Minutes – November 2020


Minutes of an Ordinary meeting held on November 24th 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Will Hawkings-Byass, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Sue Richardson, Suzanne Hoare (Clerk),
HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes, TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent
Apologies; TVBC Councillor David Coole
Visitor; John Dawe ACTION

1. Welcome
IL welcomed everyone to the meeting

2. Declarations of interest none
The minutes of the October meeting were proposed by AM and seconded by CH

3. Matters Arising
• The drainage of the boggy area near the new bridge in the fen will be tackled in the spring WH-B
• The information signs on the fen in need of replacing, these will be done in the spring. CH
• The verges have been cut back on the A303 slip road at Mullenspond on the Amport side.
• T H-B to pass the Land registry form back to the clerk regarding the Fen, clerk will arrange counter signature by David Wilkinson, provide covering letter and copy of the minutes and send on.
• Speeding in East Cholderton -AM has received correspondence form a resident on this matter
Due to the lack of a suitable testing zone, this matter will be re examined in the new year.
Ideally the whole of Wiremead lane should be classed as 30mph with the housing end 20mph.
• The replacement trees for the Green are due for delivery in early December
• The lengthsman is due to start the ditch clearance shortly – it is hoped that all the cost will be covered by the lengthsman scheme.

4. Coronavirus ((covid-19)
T H-B said the enquiry hotline was not currently being used

5. Principle and Process
SC Nothing to report.

6. Website
T H-B is awaiting help to further matters

7. Communication
T H-B Currently on hold

8. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees AM
The PC sincerely hopes this project will restart next year culminating in planting during the Autumn of 2021.

9. John Dawe -scout leader
John Dawe was introduced by CH, JD is the Scout leader of the 2nd Andover who meet at the hall in East Cholderton. There are 9 challenges which all scouts hope to complete during their time with the Scouting group, 6 of these are activities.
One challenge involves taking part in an environmental project – suggestions for this could be up to 5 afternoons helping clear back undergrowth alongside footpaths or litter clearance
A further aspect the PC could help with would involve the scouts studying Community Government
IL offered to go to the scout group when permitted and give a talk on how the PC works in the community
The PC felt it could offer its support to the Scouts in their challenges and asked JD to keep in touch regarding a starting date. JD then left the meeting

10. Reports

The Green and fen

The Junior swings have become unsafe and the seats taken down.
The PC has sought 3 quotes on a like for like replacement. All councillors have seen the notes on the quotes. IL put forward the G B Sports quote as the favoured quote and all councillor were in favour of this option. The full cost including removal and replacement of the junior swings will cost £3381 plus VAT. Upon contacting TVBC planning it was confirmed that there were sufficient funds in the section 106 monies to cover the full cost of this project. It was therefore agreed to order the swings for installation as soon as possible (6-8weeks) and apply to TVBC for funding.

• The telegraph poles around the edge of the Green have moved and CH asked if W H-B could use his vehicle to replace them and insert pegs to stop further movement
• The walk round the Green and Fen with Tony Darbyshire to assess any tree work that might be needed this Autumn has taken place, phase one of the works need will be undertaken on the 5th December by a small group of volunteers. Late in January a chipper will be hired to deal with the Ash trees near the road which have become dangerous due to disease.
A total of not exceeding £500 was approved by the PC to cover all sundries and the hire of necessary machinery.
• The cherry tree near the phone box has become unsafe and an application will be made for its removal. Friends of Mary-Lou Hoare would like to replace this tree with a scarlet oak at their own expense. Tony Darbyshire will undertake this task, the PC approved this that noting in future the Tree Legacy avenue could become an ideal site for memorial trees.
• The Xmas tree will be placed in the Churchyard, this was felt to be a better option than the Green, it is hoped that children will decorate it and raise money for a Woman’s Shelter.

