Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on October 10th 2017 at 7.30 pm in the
Amport and Monxton Village Hall

  1. Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Jonny Kitson, Allan Maddern, Jill McAvoy and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
    Apologies; Kurt Morton, Angela Reckitt, Gary Benton
    TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks
    and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent
    No members of the public attended
  2. Declaration of interests – none declared
    The minutes of the September meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by NH.
  3. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    • The road outside the school has been marked for repair but this work is still outstanding. ZB will ask why this has not been actioned yet.
    • ZB reported that HCC are aware of the damage to Waterloo bridge but consider it a low priority.
    • The PC is waiting for a co-ordinated response from the residents at Fairways concerning the problems with the recycling plant. IL has pledged his support if this is needed.
    • In the absence of GB there is was no feedback on the uneven footpath by the trout lake.
    • JM was asked to put a pleasant reminder to households on the website and Facebook about overgrown hedges – always a problem at this time of year.
    • AR has asked her neighbour to cut back their hedge – this will happen asap.
  4. Principle and Process
    SC reported that he is attended a workshop on the Local Plan process on Oct 4th. 2 key documents are awaited which will determine the Local Plan up to 2029, one the key numbers from Government on the amount of new homes needed in the Borough and two, where these houses may be placed.
    SC felt that the mood was for Villages and Parishes to take their share in the next Local Plan.
    Amport will keep in touch with this process, there was no enthusiasm for a Neighbourhood Plan at present. IL thanked SC for attending and representing Amport PC.
  5. Website
    AR was attending a symposium on website design in Oxford and as such was absent.
    JM said her website contact was moving to rent in the Parish so would be on hand for more development work if needed. This would be very helpful.
  6. INRG Solar Project funds
    JK reported on the sub-committee meeting that had been held recently, the minutes are attached to this document.
    The 3 sections of the report were reviewed and all councillors were happy with the protocol proposed.
    AM reported that they intend to complete the research and present their final proposals at the December meeting, where projects and their costings would be available for Councillors to vote on.
    AM intended to contact all households in East Cholderton to canvass their views on the proposal of a flashing speed sign. JK/AR/AM
  7. Reports
    The Green
    CH reported that the Green is looking much better, it has been cut 4 times this month.
    Tony Darbyshire has still to check on the trees on the Fen and Green.
    CH reported on the Adverse Possession problem on the Green. The solicitor acting for the owners of Daisy Cottage believes the property frontage is not part of the Village Green – south side (VG208).
    The documents are not clear on this matter and as such it has been referred to HCC for a decision. The legal ownership of the Village Greens will be examined again when this matter has been resolved, it may be lengthy and require some expenditure on Legal Fees.
    Only one problem reported on Footpath 5. This footpath emerges onto Sarson lane from behind the Hawk Pub, the steps down are loose and the wooden support rotten. CH will ask Mr Pearce to effect repairs, up to £100 was approved for this task.
    The dog waste bin suggested at Church footpath will be actioned. A green bin on a post will be ordered through TVBC at a cost of £316.11 and arrangements for it to be emptied once a month initially but more frequently if it gets full or smelly. JK was consulted as to its position. The church will also be consulted, as will Simon Chessire (the probable land owner). Clerk/AM
    The 30 mph sign at Keepers Hill has been hit, this will be reported to HCC but may well be repaired eventually by the Lengthsman. AM
  8. Planning Applications
    • 17/02415/FULLN Construction of new dwelling in existing garden to provide a 2-bedroomed bungalow with integral single garage and associated works. Lindsey Fyfield Road No Objection
    • 17/02347/FULLN Erection of a storey and a half side extension, garage roof extended over, addition of porch of existing entrance, replace conservatory with garden room, and replace flat roof on existing outbuilding with a pitched tiled roof. Bramley Dauntsey Lane. No Objection
    • 17/02412/FULLN Erection of a barn for storage of hay and straw for animal feed and bedding Southfield holdings Amesbury Road Weyhill. No Objection
    • 17/02362/FULLN Demolition of existing double garage and erection of two storey side extension and 3 bay detached garage with upper floor. Kimber Sarson Lane Amport. No Objection
  9. Planning results
    • 17/01578/FULLN Addition of external staircase and external door to existing garage, Red Bluff Sarson lane Amport. PERMISSION
  10. Finance
    The following cheques were signed at the meeting by CH and AM – all were approved by the council.
    The budget setting meeting will be held in late November; therefore, councillors were asked to submit bids for funding at the next council meeting. These projects can then be costed for the 2018-19 budget.

    Mr Welch cutting Green Sept £402.00
    SA Hoare Oct £585.50
    Business Stream (water on the Green) £40.41
    HCC street Lighting £79.44
    TVATPC Membership £15.00
  11. Chairman’s Report
    • Next year’s fete will be held on 7th July 2018
    • Test Valley Community services -IL attended a re-launch of this organisation. Does anyone need assistance with transport etc. – info to be put on website AR/JM
    • The defibrillator at Rosebourne – this awaits selection of suitable model and application to HCC for a grant.
    • Play area at Rosebourne – problems were considered these included
      1. Would parents feel their children would be safe visiting a play area in such a public place?
      2. Grants are not usually available for equipment on land which is not owned by the Parish. Therefore it is difficult to see how this project can be forwarded at the present time.
    • The school have approached the PC with regard to using the bus shelter opposite the school as a bike park – for school use, this was approved.
    • If councillors wish to attend the Resilience workshop – please book yourselves on the course or let the clerk know.
    • ZB reported on the worrying level of cuts need within HCC for the next financial year.
    • IL will respond to TVBC regarding the proposed changes in boundaries in the borough. The proposals will mean Amport Parish joining with a neighbour and losing its individual representation.
    • Crisis management IL reported that in event of a problem within the parish, councillors are welcome to comment as individuals but advised caution.
  12. AOB

The Meeting closed at 9 00 pm
The date of the next meeting is 14 -11 -17