Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on June 20th 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

  1. Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Gary Benton, Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
    Apologies; Kurt Morton, Angela Reckitt, TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent.
    No members of the public attended
  2. Declaration of interests – none declared.
    Further to this, it was minuted that all councillors have confirmed that there are no changes to their annual declaration of interests.
  3. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    • No reply has so far been forthcoming from Tim Lawton at Highways concerning the repairs needed in Wiremead lane. ZB will be asked if she can help in her role as an HCC Councillor.
    • Dates for the next 2 meetings – tonight’s meeting is the last before the summer, recess the dates for the next 2 meetings are as follows; September 12th and October 10th– .
    • The Chairman will communicate via e mail if any decisions are needed before September.
    • The suggestion to install a defibrillator will be taken further. IL will co-ordinate this, asking Rosebourne if they might like to help with the costs as their garden centre brings a lot of extra visitors to this part of the parish.
  4. Website /Solar Funds
    JM reported that the flyer to further community involvement in the solar funds and new website has been printed. It is ready for distribution with the parish magazine and publication on the website and notice boards.
    IL will be manning a stall at the village fete on July 8th to further advertise and seek ideas for the solar monies. If any councillors are free IL would welcome some help.
    The deadline to submit suggestions will be the next PC meeting on September 12th.
  5. Footpaths
    HCC have suggested that they intend to make some changes to the definitive footpath maps in the Parish. The Footpaths 11 and 22 are on Simon Chessire’s land behind the old water tower. The current paths have been in use for 20 years and HCC intend to make changes to the definitive map to reflect this, the land owners have not raised any objections.  The PC will respond that they have no objections.
    The permissive path at the end of Furzedown lane continues in use as before and therefore no action will be taken unless the situation changes.
    The first cut of all the Footpaths has now been completed and a second is scheduled for late August, some areas of the Parish may require a further cut, this will be monitored, growth is very dependent on the weather. The millennium path has been reinstated in a very good manner, GB extended his thanks to the landowner.
    The PC undertakes to cut the ground cover on footpaths but it is always the responsibility of the landowner to cut back overhanging side growth or remove fallen trees.
  6. Principle and Process
    No report at this meeting.
    IL commented that the Boundary Commission was again asking for comments on the proposals to amalgamate Amport with some wards in Anna valley – IL will repeat his original objections.
  7. Reports
    The Green and Fen. CH
    The van parked on the Green is again causing concern. The owner contests that it presents a problem parked on the Green. IL was concerned that the problem is not being resolved despite attempting a solution. IL will now contact the local PCSO for advice on this issue.Footpaths – dealt with above.HighwaysIL has received no response on either Wiremead lane or Waterloo Bridge so an approach to ZB will be made for help on these two issues.
  8. Planning Applications
    • 16/02815/PDQN Notification of prior approval under class Q – change of use of agricultural building to dwelling house. Georgia Farm Buildings, Georgia lane. Existing response –No Comment
      Further comment made that the current entrance only should be used, the additional entrance/exit shown on the plan would be detrimental to the other residents in this very quiet lane.
    • 17/-1546/TREEN fell 2 sycamores   Old Farm Cottage, Wiremead lane East Cholderton.
      No Objection subject to aboricultural approval
      17/01464/TREEN fell 6 Poplar Sarson Farm Monxton Rd.
      No Objection subject to aboricultural approval
      17/00604/FULLN Erection of a Barn. Southfield Holdings Amesbury Road. Weyhill .
      No objection
  9. Finance
    The 3 – month budget update was presented at the meeting, AM commented that should money be needed in a sector of the budget and it is removed from another item, this will in future need to be minuted.
    The following cheques was presented and signed at the meeting by AM/CH/ILS A Hoare   June                                 £ 280.50
    Carl Cafferty tree work                     £120.00
    Sports Equip- more net pegs               £36.00
    Printing flyers                                         £75.00
    Felix Hammer bus shelter cleaning     £25.00
    Mr Bushnell bus shelter cleaning         £48.00
    Mr Pearce – play equipment repairs   £45.00 +£20.00
    Amport and Monxton Village hall rental £160.00
    Playsafety ROSPA inspection                 £96.60
    Website costs                                           £88.66
    Mr Welch     May grass cutting           £276.00
    Wiltshire and Willey- electrical safety check and fitting of lock £117.60
    Clive Hutchinson   first cut of footpaths   £800.00
  10. Chairman’s report
    Crisis management IL reported that in event of a problem within the parish, councillors are welcome to comment as individuals but advised caution.
  11. AOB

Meeting closed at 8.35pm
Date of next meeting September 12th