Village Hall Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read each of the following sections before completing the booking form:

Booking and Payment:

  1. Bookings are to be made by bank transfer to the hall account on the first of every month (in advance) in the case of regular bookings, or by cash or cheque to the Bookings Manager for a one-off event.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions of Hire and send the completed booking form to the Bookings Manager with the appropriate fee and deposit if applicable.
  3. The booking is confirmed once the Fees and deposits have been paid.
  4. Cancellation of the booking less than 14 days prior to the Hire Date will attract a 50% charge and the full fee will be charged at the discretion of the Bookings Manager, if a cancellation is made less than 7 days before the Hire Date.
  5. When booking, please build in time for setting up and clearing away. We allow ½ hour each side of the hours booked, any more will be charged for at the hourly rate.
  6. The Management Committee oversees the booking arrangements and reserves the right to refuse bookings where it is thought necessary.
  7. Arrangements for collection of the keys or the key safe number can be made with the Hall Bookings Manager.
  8. The Hirer will be required to pay a deposit of £50 for parties in case extra cleaning is required and in case of damage to fixtures, fittings and furniture.   The Bookings Manager will return or destroy the deposit within 7 days of the period of hire, providing that no damage has been done and that the hall and outside area are left in a clean and tidy condition.

Address of the Hall Bookings Manager:

Nicola Dunning. Lodwick, High Street, Monxton, SP11 8AW. Tel: 07773 816482 email:

Safety and Fire Procedures:

  1. The entrance and emergency exits must be kept clear at all times.
  2. The Hirers must confirm that they know the emergency escape routes and must explain the fire escapes to their staff and ensure that they are present during their period of hire.
  3. When there is a meeting or performance the audience must be made aware of the fire escape routes.
  4. In the event of fire:
    • In the event of fire, activate the fire alarm
    • Evacuate the building immediately using the fire exits.
    • The Hirer shall ensure that all the areas of the building, including toilets have been evacuated and all doors and windows shut.
    • The Hirer should be responsible for calling the Fire Brigade for any fire, however small
    • Do not re-enter the building until the Fire Brigade say that it is safe to do so

General Conditions of Use:

The Hirer must be in charge on the premises at all times

  1. The Hall cannot be hired by anyone under the age of 21.
  2. The Hall is not licensed for the sale of alcohol. Alcohol provided by the Hirer may be consumed but not sold. Alcohol may not be consumed by persons under 18 years of age.
  3. No smoking or fireworks are allowed in the Hall.
  4. All areas must be left clean and tidy. Waste bins are to be emptied into the wheelie bins outside.
  5. Chairs must be stacked no more than 5 high and tables and chairs folded and stacked as found.
  6. All lighting and central heating should be switched off. Please check both toilet lights in the Ladies and one in the Gents.
  7. All windows and doors are to be left closed and locked on departure and the Hall checked to ensure that everyone has left the building.
  8. DO NOT alter the heating systems.
  9. Hall users are responsible for their own insurance.
  10. Any damage or complaints should be reported to the Bookings Manager.
  11. All breakages must be paid for.
  12. All tea towels and other consumables should be supplied by the Hirer.
  13. The Hirer must ensure that everyone enters and leaves the hall with the minimum of noise so as not to be a nuisance to neighbours.
  14. The Hirer must ensure that cars are parked so as not to obstruct adjacent driveways or the road.
  15. The Hirer shall insure that any electrical equipment brought into the hall shall be in safe, good working order and complies with current regulations.
  16. If the Hirer is serving or selling food, he must abide by all relevant food, health and hygiene regulations and if using a sub-contractor, he must ensure that the sub-contractor complies with the regulations.
  17. Sufficient cutlery, crockery and some cooking utensils are available in the unlocked cupboards in the kitchen for use for functions. Please ensure that everything is left clean and replaced where found.
  18. If the Hirer has booked the Hall for public entertainment, there must be at least 3 adult staff available in case of fire or emergency. Children’s functions should be staffed by adequate responsible adults in accordance with current legislation.

Signs and Advertisements:

Nothing may be attached to the walls of the hall by the use of blu tack, pins, nails, Sellotape, staples or by any other means. There are hooks provided along all walls for use of hanging banners and balloons etc.

Posters and flyers may not be displayed outside of the hall. The notice boards inside and outside of the hall are for the use of those advertising events and classes in the hall and not for displaying general advertising information. Any unauthorised posters and leaflets will be removed.