Highways –
The traffic signs at Skew Lane have been knocked over, these will be reported to HCC
Enquiry ref 21529763 – Photograph sent
The traffic signs and kerb damage at the junction of Fyfield Road and Amesbury Road were reported again. Photos of this site were sent in April and the area has simply worsened since then.
Footway kerb defect report no 21529761 Road sign damage report no 21529769

Footpaths –
AM reported on some correspondence concerning the lane is East Cholderton
Apparently, a tree from the side of the lane is unsafe, the lane has no registered owner but a footpath runs up the centre. The PC will approach HCC to ascertain whether they are prepared to accept any responsibility for the tree and remove it or inform the landowner on whose boundary it lies to act themselves. The PC is not directly involved in this matter. Photographs will be taken and sent to HCC

11a. Planning
• 20/02606/FULLN Erection of a conservatory on west elevation Malt House
Wiremead Lane No Objection PSC
• 20/02738/FULLN Erection of 3 bedroomed detached dwelling and double garage Two Hoots, Dauntsey Lane No Objection
• 20/02653/VARN Georgia Farm Buildings Georgia Lane Amport SP11 8BN
Variation of condition 02 (approved plans) and 06 (tree protection) of 18/02477/FULLN (Removal of existing barn, and the erection of a detached dwelling and garage; with associated parking, turning, landscaping, private amenity space, and access arrangements) to allow substitution of drawings 180227-02 Rev B (Site Plan), 180227-03 A (Design Scheme), 180227-04 (Garage) and 1197-01 Rev A (Tree Protection Plan) No Objection

11b. Planning results
• 20/02012/LBWN Internal office and reception refurbishment to include replacement of desks,
dado, carpets, lighting, heaters and general redecoration, re-commissioning of old infilled doorway
into hall and creation of new internal store from hall
Amport Church of England Primary School, The Green, Amport, Andover PERMISSION

12. Finance
A budget for 20201/2022 was prepared by AM and was circulated to councillors before the meeting
A risk assessment study was undertaken and a report prepared and circulated.
AM has received the NALC clerk’s salary scales for 2020-21 and noted that the clerk should receive a rise for this current year. The rise was approved and a back payment made.
The clerk notes CIL funds received as £3517.62.
The budget was discussed along with the idea that the Parish Council should only carry forward one year’s precept as a reserve.
It was therefore approved by all those present that the precept should remain at £11,500 for the forthcoming financial year.
AM was thanked for all his hard work on this matter.

AM was thanked for all his hard work on this matter. Cheques signed by CH  and IL

Account Service Chq No


Date Payee Amount £
Green Grass cutting


1557 24/11/20 Mr Welch 286.00

NB/BS/P Table

Repairs to notice board

Bus shelter -P table

1560 24/11/20 Brian Pearce 144.00
Administration ISPN Provider 1556 24/11/20 David Preston 149.08
Administration Backpay 2020

Clerks salary





S A Hoare

S A Hoare



 13. Chairman’s report and AOB
CH Amport and Monxton village hall project would appreciate a contribution from our CIL funds.
It was agreed to contribute them for the initial stage if needed.
ZB stated that the successful lengthsman scheme is likely to be approved for 2012-22
ZB also asked that councillors check their local salt bins to see if it need filling or repair.
Clerk stated that several hedges were outgrowing onto the carriage way , the turn right exit from the Hawk was getting especially dangerous with limited visibility up the road. IL to contact
The clerk to undertake an annual check on the bus shelters

IL reported that Rebecca Maddocks is putting together a tapestry of 3 minute clips of life in Test Valley if anyone is interested in contributing.
Charlton Village is finalising its Neighbourhood Plan
Barbara Squire who is involved with offenders and the PAYBACK scheme has been in contact.
David Horne oversaw a similar scheme many years ago when community service offenders cleared
The fen. This will be considered further post covid.
Two new councillors Tim Grimshaw and Tim Hartigan will hopefully visit at the next meeting in January


Provisional meeting for the first part of 2021
February 16th
March 16th
April 27th
May 18th
June 15th