Minutes April 2020


Notes made on a Virtual meeting (Zoom) held on April 21st   2020  at 3 pm

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Will Hawkings-Byass, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Sue Richardson and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

TVBC Councillor David Coole, TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes

Apologies; None,                                                                                                                    



IL welcomed everyone to the meeting, he stressed it was not an official meeting as the public were unable to attend – no decisions will be made within this meeting but it will act as an information resource.


  1. Matters Arising

The minutes from the March meeting were looked at, no matters of factual discrepancy were mentioned, except where changes to the draft had been made regarding the TVBC budget (DC)

These minutes will be officially signed off when physical meetings can resume.


  1. The Current Coronavirus ((covid-19) outbreak

IL led the update on how the Parish Community Support programme was running, only 2 volunteers dropped out having read the safe guarding, Code of Compliance.

The scheme is currently managed jointly by IL and T H-B, demand is easily managed with the most popular task being the collecting of prescriptions.

IL stated that the scheme had a very impressive level of support and was up and running very quickly.

The initial costs of printing leaflets (£88) has been refunded by TVBC already.

The phone contract and charger costs may be kept within the PC allowing its use after the virus lockdown has been relaxed.

IL stated that he was unfortunately unable to offer support to the pop -up library as it was contrary to government guidelines.

A £5 donation has been given to the Parish, this will be used to provide help within the parish – yet to be decided.

Some spring bulbs and plants were donated by Rosebourne and these are currently being looked after by T and W H-B, it is hoped to plant these out in the Parish in the Autumn.

DC stated that Andover Volunteers were active, collecting prescriptions from Shepherds Spring and Lloyds pharmacies in Andover and may well deliver into this  Parish.

IL said he was aware of comments on Facebook about decorated and painted stones , with socially aware themes, being placed around the parish, one negative comments was reported , he didn’t feel the need to follow this up.


  1. Principle and Process

SC confirmed that this is an update group only – not an official meeting


  1. Website

T H-B has been in contact with Mark Barret. The new website was shown by T H-B  to the group

Updating of information on the site needs to be completed – then it will be ready to go .

Thanks, were expressed to T H-B



Currently on hold


  1. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees

It is hoped the project is still on track and that Simon Chessire’s lawyers will conclude their task with regards to this project.

A 10-metre strip both sides of the footpath is due to be planted with wild flowers shortly


  1. Amport and Monxton Village Hall Update

Permission has been submitted for a new Village Hall and an application has been submitted to turn the old Black Swan into a private house.



  1. Reports


Highways –Furzedown lane has today had all the reported potholes filled – this is excellent news

Southern Water tankers are back in the neighbourhood again – IL asked SC to contact Southern Water and ask that pumping only happens during the day to give local residents some respite from the constant noise.

W H-B thought that the pumping had begun again as discharge into the rivers cannot happen once the water levels in the streams falls away.


Footpaths – Nothing to report from JM except an increase in dog mess left on paths


Green and Fen – see attached report by CH, this was also published on Facebook

W H-B to consider options with regard to the sluice gate and report back .


  1. Planning

20/00461/LBWN Installation of external boiler 2 Haydown Cottages, Wiremead Lane   No Objection


20/00332 VAR Variation of condition on design on 2 houses behind the bungalows 2-5 Amesbury road



  1.    Finance

      The following cheques were signed by IL and CH, prior to the meeting.

These are all standard items within the approved budget.

The draft accounts were presented along with a report produced by AM which are attached.

All financial targets are within budget.






Chq No






Amount in £


Green Grass cutting 1524 30/03/20 Mr Welch 40.00
Green Green waste removal 1525 30/03//20 Green Flints 45.36
Administration Printing 1527 131/03/20 Andover stamp 32.00
Administration Printing


1523 30/03/20 Andover stamp 56.00
Administration 12 months

Admin expenses






Amport PCC








Street lighting















  1. Chairman’s report
  • IL to contact Hampshire Highways and ask that the dragons teeth are not painted on the road alongside the Green.
  • A possible long-term goal for the road alongside the Green will be physical blocks placed on the verge as approved by HCC – To do so without their approval could leave the PC open to insurance claims if vehicles are damaged.
  • Another Place hotels have confirmed the purchase of Amport House
  • It seems that updating work will take around 18 months
  • Il felt that a traffic scheme for users of the hotel should be put in place before its opening, ZB stated that it would be a good idea to contact HCC as soon as possible as these investigations and reports can take up to 12months to finalise,


  1. AOB

IL to contact the couple planning their wedding on the Green this summer and the Fete organisers to  consider if and when the events might go ahead.


Dates for next meetings – all subject to health guidance probably via Zoom

MAY 19th, JUNE 16th,  no meetings in July and August are  currently planned