Minutes – February 2021


Minutes of an Ordinary meeting held on February 16th  2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Will Hawkings-Byass, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Sue Richardson, Suzanne Hoare (Clerk),

TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood TVBC Councillor David Coole and HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

Apologies; none  

Visitors; Sally Baker, Tim Grimshaw, Tim Hartigan and Robert Talbot-Rice



IL welcomed everyone to the meeting.

IL introduced the 3 new councilors, including a brief description of their background and then in turn summarised the roles and responsibilities of the existing members.

The council voted unanimously to co-opt Sally Baker and Tim Grimshaw as full members of the Parish Council and for Tim Hartigan to join as a non-voting member.  TH is ideally residing next to the gates of Amport House and he will join as the Project Officer for the new hotel


2.Declarations of interest CH declared an interest in 2 tree applications

The minutes of the January meeting were proposed by SC and seconded by CH


3. Presentation by Robert Talbot Rice– Community Fibre Partnership

Robert Talbot-Rice summarised how the partnership worked, stating grants and vouchers were available to each household to bring ultra-fast broadband (speeds up to 1000mbps) to their homes and businesses.

  • Properties must first Register, if enough support can be gathered, the grants available per households     should pay for the project.
  • Openreach will then cost the work involved and report back to registered properties.
  • No financial commitment is needed in the initial stages of the project, only a statement of interest.
  • Robert Talbot Rice is looking for people to contact him with their interest at


It is the aim to get an estimate of costs from BT Openreach in May and then interested parties will

be asked to commit to the project, a contract could be signed in July and the service delivered within 12 months.

Action needs to be taken now as the grants from the Government for these projects could well be finite.

Robert would welcome offers of help to gather details of interested parties- please reply to the e mail above, social media and the website will also be used for publicity.

TG asked if the faster speeds could come to Amport anyway, RT-R thought that would be about 5 years away if then. Several Parish Council Members offered their help to R T-R

IL thanked R T-R who then left the meeting.

4. Matters Arising

  • The drainage of the boggy area near the new bridge in the fen has been improved, thanks to WH-B
  • No new information has been received from Southern Water – see agenda item 11
  • The new goal sockets were purchased and installed immediately
  • Designs have been suggested for the new seats on the Green and CH will liaise with the Wyles over the choice and installation of the new seats, measures need to be taken to secure the bench.
  • Clerk to ask for a liner to be put inside the green waste bin on the Green on going
  • The owner of the hedge next to the Hawk, by the bus shelter has declined to cut it back further.

The PC will discuss the visibility aspect with the pub when it reopens and refer the matter to Hampshire Highways if it considers this necessary.


  1. Coronavirus ((covid-19)

One resident still uses the service, it will continue in the same format for now


  1. Principle and Process

SC stated he felt the PC was currently fulfilling its statutory obligations as a Parish Council.


  1. Website

Martin Baker has been in touch with TH-B, he has offered advice but cannot take on the project.

T H-B felt that some action is needed to progress the new website as it has stalled and frustration is growing.

The website should be at the forefront of communications within the Parish.

IL proposed that some money be approved to buy support for the project and T H-B agreed to get some quotes.    T H-B will investigate further with support from IL.

All agreed that control of the website should remain in the Parish.

MF said she would forward information on who runs the website in Abbotts Ann, which might be of help.


  1. Communication

T H-B Currently on hold


  1. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees   AM

This project is awaiting an update from Simon Chessire


  1. Winterbournes Project CH

CH has circulated the latest information on this project, there is a willingness amongst councillors to become involved, however the PC needs to find out what local people want regarding the use of the Pillhill Brook and Fen and get them involved.

There is a lot of work to be undertaken with surveys, a habitat plan is needed first and Abbotts Ann have already started with this. It could suit someone with a biology /botany or horticultural background.  Please contact Chris Harris if you are interested.


  1. Southern Water -Pumping across the Parish

There is considerable concern amongst residents in East Cholderton about the constant tankering of waste water at the pumping station, coupled with the serious damage to the road verges and junctions near the White Horse Public House.

TG eloquently expressed his frustration and how he would like to promote the views of the local residents, IL asked TG to take on this issue for the PC.

