Minutes – January 2021


Minutes of an Ordinary meeting held on January 19th  

  2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Will Hawkings-Byass, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Sue Richardson, Suzanne Hoare (Clerk),

TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

Apologies; TVBC Councillor David Coole and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes,

Visitors   none                                                                                                                ACTION                                                                                                                                                  


IL welcomed everyone to the meeting


 2.Declarations of interest W &T Hawkings Byass declared an interest in item 3 of planning

The minutes of the November meeting were proposed by SC and seconded by CH


  1. Matters Arising
  • 3 new potential members of the Parish Council will be invited to join next month. Prior to this they will meet IL who will host a virtual meeting, for a welcome chat and briefing on the work of the PC                                                                   IL to organise
  • The drainage of the boggy area near the new bridge in the fen will be tackled in the spring WH-B
  • The replacement trees for the Green have been planted.
  • The hedge next to the bus shelter outside the Hawk is still overgrown from the fence line. Whilst the original cut was welcomed, it is hoped a second, more vigorous cut could be undertaken to improve the view down the road when leaving the car park. IL to contact the owner to request the hedge is cut back, we are mindful that this should be done before birds start nesting, from early March
  • The lengthsman has completed the work for this winter – the only cost to the Parish was £264, the rest being met via the lengthsman scheme. The ditch by the pumping station in East Cholderton could not be accessed this year due to the Southern Water tankers

Several residents have commented on the success of the work, the Lengthsman scheme is deemed a great success by Amport Parish Council.

  • W H-B has moved most of the telegraph poles on the Green, a few remain due to parked cars being in the way, it is hoped to complete this soon

 Coronavirus (covid-19)

IL to host a community virtual chat- 3pm Tuesday 16th February, format and details to be confirmed.


  1. Principle and Process

SC stated he felt the PC was currently fulfilling its statutory obligations as a Parish Council.



T H-B is awaiting help to further matters. The promised help has been delayed due to illness.

Martin Baker is keen to help introduce the new website, therefore it was proposed that T H-B contact

Martin directly to ask for his help with the upgrade. There is a desire in the Parish for the website to match that of Monxton and Abbotts Ann. The PC will support this in any way it can.

There have several requests for the Agendas and the dates of the next meeting to be shown on the website as well as the minutes which are currently there.


  1. Communication

T H-B Currently on hold


  1. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees   AM

CH is to provide a letter for Simon Chessire to show his lawyers so they can understand the nature of the protection that is being sought for the proposed Tree avenue, this will be shared with Toby and Gina Wyles whose charity will help fund the project. Once this had been secured it is hoped that planting will commence in the winter of 2021/2     CH


  1. Southern Water -Pumping across the Parish

W H-B has been in touch with Floyd Cooper and his replacement Victoria at Southern Water.

Southern Water let it be known that they have ordered 2 new UV filtration units for installation at East Cholderton and Fyfield.  These systems will collect solid matter and pass the water through a UV sterilization unit before the water is returned to Pill Hill Brook. The intention is for this to relieve the pressure on the existing pipework which connects up to the sewage works at Goodworth Clatford.

W H-B is concerned about the quality of the water being returned to the stream and will contact Southern Water on this issue.

The PC is dismayed about the state of the road near the pumping station in East Cholderton, Highways must press for suitable repairs after the pumping stops, the area is currently a mess.

AM felt strongly that this problem happens most years and no major investment is forthcoming to solve the issue. Tankering away the excess fluids is not in his opinion a long-term answer and major investment should take place to solve the problem.

MF reported that tankering has commenced in the Clatfords to deal with the excess dilute sewage.

The Barrister from Abbotts Ann has been pushing for a permanent solution, tankering at East Cholderton has reduced the problems in Abbotts Ann this winter although there are plans for a lay-by to be created outside Manor Farm between Monxton and Abbotts Ann.

Obviously, this is a serious issue which shows no sign of disappearing.


  1. The new dog bin near the Hawk

The sketch received back from the landlord at the Hawk suggested that the new bin  should be positioned opposite the Bus Shelter. JMcA said this would make that area look untidy and why not place it behind the bus shelter or next to the existing bins outside the deliveries entrance. It was agreed that once the pub reopened that IL would go and see the landlord and determine the best position to suit both the pub and the parish.

 The Green and fen

 The Junior swings have been replaced. The total cost including VAT was £4057.20, this will hopefully be met by the section 106 monies held by TVBC.

CH asked the clerk to get costings to provide some wear resistant matting underneath the toddler swings plus the front and back. He also requested a quote for some matting around the ‘Marco Polo’ tower as the grass was being turned to mud here to.                           Clerk to report back

  • The area just by the new bridge on the Green is still very muddy W H-B said he has some spare material he can use to improve the ground here.
  • A resident suggested getting some more goal sockets so that the grass in the current goal mouths could be rested.

