Minutes – May 2020


Notes made on a Virtual meeting (Zoom) held on May 19th 2020 at 3 pm

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Sue Richardson, Suzanne Hoare (Clerk) TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes
Apologies; Will Hawkings-Byass and TVBC Councillor David Coole

1. Welcome
IL welcomed everyone to the meeting, he stressed it was not an official meeting as the public were unable to attend – no decisions will be made within this meeting but it will act as an information resource.

2. Matters Arising
The notes from the April meeting were looked at, no matters of factual discrepancy were mentioned,
The gravel in Furzedown lane placed by a resident was cleared away by Tim Lawton’s team at HCC. Unfortunately, it concealed a further pothole which was not repaired due to it being concealed by the gravel. Residents should not put gravel in holes in the road.

3. The Current Coronavirus ((covid-19) outbreak
T H-B said the enquiry hotline was very quiet. Prescription collection remained the most asked for help.
T H-B stated that she would update and thank the current volunteers

4. Principle and Process
SC confirmed that this is an update group only – not an official meeting
When official meetings return the PC should always have an item to declare and interest and invite a timed slot for public participation.

5. Website
T H-B is still working along with Mark Barrett on the new website – which it is hoped will be finished very soon
The finance accounts for the last 2 years need to be published online before the PC can finish the Annual Governance review for 2019-20

6. Communication
Currently on hold

7. Southern Water
Pumping has again been happening in the Parish and surrounding area
Floyd Cooper from Southern Water says the levels are falling and the problem should settle down.
A Resident in Abbotts Ann is considering legal action against Southern Water if they do not commit to solving this issue.
It has continued every wet winter for at least the past 20 years. MF is familiar with the Abbotts Ann end of this problem and will update when more information is available.

8. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees
It is hoped the project is still on track and that Simon Chessire’s lawyers will conclude their task with regards to this project. Simon Chessire is still very keen for this project to go ahead.
A 10-metre strip both sides of the footpath has been planted with wild flowers.

9. Amport and Monxton Village Hall Update
A Planning Application has been submitted for a new Village Hall (AMVH) and an application has been submitted to turn the old Black Swan into a private house. No further information available

10. Amport House
A mail shot throughout the village and was well received.
The owners seem keen to involve the local community in this project.
Worries remain over traffic to the new hotel and possible noise issues if regular weddings are held there.
Clarification on issues such as opening to non -residents will be sought at a later date.
Traffic however is an issue to consider right from the start of the project, this will hopefully involve HCC as well as the Parish Council.

11. Reports

Highways – ZB reported that HCC has received extra government money to repair potholes
A tree came down between the 2 bridges over Pill Hill Brook recently.
The clerk alerted Openreach who came and looked at the cables. Following this SSE came the next day and cut a willow back further.
Clerk will notify the land owner who hopefully will manage the trees to prevent further problems.

Footpaths –
A problem concerning a fallen tree was reported up from Georgia Farm, a local resident cleared the path. He reported a problem concerning trespass through upper Grateley woods where walkers carried straight on through the woods instead of using the path in the field, to the left of the woods if heading south. The PC has asked for definite signing to be put in place.
A similar problem has arisen at Uppercroft in East Cholderton near the A303. Again, walkers are deviating from the footpath and using private land to cut back to the road.
Some pets were attacked by walkers’ dogs.
The PC has again asked for extra signage and the farmer has been asked to cut a deliberate path to deter wanderers.
The homeowner is to erect a stronger fence.
The footpaths will begin to be cut from the end of May.
The PC will ask about the legality of cycles using footpaths and may erect signs forbidding it if it can.
The footpath up from Waterloo Bridge now has a gate across it to deter quad bikes and other nuisance users. Access on foot is possible by the side of the gate.

Green and Fen – see the attached report by CH, this was also published on Facebook
The new play equipment has a small amount of repair work needed, the suppliers -Fawns have been contacted about this.
The junior swings need a new seat, the clerk asked MF if she can access the right dept at TVBC to enable a replacement to be fitted.
The phone box on the Green was discussed BT will in the first instance be asked to come and repaint it as they did in 2012.

12. Planning
20/00909/FULLN Change use of land to tourism, the siting of 2 shepherds huts and installation of septic tank together with associated works Land Adjacent Kingsettle Stud, Cholderton Road, Quarley, Salisbury NO OBJECTION
20/00879/FULLN Erection of boundary fence and relocate gates Georgia Lodge
The PC stated 10 years ago (10/01809/FULLN) that it did not wish to see the open green in front of the proposed new house enclosed. The enclosure has happened slowly by the planting of a hedge. A fence would compound this.
The PC currently objects to the lack of detail and precision in this application.
There is also confusion as to the site of the proposed gates.

