Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on September 12th 2017 at 7.30 pm in the Amport and Monxton Village Hall

  1. Present; Ian Long – Chairman, Nicholas Hoare-Vice Chairman, Gary Benton, Stephen Coke, Chris Harris, Allan Maddern, Angela Reckitt, and Suzanne Hoare (Clerk)
    Apologies; Kurt Morton, Jill McAvoy, TVBC Councillor Ben Few Brown, HCC Councillor Zilliah Brooks, and Caroline Unwin – Village correspondent
    3 members of the public attended
  1. Declaration of interests – none declared.
    The minutes of the June meeting were proposed by CH and seconded by NH
  2. The minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising
    • Wiremead Lane was patched using HCC new equipment, so far, the potholes look secure but the wet weather has yet to test the effectiveness of the repairs.
    • Waterloo bridge no reply has been received regarding potential damage to the bridge – ZB will be asked to check up on this.
    • IL has provided a statement to support the Rosebourne Management team in their application to build a similar business model near Aldershot. It is hoped that we can mutually support other projects in the future: specifically, a defibrillator and possibly play equipment.
  1. New Member
    IL introduced Jonny Kitson who lives in Furzedown lane, Jonny has a military back ground and is visiting tonight with a view to joining the PC. Jonny was invited to see how the PC worked and decide if he wished to become a Parish Councillor.
  1. Regent Recycling
    Mr and Mrs Brickwood attended tonight’s meeting to seek help from the PC regarding the perceived anti-social actions of Regenthill a recycling factory directly behind their property at Fairways. IL visited the site during the summer recess to evaluate the problems. Mr and Mrs Brickwood state there are two important issues which are causing then considerable distress.

    1. Noise from the working plant and continual reversing alerts.
    2. Security lighting at night, creating a light pollution in their upstairs accommodation.

    Mr and Mrs Brickwood have contacted the Enforcement officer at TVBC who has passed the matter onto Environmental Health. Environmental Health have visited on at least 2 occasions and state they don’t see a problem. From the information gathered so far it would seem that this recycling business would be better suited to a site on an industrial estate where noise and light pollution are not social issues. IL pledged the PC’s support on this matter. He advised Mr Brickwood to petition other neighbours for their views, to seek support from the long-standing Fairways Committee and to keep a diary, detailing the emotional stress they feel as a result of the actions of Regenthill.

  1. Reports
    The Green
    The cutting of the Green has gone well this year, however during the spring and autumn excess clippings are still a problem.
    The leaving of a wild flower area could be considered or more cuts could be targeted at the problem times of year. GB was asked how a meadow works at the Hawk Conservancy.
    These issues will be considered during the winter months perhaps leading to changes next year.
    Mr Pearce will be asked to undertake the minor repairs to the play equipment on the Green following the recent ROSPA report.
    The Fen path has been cut and CH reported that he is still working on the concept of a bridge back onto the Green at the northern end of the Fen.
    Tony Darbyshire has agreed to undertake a check on all the trees on the fen and Green.

    All the footpaths have been cut recently and some, such as the path from the Green past the Trout fishery may require a 3rd cut.
    GB will contact the landowner at the trout fishery regarding the large dip on this footpath to see if some remedial work can be undertaken.

    The repairs marked up outside the school were not undertaken during the holidays which does seem unfortunate, perhaps ZB could advise when they might be done.
    Speeding in East Cholderton – the matter was last looked into at the end of 2013 reporting in February 2014. The minutes of that meeting show the survey undertaken in October 2013 during both term time and the holiday period did not show significant speeding. The absence of any reported accidents suggests that Highways or the police will not see any justification for action.
    (After the meeting investigation into costs for a flashing sign was undertaken – Charlton recently paid around £3,000 to buy this equipment excluding ongoing maintenance.) This problem will be monitored AM

    IL asked councillors for ideas of how the PC can get homeowners to cut back their hedges. Significant cutting is needed in several areas of the parish to allow proper sight lines and safety. It is worth noting that the Lengthsman employed by the council will be able to cut back hedges to expose road signs.
    Some councillors offered to talk to their offending neighbours and IL will investigate low-key posts cards to jog homeowners into action.

