having trouble confirming a venue- it is hope to have more information on this at the March meeting. W H-B has a contact at Rosebourne and will liaise with CH

8. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees
AM is meeting with Simon Chessire on the 24 January to further considered this project
AM has written a brief on the project and this could be published on the website and in the Parish Magazine.
A further meeting is planned for 30th January with Toby Wyles and the committee will then consider getting quotes for the trees.
Discussion on the project then took place concerning the choice and suitability of the Oak and Beech trees.
IL then made the following summary statements
1. The sub committee should consider the choice and suitability of the trees within the framework of the visual effect versus practical success of the avenue.
2. Control of the project and how it advances further.
3. What legal agreement will be in place to protect the avenue further into the future.
AM agreed to make notes from the forthcoming meetings and circulate to PC members.

9. Amport and Monxton Village Hall Update
IL and several other councilors attended the Monxton PC Meeting on 14th January.
Monxton has the choice of spending the £50,000 plus already raised on the refurbishment of the existing hall
or proposing a new hall on the site at a potential cost of £250,000.
Monxton PC favors the latter and a plan was displayed showing a new hall on the existing site.
The hall would be wider than the existing, with facilities moved to the back wall, the south side would be mostly glass and the double apex rook fringed with oak resulting in a modern looking building.
It is hoped that enough CIL finding would be available form TVBC for this project.
Monxton PC would like a representative from Amport PC to support and strengthen the bid for funding, no Cllr felt able to take on this role
CH felt the parking issues had not been dealt with.
SC was concerned that sufficient community engagement had been undertaken to qualify for CIL.
The consensus of the meeting was that it would be easier to join a committee after planning had been given
IL stated at the conclusion of the discussion that the committee member didn’t need to be a member of Amport PC and that the role could be open to anyone with an interest within the Parish.

10. Burnt down bungalows in Sarson Lane
Concern has been expressed about the open nature of the site in Sarson Lane, the PC would like it to be made safe and secure to avoid any accidents on site.
The clerk will find a contact and write requesting the site is made safe and secure, to ensure thefts and  accidents do not occur and that the owners are made aware of their responsibilities in this regard.

11. The Green and Fen
The moles on the Green have been attended to, but need monitoring as they have moved to the back of the Green.
CH said the telegraph posts needed tidying up, W H-B offered his tractor and chain to help CH achieve this.
Discussion then took place about the awful state of the verges alongside the north and smaller south sides of the village Green.
The recent work by HCC allowed vehicles to think the road was wider than it was and large inroads onto the verges have occurred. Following the hardcore soil and seed was put down but vehicles continued to plough through this and a major mess has resulted.
As this is a source of concern to so many with no obvious solution it was decided to contact property owners alongside the Green and ask for their input by March 1st.
This will therefore be an item on the March agenda when IL will report back on the survey findings,

Highways – as above
Plus, a large number of potholes – mostly reported ones remain un repaired in the parish.
AM reported that the hedges on the A303 slip road (west bound) at Mullens Pond have still not been cut and his volunteers cannot clear litter safely.
IL reminded everyone that he and the PC have litter pickers available to any volunteers who might like to use them. CH asked for a set .

Footpaths – HCC has placed finger posts across land from Sarson Lane to the east of Pipers Hill Farm (Footpath 4)

12. Planning
19/03011/PDQN Notification for approval under class Q- change of use of agriculture; barn to single dwelling. Barn at Fox Farm Estate Georgia Lane Amport
OBJECTION The design and appearance do not respect the Amport VDS. It seems impractical to convert a storage shed into a modern dwelling compliant with building regulations.
How does it address local housing need? No apparent overriding need for a dwelling of that type.
We would not wish to see any mature trees lost from the site.
The PC would ask for a TPO on the mature tree on site
19/03031/FULLN Single storey rear and side extensions to provide additional living space The Lodge Monxton Nurseries Green Lane. NO OBJECTION

19/02767/FULLN Single storey glass link between house and garage; extension to the bathroom at first floor onto existing balcony – Middlecot House Middlecot Quarley Permission

Green/Highways Service  Ditch clearance  Step replacement Chq No 1510 Date 19/12/19 Payee
Premier grounds and maintenance Amount in £ 626.64
Green Removal of moles 1514 21/01/20 Andover Pest control £70.00
Trees Supply new Elm tree 1515 21/01/20 Kieron Beattie landscapes £114.00
Administration Village hall rental 1511 10/12/19 A &M V hall £160.00
Administration Clerk salary 1512 21/01/20 Suzanne Hoare £364,85
INRG Donation 1516 21/01/20 Amport PCC £750.00
Services Electric DD JAN Kinex £6.41

13. Finance cheques/payments

Payments were approved at the meeting and the cheques signed by CH and AM
A claim for next year’s precept (2020-21) has been submitted to TVBC for £11500 per annum.

14. Co -option of New Members
Will Hawkings-Byass and Sue Richardson were duly co – opted onto the Parish Council.

15. Chairman’s report
A quote for £225 was approved by all present for the repairs to the bus shelter at East Cholderton
Martin Baker has asked for the information concerning the talk by Bill Gore to be put on the website and Facebook – this has been done.
Mrs Fleet is retiring from Amport School at the end of July. The PC wishes her well.
Amport House would appear to have been sold to a private buyer.

16. AOB
• CH informed the PC that one of the Alms houses is vacant.
This is a single person residence – please reply to CH
• DC reported that TVBC are running workshops locally on Action plan on Community
engagement. CH will attend at Appleshaw.

Dates for next year

FEB no meeting
No meeting in July or August.

Meeting closed at 9-45 pm

DATE OF NEXT MEETING March 17th 2020