Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on January 16th 2018 at 7.30 pm in the

Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Jonny Kitson, Jill McAvoy, Allan Maddern, and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk) HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks

 Apologies; Angela Reckitt, TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown, Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent

4 members of the public attended plus Graham Marchant and PCSO Catherine Williams

Gary Benton contacted IL to note that due to personal, family and business commitments he was unable to represent the role of a PC and he had decided to step-down. Gary will continue a close liaison with the PC through his work at The Hawk Conservancy.  Gary is an active member of the community and would be welcomed back to the PC should matters change.

  1. Introductions

IL introduced Catherine Williams our local PCSO officer who was visiting to continue her contact with the Parish.

IL invited Catherine Williams to talk to the council first to make best use of her valuable time.

PCSO CW reported that there had been several thefts from vehicles in Broad lane before Christmas and the theft of an Ifor Williams trailer in East Cholderton.

There were no reported property burglaries, although there was a current spate of thefts in Alesford

and as ever residents were advised to remain vigilant and report on 101 anything suspicious.

PCSO CW reminded everyone that Hampshire Alerts were available to those residents who wanted to be kept up to date on criminal activity in the area.

Il asked if thefts from oil tanks was still an issue, CW stated that currently all was quiet .

IL thanked CW for attending – who then left the meeting

  1. IL then introduced Charles Milner Williams and John Davis from Thruxton Parish Council.

The two Thruxton Councillors attended the meeting to put forward a case for a boundary change in the Parish of Amport. The area in questions was near the Rosebourne Garden Centre and included the north side of Dauntsey Lane.  The Thruxton Councillors put forward a case that the residents locally felt more attachment to Thruxton than the Parish of Amport.

Questions were then asked by AP councillors

JK was uncertain as to the benefits to residents of any change

JM questioned who was the driving force in this suggested change, Thruxton answered a general osmosis of comments rather than a concerted request.

SC queried whether there was any real pressure for a change as he lived in the area under consideration and was unaware of any concerns.

C M-W from Thruxton felt there was real pressure to create a Parish of Weyhill but this was some time away, ultimately, he felt change would come to the area.

No more comments were made and IL summarised that whilst no-one would draw the parish boundaries as currently described, he saw no merit in changing them, and believed the most important point was that all residents should be represented and listened to by their Parish Council. APC sought to engage with all residents and was happy to enter into joint ventures with Thruxton as and when possible.

C M-W and JD were thanked by IL for their time in coming to the PC meeting, the 2 councillors then left.

IL introduced Graham Marchant who is a familiar face as he is previous landlord of the Black Swan and his professional background continues in hospitality.

GM was asked if he would like to become a councillor and was co-opted unanimously by the Council.

  1. Declaration of interests – none declared

The minutes of the December meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by AM


  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
  • The dog bin was installed this week in Church Path, its use will be monitored
  • Broadband – information has been received via a link to Openreach who suggest the west end of the village will be connected within 4 months
  • Footway alongside Amesbury Road, Weyhill – ZB reported that TVBC is still trying to establish if there any section 106 money for this work.
  • The quote has been accepted to repair the notice board outside the Hawk – awaiting work
  • A completed user form from the fitness instructor is needed clerk/AR
  • Fairways results of survey

No further replies have been received and IL has visited the recycling plant and met with the owner Anthony Sweeney at the centre of the problem. Several changes to procedures and practice have been made and it is hoped that this will allow matters to settle down. IL will write to Mr Brickwood

  • The potential development of the local train line from Andover to Lugershall may impact on the Parish should a stop ever gain consideration at Weyhill – SC offered to maintain a watching brief on this project.
  • Lengthsman

There has been a successful visit to the Parish By the lengthsman, a total of 35 hours of work over the course of a day was used on 3 projects

  1. The ditch at Waterloo bridge was cleared and drainage ditches reinstated – reflective bollards are still awaited via Paul Walsh at Hampshire Highways.
  2. The drainage ditch by the pumping station at east Cholderton has been reinstated after some considerable time, around 30 years. This has led to a disappearance of the flooding in the area, one of the few improvements in Wiremead Lane.
  3. The remainder of the time was taken with clearance work in the Fen where undergrowth and wire was cleared from the far end. The Amport sign as you enter the village from Keepers hill was also straightened.