13. Finance
The following cheques were signed by IL and CH, prior to the meeting.
These are all standard items within the approved budget.
The Annual Governance review was circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting, however until the previous accounts are online the Internal auditor is unable to sign off his section. It Is hoped that this will be sorted shortly and the necessary paperwork completed and posted online. The application for exemption from an External Audit will be sent off in requirement with regulations
AM highlighted the fact that PC Zoom Meetings cannot have items agreed on line – MF was asked if she knew of other PC’s who were experiencing difficulties with this issue or had found a way to make the decisions needed.

Service   Chq No   Date  Payee  Amount in £

Green Grass cutting        1533      19/5/20     Mr Welch       238.00
Green ROSPA Report    1534       19/5/20      Play safety      99.00
Administration AUDIT  1532       19/5/20    MJ Startup      180.00
Administration Clerks Salary May   1535       19/5/20     S A Hoare    364.85
Administration Clerks  Salary April 1531      30/4/20      S A Hoare 364.85

DD  1530  MAY 30/4/20

Services Electric   Kinex 6.30

AdministrationInsurance  Came and Co  608.45

14. Chairman’s report
• Pippa Grayson has cancelled her summer wedding on the Green this summer and re arranged it for 28/8/21.
A younger member of the Parish Rory F asked if the goals were going to be repainted on the Green – coincidentally they have been painted today by a volunteer and new nets clips have been ordered to keep the nets securely in place.
• IL checked to see if the highway issue involving crushed bollards and bent speed sign had been reported at the eastern end of Fyfield road. The clerk said it had and a photo shared with ZB.
• The Winterbournes project has been put on hold for the time being.
• Highways are looking at the new fencing in Furzedown Lane to check its position.
• IL had had a few complaints about antisocial bonfires and asked that everyone be as considerate as possible.
• HCC has re-opened the recycling centres but they are reported as being very busy.

15. AOB
SC- was pleased that the footway on Amesbury road had been cut it made walking much more pleasant.
CH – there is a big pot hole at the bottom of Sarson Lane – clerk to report
MF – stated that the volunteer groups had all had more volunteers than were needed which was excellent.
SR – had information on a potential new member of the PC – she will make a link with IL.


Dates for next meetings – all subject to health guidance probably via Zoom
JUNE 16th, no meetings in July and August are currently planned but this could change

Green and fen report – May 2020


  • The green has largely dried out since the last PC meeting, although the water table is still high. Ray Welch has been to cut the green twice recently, and the fen once. He has also done some strimming around the seats (more will be done this week) and around some of the play equipment. However, the grass has been left on the verge, around the trees, and also around the play equipment, which remains the subject of government restriction on its use. Further strimming / cutting will be done as the government’s social distancing rules are varied. The green (and fen) remain quite popular with walkers and families, and also this week with friends wanting to sit outside whilst practising social distancing.
  • In early May, we had the annual inspection by RoSPA, and their report has been circulated to PC members. There are no major issues, or urgent matters, but the following points have been noted:-


  • Ground under swings / climbing frame.

It is suggested that we might replace the softer impact areas under these pieces of equipment. No action is required at this time.


  • Swing seat

 One of the swing seats has damage to one corner and this ought to be replaced. Query approach TVBC via the councillors.


  • Swing frame

There is some split wood on the top of the frame to the swings. This can be repaired and is possibly a job for Mr Pearce.


  • Bench

One of the slats on the bench by the swings is missing and should be replaced. Again a job for Mr Pearce.

  • Teepees

 There is minor damage to the top panel on both of the teepees. One has a minor flaw      that can be fixed; the other has a broken piece of wood and we should enquire if a replacement piece of wood can be obtained from the suppliers. Query asking the School PTA if they have the details.


  • Adult equipment

     There is minor damage to one of the longer beams – again ask Mr Pearce.


  • Children’s activity Trail

     There is some minor wear to this and we should keep this under review for repair.


  • Goals on football pitch

 As we knew, some corrosion can be seen on the goalposts and they need repainting. Ray  Hoare and I will do this.


  • Turf

 As we also knew, some ground in one of the goalmouths needs returfing.    Turf is now available again locally and returfing can be done once the goalposts are painted.

Some modest expenditure will be incurred in addressing these issues, and a provision of £250 is requested. The actual expenditure is expected to be less.


  • One other item on the green is that the fixing of some of the telegraph poles on the edge of the green remains to be done.
  • As regards the fen, this continues to be widely used by villagers including the children. I have cleared some growth along the path, and we await feedback from the Watercress and Winterbournes project as soon as the current movement restrictions are lifted. Further, in the April report, we mentioned that some thought was being given to repairing the broken sluice gate, and clearing out the silt that has gathered in the millstream. Will Hawkings-Byass is expecting to speak to a consultant this week to gauge the viability and costs involved on this idea. We will report further at or before the next meeting.

CH 17/5/20