Minutes – June 2020



Notes made on a Virtual meeting (Zoom) held on June 16th  2020  at 3 pm


Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Sue Richardson, Suzanne Hoare (Clerk), TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes

Apologies; Will Hawkings-Byass and TVBC Councillor David Coole                                                                                                              



  1. Welcome

IL welcomed everyone to the meeting, he stressed it was not an official meeting as the public were unable to attend – no decisions will be made within this meeting but it will act as an information resource. There were no declarations of interest.

IL informed the PC that Tim Hartigan might join the meeting as a potential member.


  1. Matters Arising
  • There has been traffic chaos over the weekend as the traffic lights failed near the pumping station at Mullens pond. It is hoped the essential maintenance work by Southern Water won’t take too long.
  • Concern is still being expressed on the gate erected on Footpath 10 IL to contact the person concerned to determine the nature of the complaint. The PC felt access is sufficient for a footpath.
  • The accounts from previous years are now posted on the website allowing the finalisation of this year’s accounts
  • The pothole at the bottom of Sarson Lane has been filled


  1. The Current Coronavirus ((covid-19) outbreak

T H-B said the enquiry hotline was very quiet. Prescription collection remained the most asked for help. Usage of the scheme is generally only once a week.


  1. Principle and Process

SC Nothing to report.


  1. Website

Brian Nolan noted that Fox is shown on the map as being representative of Amport – T H-B will look in to this.  IL thanked T H-B for her continued work on the website, the new website should be completed soon.


  1. Communication

Currently on hold


  1. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees

CH Simon Chessire has been in contact with his lawyers and cleared up some necessary paperwork.

The wild flowers are being to germinate as part of the avenue and everyone hopes that the project will stay on course for an Autumn start


  1. Reports


Highways –

Construction at the Amport House hotel will start after the necessary planning permission is sought.

The PC would like to see any CIL money being used to create a footpath alongside the road way from the Hawk to the Green, once on the Green a path will be made on the Green itself to keep pedestrians off the roadway to improve safety and help preserve the verges.

Traffic coming down Keepers’ Hill will need to be slowed down – liaison with HCC will be crucial in finding a solution to the extra traffic, that works for all parties.

Dragons Teeth – after a small misunderstanding as to the nature of Dragons Teeth the PC agreed that this is the solution they favour to counter damage by vehicles on the Green.

It is understood that this solution is also favoured by the local residents.

Initially IL will ask HCC to erect the wooden posts on the main Green, the south side could be added to the scheme if the need arises. More consultation with the residents would be undertaken before that work is approved.

The hedge next to the bus shelter at the Hawk has grown well out into the road, making leaving the Hawk dangerous, visibility is very reduced. If it is not cut back sufficiently in the Autumn, a note will be sent to the resident asking for a major cut back.


Footpaths –

The first cut is underway and should be finished this week.

The two problems reported during the May meeting have both been resolved by HCC and the landowners.



Green and Fen – see attached report by CH, this was also published on Facebook

  • The new play equipment has been repaired, Mr Pearce will be asked to finish the picnic benches.
  • The phone box has been added to BT paint and repair list – but no date has been given.
  • Aqua Science have been to advise repairing the sluice gate. Their advice would be to work on narrowing the channels by added faggots, putting the silt behind these to reinforce them.

This would cost in the region of £13,600 and they recommended creating access points to the stream, these would cost £750 each.

CH and W H-B feel they need to talk to the Watercress and Winterbournes about this before taking it further. There may be sources of funding for any such work.

  • CH asked what members felt about the long grass in the ditches alongside the Green.

Generally, everyone felt that the grass should be left long but are happy to listen to local views.

  • Sadly, the disease resistant Elm planted on the Green has not survived. Clerk to contact supplier to seek a replacement.


  1. Planning

Monxton and Amport village Hall    Support

Phone Mast adjacent to railway line between Monxton and Abbotts Ann Objection

20/01099TPON Beech -Reduce Crown and remove 15 crossing limbs – Mussett

Cottage No Objection subject to aboricultural approval


    Planning results


20/00336/LBWN Repairs to stable block including repairing and reinstating damaged walls internally and externally and general repairs to roof –

Park House Stables, (Formally The Firs), Furzedown Lane – Withdrawn

20/00459/FULLN Construction of single storey rear extension to provide open plan kitchen/dining; partial conversion of garage into playroom/WC –

Thistleberry Cottage, Monxton Road, Amport – Permission


  1.    Finance

10.1      The Annual Governance review was circulated to all councillors prior to the meeting,

As all the criteria have been met for the full approval of the Annual Governance review, this was undertaken by the Parish Council.

Signature on all the necessary documents have been collected

As the PC has filed for exemption from an external audit this year no paperwork will need to be submitted to PKF Littlejohn as has happened in the past,

Instead all the documents will be posted on the PC website by July 1st 2020, this includes explanation of variances and dates when the public can view all the financial paperwork held by the Parish Council.






Chq No






Amount in £


Green Grass cutting 1536 16/6//20 Mr Welch 388.00



Bus shelter cleaning




16/6//20 Imogen Hammer

Shelly Kellers




Areas Notice board repair 1539 16/6//20 Mr Pearce 100.00


TVAPTC membership

Clerks salary- June




16/6/20 TVAPTC


S A Hoare




Services       Water 1538
























  The following cheques were signed by IL and CH, prior to the meeting.

These are all standard items within the approved budget


  1. AOB

ZB stated that the dragon’s teeth used to deter verge parking at Andover Hospital were a success.

ZB shared a link to the new Library service being offered by HCC

TH-B thought the grass on Green opposite the pub was a bit long, it was assumed that this will be cut before any re-opening.


The next meeting will not be held until September as is usual for the Parish Council, if any issues need decisions before then Zoom meetings will be arranged.

It is hoped that in September normal meetings of some kind may be resumed.



Green and fen report – June 2020

 The Green

  • This report first addresses the progress made on the points raised by RoSPA, as set out in the May report.

– The damaged swing seat has been replaced by TVBC

–  The broken pieces of wood on the teepees have been replaced

–  The goals on the football pitch have been repainted, and well-received by residents.

Thank you to those responsible.

  • Mr Pearce has been asked to repair damaged wood when he is available. He will visit soon.
  • The turf around one of the goals has yet to be repaired as it has generally been too dry.
  • On other matters:-
  • The phone box will be repainted at some point by BT
  • The elm tree that was planted last Autumn has not taken, and should be replaced in the Autumn
  • The fixing of some of the telegraph poles on the edge of the green remains to be done.
  • In addition, the grass around the ditch along the road has been left to grow. We should decide whether to leave this uncut, cut it right back as was done until 2 or 3 years ago, or cut it back to half the height. Does the PC have any strong views?

The Fen

  • A report was received that barbed wire was visible at ground level by the stream at the north end of the fen. This has kindly been cleared by a local resident, who advises that there is quite a lot of further wire, mostly buried and not readily accessible, which can be investigated further in the Autumn.
  • The Wildlife Trust has been in touch regarding the Watercress & Winterbournes project. The Trust propose that a conservation management plan should be written and they intend to hold a zoom meeting to assist us with this on Tuesday 30th June from 3-5 pm. This will be a training session, and should not last more than an hour. If anyone is interested in participating with me, please let me know and I will advise the organisers.
  • Will Hawkings-Byass has reported that he met the consultant after the last meeting. They discussed possible approaches to the sluice gates and clearing the millstream, and a quote was promised. Will has not heard further and will chase his contact.

CH 12/6/20