Ideas are needed for next years hours and the few hours left this financial year

  1. Principle and Process

SC had nothing to report and felt all matters needing attention were up to date

  1. Website

JM reported that Mark Barrett has agreed to take on the role of administrator for the website

A meeting with Kate Cavalier was held to link the website and Facebook pages.

Contact with John van de Pette will be established regarding advertising and the website would welcome any old photos from the Parish.

AM commented that the Council has to publish not only the minutes but the accounts and results of the internal audit on line – this will be undertaken                               clerk

  1. INRG Solar Project funds

No comments have been received from INRG Solar so the plans in place to distribute the monies as agreed at the last meeting will go ahead.

JK will draft letters for IL to send to the parties due to receive grants.

The play equipment project needs to come back to the PC for final agreement on the equipment chosen and its placing on the Green.

Support may be offered to the Hawk Conservancy if asked for as it is a valuable asset to the Parish.

The sub –committee may consider further ways in which to help with graveyard maintenance.

JK to consider options including helping with a replacement mower.

Help may also be offered to repair the large gate opposite the church graveyard, JK to liaise with the PCC on this.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan

CH had circulated a paper on producing a Neighbourhood plan before the meeting for all councillors to read.

The conclusion of this thorough consideration was that the work needed to complete such a project was not reflected in its benefit to the Parish. As such after discussion, it was decided not to undertake the preparation of a Neighbourhood plan at the present time.

The potential development of Amport House will be kept under scrutiny by the PC.

  1. Reports

The Green

Tony Darbyshire is unable to lead the team of volunteers over the weekend of 26/27 January.

This project will therefore be deferred until better weather.

Kieron Beattie has been contacted re the trees but is believed to be away currently

Clerk to check with Mr Pearce re work on existing play equipment


JM has offered to take on the role of Footpaths officer, the clerk will let Clive Hutchinson know of the


Mr Hawkins Byass  is closing footpath 9 for a week to rectify the deep dip in the path


IL stated that he is increasingly frustrated at the lack of any action on the awful state of Wiremead Lane.

ZB informed IL that he should contact Cllr Humby with regard to the in action on these important issues.

AM was very concerned that many improvements to Wiremead lane have been short lived and a waste of money. IL asked AM to let him have his comments to add to the list of urgent work needed on Wiremead Lane and around the school on the Green.

Comments have also been received by residents on the Green concerned by the erosion and danger it poses at the road edge on the Green.

This matter is of major concern to the Parish Council who are increasingly frustrated by the lack of any action by HCC. 

  1. Planning Applications

18/00036FULLN Erection of 2 dwellings with associated access, parking and turning space

The Long House Dauntsey Drove. To be determined after visiting the neighbours

18/00094/FULLN Alterations and extensions to studio, erection of porch and entrance ramp

Bridge Lodge Dauntsey Bridge Weyhill     NO OBJECTION

  1. Planning results
  1. Finance

The following cheques were signed at the meeting by CH and AM – all were approved by the council.

SA Hoare JAN                                               £280.50

Amport and Monxton V Hall rent            £160.00

SSE     The Green                                         £25.59

Andover Pest control                                  £70.00

TVBC dog bin                                               £280.80

   13 . AOB   none

Meeting closed at 9.30 pm

Dates for next meetings

20th February

20th March

17th April

15th May

19th June

No meetings are generally held in July or August.















7. Finance

Invoices and Cheques for signature

2014-15 budget- setting the precept



8. AOB and correspondence

Dates for January and February meetings

    PERMISSION subject to conditions & notes 9.