AM offered to help with the background to the problems.

The PC expresses its concerns every winter about this problem but Southern Water has failed to find an effective solution to the groundwater ingress problems.

MF stated that TVBC Councillor Phil Lashbrook has been working with Hampshire Highways on the road and traffic problems.

CH noted that the cob wall of the White Horse alongside the road has collapsed due to all the standing water.

IL proposed that W H-B/AM/ZB/MF and Kit Malthouse MP should all be contacted by TG for their help and previous knowledge, in the quest to push for a long-lasting solution to this problem.


  1. Land registry query

IL reported that a parishioner needed to ascertain the owner of land nearby due to the issue of dangerous trees. The land is not owned by the PC and after a brief discussion it was agreed to ask TVBC if they could help with ownership details.                                                                          IL/ DC


  1. The Green and fen

CH had circulated his report

  • On the subject of wear matting around the swings and play tower, a quote for £1500 was obtained from the same company who installed the junior swings. TVBC said it needed more quotes to release section 106 funds.  The clerk has been in touch to see if matters could be speeded up and only one quote used, however the response from TVBC was not encouraging.

The PC discussed the issue and decided that the need for the work was urgent and therefore voted to go ahead with the work and seek funding retrospectively. The PC voted to go ahead with the works using their own budget.  The clerk will seek 2 further quotes for the work.

  • IL felt that parishioners who used their recognised work skills to undertake Parish Task should be encouraged to charge for their time, especially if this was their livelihood.

IL proposed that Tony Darbyshire be given a £50 voucher for the Hawk for his recent work with tree clearance and planting on the Green.                        All   Agreed

  • The old cherry tree was removed by Tony Darbyshire and a Scarlett Oak planted by friends of Mary Lou Hoare.
  • The play equipment is used regularly and covid restrictions were discussed, it was not deemed necessary to provide hand sanitiser, parents should be looking to wash /wipe hands regularly.

Highways – ZB said various departments were looking at the Fyfield road junction opposite Millway House and hopefully repairs would begin soon.

Footpaths – JMc Nothing to report except for the fact they are very muddy – awaiting dry weather.


21/00292 Installation of pool within walled garden, construction of greenhouse, raised beds and patio. Replace roof and remove sides of retained greenhouse/conservatory and repurpose outbuilding to provide changing room and pool plant room Old Parke House Furzedown Lane Amport Andover Hampshire SP11 8BE No Objection

21/00195 Two storey extension to provide study/family room, master bedroom and balcony Morelands Cholderton Road Quarley Andover Hampshire SP11 8PT No Objection

21/00416/TPON Crown lift Lime by up to 6m Broadwater Amport No Objection subject to aboricultural approval

21/00394 Fell weeping pear 2 Sheppard Alms houses Amport No Objection subject to aboricultural approval


Planning results


  1. Finance

The cheques will all be signed by CH  and IL outside the meeting – after being approved tonight

Account Service Chq No


Date Payee Amount £
Green and Fen Tree replacement

Goal sockets and nets






Boyd sports



Administration     Clerks salary JAN






 S A Hoare





  1. Chairman’s report and AOB

IL is meeting Juliet Edwards to discuss the proposed expansion of the Solar farm at Lains Shooting grounds on Tuesday 23rd at 2pm

Amport House hotel – IL understands that a pre-application has been submitted to planning at TVBC

The full application will hopefully be made before the summer.

Clive Walker is taking over maintenance of the churchyards in Amport

IL is proposing to initiate another virtual chat before the next PC meeting – posters and advertising will follow in March to publicise the event.

DC- Andover Food bank is to provide vouchers to use at Andover markets

4th March 6-7.30pm Andover Vision public meeting – boundaries of conservation areas in Andover to be considered.

A reminder of local elections in May

MF – see circulated report

ZB – Members briefing continues on the proposed budget of 2.1 billion in Hampshire.

SB – Asked that a sub-committee should be considered to assess the impact of the Amport Hotel, IL has asked TH to take on this project and will liaise with him and the hotel management.

W H-B asked what was happening in the woods near London Lodge, TG said he would ask owner.


DATE OF THE NEXT MEETING March 16th Provisional meetings thereafter  27/4,18/5 and 15/6