Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on November 14th 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Jonny Kitson, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy, Angela Reckitt, Gary Benton and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
Apologies; Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks
Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent was present
No members of the public attended.

Kurt Morton has contacted the chairman, IL and tendered his resignation. He stated that he would help the PC in anyway in the future but a young family restricted his spare time. Kurt had been thanked by the Chairman for his contributions whilst being a member of the PC

  1. Declaration of interests – none declared
    The minutes of the September meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by SC
  2. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    • CH has met with Mr Pearce regarding some minor repairs to play equipment on the Green arising from the ROSPA report, he will also quote for repairs needed at Sarson Lane to the steps up to the footpath leading to Monxton behind the Hawk.
    • The 30mph sign is still down at Keepers Hill, hopefully this will be repaired soon by HCC.
    • The new dog bin – opposite the church, nothing has been heard of from TVBC – clerk to follow thus up.
  3. Principle and Proces
    IL asked the Council members to define their and the role of the Chairman , it was agreed that the PC is a committee.
    SC will be attending a TVAPTC meeting shortly (23rd November) along with JM regarding the future role of Parish Councils and the proposed Boundary Review.
  4. Website
    An aim of the website is to link to the Amport Facebook page and to collect a data base of addresses. It is hoped Mark Barratt will continue to help the development of the site when he moves into the parish.
    A link could be established between the website and the parish magazine regarding advertising, this would be mutually beneficial.
  5. INRG Solar Project funds
    AM reported that to further the map of Amport, it was necessary to register with the OS group and the Post Office, this will be undertaken.
    JK reported that bids from the Church, Village Hall and Cricket Club had been received, the deadline is Nov 27th.  IL met with Kate Cavalier and the Charity trust which holds the money raised by the Fete. They stated that they can provide 50% of the funding asked for and would like the PC to contribute to the rest. The Village hall needs a new heating system, it must be confirmed who owns the village hall before grants are agreed on .
    The process of deciding where the Solar funds go remains with the sub- committee who next meet on the 27th November. Their resolutions will come before the December meeting.
  6. Broadband
    CH expressed his disappointment that despite the ‘green box’ being updated in his road several months ago no action has been taken to connect the homes local to this upgrade.
    The PC will contact Kit Malthouse MP to see if he can resolve the issue with the people in control at HCC or Open Reach.  clerk
    Residents who are not due an upgrade until next year are concerned that this delay will roll over into the designated time span for the whole area to be connected to super-fast broadband.
  7. Neighbourhood Plan
    It was decided to put this item on hold until the current Boundary Review was completed.
  8. Reports
    The Green
    Grass cutting is still ongoing due to the mild weather and the moles are back so further action is warranted.
    Mr Pearce is quoting for repairs to the play equipment and CH helped Neil Warren plant bulbs along the road verge at the Green.
    Tony Darbyshire is still on course to assess any work needed to the trees on the Fen and the Green, as a result of last autumns cutting back, so far no fallen trees have occurred this year .
    The cuts are complete for the year and all footpaths remain in good condition, if a little muddy.
    IL has sent photos of the flooding on Wiremead lane to Mr Lawton and Paul Walsh at HCC. It is hoped that by continually supplying photos of the bad state of this lane that some remdial work will be undertaken.
  9. Planning Applications
    • 17/02518/FULLN Additional first floor accommodation, conservatory and new detached garage, Longacre Dauntsey Lane Weyhill No Objection
    • 17/02723/FULLN Erection of single storey extension to provide garden room 9 Laundry Cottages Cholderton Rd   No Objection
    • 17/02631/FULLN Single storey extension Two Hoots Daunts Lane Weyhill No Comment
    • 17/02734/TREEN Weeping willows reduce crowns to 12m The Cottage on the Green   Amport No Objection subject to the aboriculturist
    • 17/02790/TREEN Carry out various tree works as described in application
    • 2 Sarson barns Monxton Road Amport No Objection subject to the aboriculturist
  10. Planning results
    • 17/02412/FULLN Erection of a barn for storage of hay and straw for animal feed and bedding   Southfield       holdings Amesbury Road Weyhill. PERMISSION
    • 17/02362/FULLN Demolition of existing double garage and erection of two storey side extension and 3 bay detached garage with upper floor. Kimber Sarson Lane Amport. PERMISSION
  11. Finance
    The following cheques were signed at the meeting by CH and AM – all were approved by the council.
    The budget setting meeting will be held on 28th November and a draft budget proposed at the December Meeting.
    Mr Welch cutting Green Oct                        £321.00
    SA Hoare Nov                                                 £285.50
    Clive Hutchinson 2nd footpath cut               £800.00
    Andover Pest Control                                   £110.00
  12. Chairman’s Report
    • The Footway from Millway Nursing Home, Weyhill to the Fairground has been improved, however the footway in the opposite direction – towards the new Rosebourne Garden Centre is in desperate need of repair/upgrade.  ZH please enquire if this is possible
    • The Charity trust in Amport& Monxton has asked for a £500 ‘seed’ to prime some projects. It was felt generally within the council that this could be problematic and that it would prefer to consider induvial project ideas as they arose.
    • Should the PC be replacing some of the trees removed last year around the Green – in general it was felt they should- expert advice needed to decide which species to plant and where. CH
    • The notice Board outside the Hawk needs the Perspex replacing as it has become very opaque.  Clerk to get quote
    • Goodman’s appeal will be held next year on June 18th – appeal information by the 7th December please.
    • A School thrift shop is operating from the car park on the Green.
    • A theft of personal property apples was reported from Bridge Cottage garden.
    • The 4 parishes Art society has disbanded, Caroline Unwin will try to run a similar club herself.
      The funds remaining need to be donated /dealt with, this is being investigated to see if the PC can help.
    • The recycling business at Weyhill is still causing concern to some residents at Fairways, a survey will be undertaken of affected residents to assess the strength of the complaint, which will be taken to TVBC if sufficient support from residents is forthcoming. IL/ Clerk
  13. AOB
    AM – reported that drilling licenses have been granted for fracking locally – the PC should be aware of this.
    CH- A reminder that Sarson lane will be closed on Nov 21st overnight.
    JK – Has the Fitness Instructor using the Green got Public Liability Insurance, can she also complete a user of the Village Green form – clerk and AR to organise
    JM –Expressed concern over the way the verge along the Green is being churned up , the parking at the school is gain causing concern . The voluntary one-way system seems not to be working. This is a perennial problem for which there does not appear to be a solution.

Could all councillors consider whether they know of anyone who might wish to join the Parish Council.

The Meeting closed at 9 .25 pm
The date of the next meeting is 12 -12 -17

Dates for next year
16th January
20th February
20th March
17th April
15th May
19th June
No meetings are generally held in July or August.