Teatime Get-together

It is sad that the Four Parishes Arts Society (4PAS) has had to close after 25 years of successful meetings.

However, I felt it was a shame to let a good idea be lost and am starting a new venture along the same lines: a tea-time get-together, hopefully with a speaker or other activity, followed by tea and cake. We will meet at Monxton & Amport Hall on the third afternoon of the month from 3 pm (or 4 pm as the evenings get lighter) and I would like to welcome the old members of the 4PAS and hopefully many new friends from all our villages and beyond, sticking to Monxton Hall for the first few months to make things simpler. We will keep it as a totally informal social occasion so we won’t have membership or subscriptions, just an open afternoon when anyone can turn up and enjoy themselves in a friendly group, and we hope to pay for our expenses with a £1 per head donation.

It is surprising how many interesting and talented people we have living in our villages and I am hoping that, as with Rev Roger Bennett’s plan for the 4PAS, we can entertain ourselves as much as possible with really local speakers or demonstrators. As such I would be very pleased if people would put themselves forward as potential speakers or make suggestions from among their friends, neighbours and family.

The programme for the next few months is as follows: