Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on May 23rd 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

  1. Present: Ian Long – Chairman, , Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Allan Maddern, Kurt Morton Angela Reckitt and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
    TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent.
    Apologies: Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Jill McAvoy, Gary Benton.
    2 members of the public attended
  1. Election of Officers
    The clerk welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for nominations for the post of
    AM proposed Ian Long and this was seconded by SC – approved by all.
    Vice Chairman
    IL proposed Nick Hoare and this was seconded by AM – approved by all.
    Footpath office
    IL proposed Gary Benton and this was seconded by SC– approved by all.
    School Liaison Officer
    IL proposed Angela Reckitt and this was seconded by CH– approved by all.
    Green and Fen Officer
    IL proposed Chris Harris and this was seconded by SC– approved by all.
    Responsible Financial officer – The clerk
    Chair of finance committee – Allan Maddern
    Other members Stephen Cook and Ian Long
    Approved by all
  1. Declaration of interests – none declared
  1. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    The minutes were signed by IL after being proposed by CH and seconded by SC.
    Chris Harris was thanked by all those present for his persistence in obtaining payment from Solarplicity with regard to the solar installation within the Parish.
    The payment of £25,000 has been received.
    The clerk reported that she had yet to discover more information on dog control orders- re the Green.
    AR is becoming an administrator along with JM on the website –IL expressed the Councils thanks to the website team.
  1. Permissive path
    A recent change of ownership has led to concerns that a path may be shut off from walkers and horse riders.
    IL reported that he had met with both Mr Patrick Langdowns and discussed the current usage of the path and their intended plans for the future.
    The path runs from the end of Furzedown Lane and meets Haydown lane as it runs up to London Lodge. The first part of the track is owned by Mr and Mrs Hale (present tonight) who have a right of easement over the whole track as do Amport House (MOD).
    Mr and Mrs Hale reported that they had originally installed a gate at their end of the path to stop travellers in the 1980’s, subsequent to that they erected a sign to depict a permissive right of way to stop the path becoming a fully used footpath or byway.
    Mr and Mrs Hale stated at the meeting that they wish the use of the track to continue in the same manner as it operated today.
    The matter has caused concern amongst local users of the path that access may be restricted over the later part of the track now owned by Mr Langdown.
    The Ramblers Society has applied to HCC to have the track listed as a restricted Byway.
    Legal opinion over whether the path has been a permissive path or a footpath in use for over 20 years rests on the interpretation of the meaning of Mr Hales permissive footpath sign. It could be said only to refer to the section owned by Mr Hale, or Mr Langdown may seek to interpret that it refers to the whole length of track, until it meets Haydown Lane.
    The Parish will seek to maintain its rights to use the track. Statements will be collected from residents who have used the track for 20 years or more in case an attempt is made to deny the current level of access to this track.
  1. Principle and Process
    Statutory documents — copies of the Code Of Conduct and Standing orders were distributed to all Parish Councillors present tonight, copies of these documents will be posted on the Website.
    IL asked all councillors if they could keep a 70% attendance record to ensure the smooth running of the PC.
    Councillors were reminded that we still have a vacancy for another member of the PC – ideas if possible please for the next meeting .
  1. Solar Panel Fund
    Now that the money has been deposited in the Parish Bank Account, consultation with the parish should begin as soon as possible to determine (a) suitable project(s) .
    All forms of communication will be used, a notice at the fete, flyers in the parish magazine, use of the website, Facebook and contact with parish organisations.
    All opinions will be sought with the intention when projects(s) are approved of a subcommittee taking the ideas through to completion. Solarplicity will be informed when the project(s) are approved.
    This is an item for immediate action.
  1. ReportsThe Green and Fen. CH
    IL requested that a thank you note be sent to Rob Jones thanking him for painting the Bridge Railings on the Green. Everyone expressed their thanks.
    The clerk to liaise with the school regard cutting the grass and markings for sports day   Clerk/CH
    More plastic pegs will be ordered for the goal nets on the Green – there are no other viable options.Fen
    CH described a footbridge that he has seen at the Water meadows in Stockbridge and asked that one might be considered for the far end of the fen- to create a circular walk. Proposal for September meeting   CH

    GB reported to IL that he is organising the first cut of the footpaths.
    KM reported that he has done the necessary reinstatement of the millennium to the required standard for a cross field path. Changing the route was considered to be a very expensive option.

    No response has been received from Hampshire Highways.
    IL stated that he would once again write to Tim Lawton asking for action on Wiremead Lane.

  1. Planning Application
  2. Finance
    The following cheques was presented and signed at the meeting by AM/ CH/IL
    S A Hoare   May                  £280.50
    AON uk insurance              £548.37
    Wine for website work       £100.25
    Portaloo for fete                  £222.00
    MJ Startup internal audit  £180.00
  3. Chairman’s report
    IL listed communications he has received on the following topics and asked councillors to request more info should they wish:
    Rural Housing Week
    Armed Forces Day June 19th
    Volunteering workshop
  4. AOB

Meeting closed at 9.30pm

Final meeting before recess June 20th