Minutes March 2020

Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on March 17th   2020  at 7-30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall


Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Chris Harris – Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Tessa Hawkings-Byass, Will Hawkings-Byass, Sue Richardson and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)

TVBC Councillor David Coole


1member of the public attended

Apologies; Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, TVBC Councillor Maureen Flood, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brookes and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  1. Welcome

IL welcomed everyone to the meeting and stressed that they should keep a social distance that they were comfortable with. The covid 19 virus outbreak had changed every day living for many people recently and the situation was set to change rapidly.


  1. Declaration of interests  CH on a planning application to be heard this evening

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by T H-B and seconded by CH


  1. Matters Arising
  • WH-B has a contact at Rosebourne who is happy to help with regard to the Walk and Talk proposal but this will now be put on hold until a level of normality returns.
  • The burnt down bungalow in Sarson lane has had some security fencing erected.


  1. The Current Coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak

IL reported that a What’s App group is already up and running in the village- IL stated that the PC response should cover the whole Parish.

Discussion took place on the framework for the support group -IL stated that it was important that volunteers read the guidance on helping people in their own homes and his proposal was for a remote long-lasting code compliant response network.

SR felt an identification system between volunteers and contacts might be needed if they were not personally known to each other.

The system will operate via a dedicated phone line and number:

07553 045280  amportpcs@gmail.com


Contacts asking for help would be given a case number so that everyone is aware that the contact has been helped.

A flyer will be printed and delivered to every home by Friday 19th March.

TH-B wanted the volunteer guidance in written form so everyone was aware of their responsibilities.

W H-B Can we have bigger notices on the boards around the Parish and on the website and Monxton Matters.

Cllr DC detailed support group information on Upper Clatford and the Andover self-help group.

The PC then went on to discuss the costs of this operation and an amount of up to £300 was unanimously approved to be spent on a phone contract and printing and distribution costs.


  1. Principle and Process

Nothing to report on this topic SC


  1. Website

T H-B is to meet with Mark Barret next week, it is hoped that the resulting new website will be up and running shortly thereafter. T H-B to keep everyone informed.



Currently on hold


  1. Tree Legacy- Avenue of Trees

As AM was absent CH gave a brief update

It is hoped the project is still on track and that Simon Chessire’s lawyers will conclude their task with regards to this project.


  1. Amport and Monxton Village Hall Update

Mike Cleugh had pre-briefed IL and he wanted to share that AMVH will stay open, work was due on the electrical distribution box and the planning application will be submitted soon.


  1. Resident survey on parking near the school -results

Andy Harding from HCC was ready to paint zig zag lines on the road to deter parking but IL has halted this exercise as he thinks it will serve no use.

A good response was received from the households around the Green. The theme of the responses centered on school users behavior when dropping off and collecting from school.

They felt the work already undertaken was wasted as the road edges are already breaking up.

One proposal to be shared with the residents and approval sought from HCC prior to implementation,

would be the addition of concrete bollards to the road edge on the main Green.

IL would like to see the school involved with planting wild flowers between the bollards and people parking near the Green really considering where they park and their attitude to the local community and their effect on them.

It is hoped to approach the school after the summer to try and change general behavior – perhaps get the walking train going again and hopefully a real effort can be made to reverse the damage that has occurred over the past few years.

To be considered as a priority in September.


  1. The Green and Fen

CH the grass is too wet for cutting – it will resume when the water table drops

Some tidying up work will be undertaken on Saturday 21st March from 9-30am

The goal posts will be repaired when weather permits

Some new turf will need laying again when the growing season is underway

The access to the bridge needs some work – the water level is exceptionally high at present.


Highways – serious issues with pot holes but currently no repairs being undertaken despite a resident filling the holes outside their home with gravel.


Footpaths – Nothing to report


  1. Planning

20/00336/LBWN Repairs to stable block and roof Park House Stables (formally the Firs) NO OBJECTION

20/00459FULLN Construction of single storey rear extension to provide open plan kitchen diner partial use of garage Thistleberry Cottage Monxton rd. NO OBJECTION

20/00332 VAR Variation of condition on design on 2 houses behind the bungalows 2-5 Amesbury road  NO COMMENT



19/03031/FULLN Single storey rear and side extensions to provide additional living space   The Lodge Monxton Nurseries Green Lane.  PERMISSION

19/03011/PDQN Notification for approval under class Q- change of use of agriculture; barn to single dwelling
Barn at Fox Farm Estate Georgia Lane Amport WITHDRAWN







Bus shelter repairs


Chq No





Brian Pearce

Amount in £


Green Electrical upgrade -cabinet 1517 17/03/20 Gary Light 380.00
Areas Bus shelter cleaning 1518 17/03//20 Shelly Kellers 48.00
Areas Bus shelter cleaning 1519 17/03/20 Imogen


Administration Clerk salary


1520 17/03/20 Suzanne


 Donations Donation

Graveyard M

1520 21/01/20 Amport PCC 250.00
Services Electric DD FEB/MARCH Kinex 6.51/6.0

Finance cheques/payments

      Footpaths       Dog bin emptying         1522           20/3/20         TVBC     240.00

 Payments were approved at the meeting and the cheques signed by CH and IL


  1. Chairman’s report

A request to hold a VE Celebration was declined due to the current virus outbreak.


  1. AOB

SR reported the Another Place a small luxury hotel Group have purchased Amport House

Re rural parking/speeding, DC advised that he had raised this at a TVBC Rural Action Plan workshop and hoped that TVBC would look into the possibility of providing additional traffic warden resources.

MF via e mail reported that TVBC needed to make savings of 1.8 million pounds in the next year however TVBC’s mixture of robust levels of reserves, and a focus on financial planning and investment to ensure financial sustainability, puts TVBC in a strong position to weather the winds of change in local government finance.


Dates for next meetings – all subject to health guidance




No meeting in July or August.

Meeting closed at 9-40 pm

 DATE OF NEXT MEETING to be confirmed