Minutes – March 2017


Minutes of the Ordinary meeting held on March 21st 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

  1. Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Gary Benton, Chris Harris, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Angela Reckitt and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
    HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent.
    Apologies Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Kurt Morton, TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown,No members of the public attended
  2. Declaration of interests – none declared
  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising  The minutes were signed by IL after being proposed by CH and seconded by AM
  1. Website AG/JM
    The web designer has built the site from scratch to make it easier for Parish Councillors to use, he is also providing a manual for future use and changes which might be needed.
    A data base element is included allowing mail shots with an e mail of address of info@amport.com
    David Preston is still keen to administer the site but it is hoped that others may become involved to keep the website as up to date as possible.IL thanked LM and AR for their ‘brilliant’ work and hoped that the website would go live as soon as possible.
    The website address has yet to be confirmed.
    The web designer – a friend of JM has provided all his time free of charge as such the PC were pleased to vote the cost of a case of wine (passed unanimously) around £100 as a thank you.
  1. Future projects and Plans IL
    Alrick Neil from Solarplicity said the payment for the SOLAR Farm was awaiting approval and would be with the PC within days – this has not happened.
    It was agreed that IL will telephone again then CH will make follow calls to attempt to obtain the promised payment.
    It is still planned to make extra time available at a meeting to discuss how the funds should be spent.
  1. Principle and Process – no report
    Statutory documents
    AM and CH are now working together to finalise the statutory documents needed by the PC, where applicable these will be posted on the new website.
    Prior to the next meeting the files will be circulated so that approval can be given at the April meeting. AM/CH
  1. Reports
    The Green and Fen. CH
    CH reported that the first cut has been undertaken on the village Green all is looking good.
    CH is waiting for the Fen to start growing again before work recommences.
    New trees may be planted in the autumn on the Green side of Pill Hill brook but it will be decided on nearer the time, depending on local regrowth.Footpaths – A tree has fallen across the bridleway running up by Sarson Mill the land owner will be contacted to see if he will remove it. Clerk
    GB will liaise with Clive Hutchinson with regard to the first cut of the footpaths, probably around Whitsun.
    The track currently used by walkers and horses at the top of Furzedown lane has recently changed ownership. The PC will seek advice on the nature of the right of way in case access to this path is changed.HighwaysIL has written to Tim Lawton again about the state of Wiremead Lane but has yet to receive a reply, ZB said she would follow this up as Amport should receive a reply on Highway matters, when one is requested.
    A general discussion followed on the awful state of local roads but it was felt that Wiremead lane is the worst and this must for the time being remain the priority.
    JL asked what could be done to help protect the edge of the village Green, she suggested oak posts might help – unfortunately this is a problem that involves the school parking and the timing of the local bus. Previous efforts to improve the situation have come to nothing. This may be a difficult problem to solve.Lengths man – Finance has yet to be finally agreed but it is hoped that the scheme will start in the new financial year. The local lengthsman will be asked to visit the Parish to assess any work which needs doing.

    Notice Board Brian Pearce has erected the new notice board at a cost of £60 and repaired the bus shelter roof outside the Hawk at a cost of £100. This concludes two outstanding projects.

  2. a Planning Applications
    • 17/00631/FULLN Replacement rear conservatory, Bridge House Amesbury Rd No Comment
    • 17/00665/TREEN 1x Copper Beech –prune 2m from surrounding cables (rolling consent requested, annually for a period of 10years ) Malt house Wiremead Lane No Objection subject to the aboriculturist
      We are not opposed to the work in the first instance but question the rolling consent.
  3. Finance
    The following cheques were presented and signed at the meeting or outside the meeting by AM/ CH and ILS
    A Hoare   March               £ 274.75
    Carl Cafferty tree work           £ 25.00
    Felix Hammer bus shelters                 £25.00
    Mr Bushnell bus shelters                     £48.00
    Mr Pearce notice board and bus shelter     £160
    SSE                                                               £26.18
    Southern Water                                          £31.30
    Annual clerical expenses                           £134.19
    Mileage allowance to clerk for Longparish workshop 20miles @40p = £8.00
    The cheques were approved by all present
    A 3-month budget update was presented, there were no questions
  4. Chairman’s report
    • The school is hosting a fun run next Saturday starting at the cricket pitch
    • Information on bins has been received this led to discussion as to whether there should be a further bin on the Green – postpone for another meeting
    • Speeding outside of Rosebourne, this currently does not seem to be a major problem and as such this will be monitored and the PC will not request extra speed controlling signage.
    • New member. AM is still trying to contact someone who he feels may be interested from East Cholderton

    AR left the meeting

  5. AOB
    The white van problem still continues Simon Chessire has met with IL and it was hoped that the problem will be sorted.
    GB asked about the very bad condition of the track from the small industrial estate down onto Sarson Lane. ZB felt this could be private, HCC to be consulted.
    CU raised the question of helpers erecting the marquee, this then caused the PC to review the whole insurance situation regarding the erection of the marquee. (the PC owns half of the marquee and trailer) It was decided that not enough information was currently available to decide if all parties are sufficiently covered for public liability insurance with regard to erecting the tent at local and events further afield.
    It was considered essential to obtain information from the PC insurers before any lettings are made this year – this will be done asap.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm.

Next Meeting- Annual Parish 7.00 pm Monxton and Amport Village Hall on the 25th APRIL
Followed by an ordinary meeting
Further meeting

23rd May Annual General meeting   plus 20th June Ordinary Meeting