  1. Principle and Process
    SC reported that he is attending a workshop on the Local Plan process on Oct 4th.
    Councillors were reminded that there is always funding available through section 106 for suitable project.
  1. Planning Applications
    • 17/01701/TREEN Ash tree remove two secondary branches   Old Farm Wiremead Lane No objection subject to aboricultural approval.
    • 17/01944/FULLN Erection of extensions to provide family room, boot room, utility room , play room , store and WC with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom over, Broad Meadow, 1 Sarson Barns Support
    • 17/0223/TREEN Tree works – reduction on several trees at Lains Farm Quarley Support subject to aboricultural approval
  1. Planning results
    • 17/01646/FULLN Extension of roof to provide a second floor, demolition of conservatory and internal changes – Meadow View, Wiremead Lane, East Cholderton   PERMISSION
    • 17/00604/FULLN Erection of a barn   Southfield holdings Amesbury Road Weyhill REFUSE Insufficient information has been submitted to adequately demonstrate that the proposed development is essential in this countryside location. Accordingly, it is considered that no essential need for the building has demonstrated and the proposal is therefore contrary to Policy COM2 of the Test Valley Borough.
    • 17/01907/TREEN 1x Beech – remove dead wood and crossing branches and remove 12x low hanging branches to   SW Mussett Cottage, The Green PERMISSION
    • 17/01651/LBWN Replacement single storey rear extension including basement accommodation, following demolition of the existing extension and external WC 12 Sarson Cottages – Monxton PERMISSION
  1. Finance
    The External Audit was completed successfully and the completion statement has been posted on the notice board by the school.
    A 6-month spending update was presented prior to the meeting – there were no questions.
    The following cheques were signed by CH and AM.
    Mr Welch cutting Green June                         £215.00
    Mr Welch cutting Green July                           £204.00
    SA Hoare July+Aug                                           £571.00
    Mr Welch cutting Green Aug                            £321.00
    Felix Hammer bus shelter cleaning                  £25.00
    Mr Bushnell bus shelter cleaning                      £48.00
    SA Hoare Sept                                                    £285.50
    Angela Reckitt     Poster printing                       £36.00
    BDO LLP External Audit                                  £120.00
    SSE Green                                                              £21.72
  1. New Member
    Jonny Kitson was asked at this point if he wished to join the PC, he agreed and was unanimously voted onto the PC.
  1. INRG Solar funds
    IL started by asking those present for their suggestions
    NH – play equipment on the Green or at Rosebourne – preferably multiple projects.
    SC – Can we approach the supermarkets for extra funding, Spend the money soon.
    Picnic tables on the Green.
    JK- Enhance social media and increase use of the website. (commercial database support)
    IL Charging point on the Green.
    Village Hall.
    Church heating.
    Cricket Club – increase awareness and co-operation.
    Adapting the Telephone box: Wi-Fi point and tablet securely positioned as an updated noticeboard.
    Petanque or similar games area.
    Additional pavement, parking.
    Dog waste bin at the start of Church path.
    AM – There is a need for a subcommittee, this was agreed.The following councillors volunteered and formed the sub-committee AR-AM-JK
  1. Adverse Possession
    CH has investigated this issue brought to our attention by the Land Registry.
    The front of Daisy Cottage was fenced off in 2002 then let out. The current owners purchased the cottage in 2016, their basis for adverse possession is by witness  statement. Councillors felt further investigation into these claims was warranted, CH to contact the owners solicitors to judge the basis of their claim. Clerk to supply all information on the Green regarding registration etc to CH for evaluation.
    This brings forward the whole concept of registering the PC as the land owner of the whole village Green. This has been left in abeyance over the last couple of decades and ownership has never been formally sought.
    Discussion at the next meeting
  1. Chairman’s Report
    • IL will attend a Community Service presentation on the 18th Sept
    • IL reported that he was concerned about cost cutting at HCC
    • Permissive footpath at the top of Furzedown lane – a listening watch is being kept.
    • The Footpaths behind London Lodge have been formalised.

The Meeting closed at 9 25 pm
The date of the next meeting is 10-10- 17