It was agreed by all that a set of 4 new goal sockets (£ 99.60 plus vat) be purchased and installed.

More goal netting pegs will be acquired too.                                      Clerk to order

  • Tony Darbyshire is set to remove the diseased Cherry by the phone box on the Green and a new Scarlet Oak funded by friends of Mary Lou Hoare will be planted a little further onto the Green.
  • Toby and Gina Wyles have offered to replace the old concrete seats on the Green with something a little more in keeping with our rural environment. The PC was delighted to accept.
  • Clerk to ask for a liner to be put inside the green waste bin on the Green


Highways –

HCC have been contacted about the missing signs at Skew Lane

The road junction at Weyhill, between Fyfield road and Amesbury road continues to deteriorate, help has been sought from ZB, awaiting an update.

The potholes in the Parish need reporting if no one does this unfortunately they do not get repaired. All residents are therefore urged to go on the website at HCC and report their concerns, then these problems will be addressed.

Residents at the bottom of Keepers hill are worried about the debris coming down the road, the clerk will ask Highways if the drains could be emptied here and along by the school before further rains.


Footpaths –

CU asked if some surfacing could be added to some footpaths but it was felt this was too large a problem to be considered and the problems would return almost immediately.

11a.   Planning —  W &T Hawkings Byass declared an interest in item 3

  1. 20/02984/LBWN Repair of collapsed cob wall using appropriate materials 2 Haydown Cottages East Cholderton NO Objection PSC
  2. 20/03152/154 FULLN/LBWN Make lean to permanent to cover external seating area Cholderton Farm Shop Cholderton No Objection PSC
  3. 20/03007/FULLN  Demolition of existing two bedroom dwelling and construction of a replacement three bedroom single    storey          dwelling  The Trout Fishery Amport No Objection PSC ( W &T Hawkings Byass declared an interest)
  4. 20/02972/TREEN Sycamore – Removal of 3 no overhanging branches Ashbrook Furzedown Lane Amport Andover Hampshire SP11 8BE No Objection subject to arboricultural approval PSC
  1. 20/02997/FULLN Use of land for 6 Gypsy Traveller Plots (from 3 Gypsy Traveller Plots)  The Firs Sarson Lane Weyhill Andover SP11 8DY Objection Concerns about the density of the mobile homes on the site which the Parish Council feels is over-development. There are added concerns re car parking, outside the site is very close to the west bound A303 
and it would be dangerous if parking spilled over from the site.
  2. 20/03228/TREEN Apple T1 – Fell, Ash G1 – Remove heavy contorted limbs over road, Hazel T2 – Re-coppice Hazel adjacent to road, Mixed G2 – Crown lift over paddock to up to 6m above ground level and public footpath by up to 6m  The Cottage On The Green, The Green, Amport No Objection subject to aboricultural approval
  3. 21/00078/TREEN T1 – Leylandii – Fell at Spinney Hill, Wiremead Lane, East Cholderton No Objection subject to aboricultural approval
  4. 21/00065/CLEN Certificate of lawful existing use to establish that Planning Permission 18/00553/FULLN has been implemented in accordance with the permission  Middlecot Stables , Middlecot, Quarley     No Objection


11b. Planning results

   20/02972/TREEN Sycamore – Removal of 3 no overhanging branches  Ashbrook Furzedown Lane Amport Andover Hampshire SP11 8BE   PERMISSION



The  cheques will all be  by CH  and IL outside the meeting – after being approved tonight

Account Service Chq No


Date Payee Amount £
Areas Street lighting

Bus Shelter cleaning








Shelly Kellers

Imogen Hammer




Services Water supply to the Green 1562




Business Stream   Business Stream 8.94


Green and Fen Ditch clearance

Mole removal

Compost purchase







Premier Maintenance

Andover Pest Control

Chris Harris




Administration     Clerks salary DEC

Clerks salary JAN

Zoom membership







 S A Hoare

S A Hoare

I Long




 Capital Project          New set of Junior Swings    1572  19/01/21    G B Sports                     4057.20


  1. Chairman’s report and AOB

CH – could the clerk ask if section 106 monies will cover the proposed surfacing near the play equipment and the goal sockets                                                                                           Clerk

The application for funding the new AMVH has gone into TVBC, Mike Cleugh – chairman at Monxton is very hopeful of success.

SR – felt the PC should be more proactive with regard to publishing its projects and aims for the forthcoming year.

AM stated that all the PC s projects and proposals were already well documented in the minutes which were available on the website and in the bus shelter at East Cholderton

MF let the meeting know that a drive-in testing centre for COVID was now open in the car park at Shepherds Spring Lane.

IL said please have a look at the proposals for Andover by the Andover Town Council, available on their website- this is distinct from TVBC.




Provisional meeting for the first part of 2021

March 16th  

April 27th

May 18th

June 15th